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Kim's POV

It was a week till the Beach Bash and I still needed a date. How come no one wanted to go with me? Jerry, Eddie, and Milton were getting pretty awkward when I was around. Was it because they had dates and I didn't? I was walking down the hall right before lunch to put my books away, when I saw Milton walking to the lunch room. He kept on looking around as if something was after him. I quietly walked behind him.

"Hey Milton," I greeted. Milton jumped up in surprise.

"Uh... H-hi Kim," he said nervously. Something was seriously up.

"Milton? Is there something I should know?" I asked. He laughed nervously and started walking the other direction, but I caught his shirt, before he could leave. "Spill it. Now," I ordered.

Milton took a big breath. "Well, you know how Jack asked out Jenny to the Beach Bash, well he was originally going to ask you, but he wasn't sure what to do. Then when that list came out, Jerry payed Jack fifty dollars to ask out a girl from the Hot column and see how you would react to all of it. Please don't hurt me!" He explained. I let go of his shirt. So Jack was trying to get me jealous? Well two could play that game...

Jack's POV

We were sitting at our usual spot at lunch, but Kim and Milton were late. "Hey. There's Milton!" Eddie said. We turned to see a shaken up Milton walking in. He looked like he just saw a ghost.

"Hey man. What's wrong?" I asked as he sat down. One word came from his mouth.

"Kim," he said. We all looked at each other. That wasn't good.

"Speaking of Kim, there she is," Jerry said gesturing to the door. Kim came in holding a guy's hand. Not any guy. It was Brody, the boy she went to the Swan Court Cotillion with, but he turned out to be a Black Dragon.

"What she doing with him?" I asked. The guys looked down at their food. I walked over to Kim. "Umm... Why are you with him?" I asked. Kim smiled.

"Oh! Brody's my date to the Beach Bash! Don't worry. He isn't with the Black Dragons anymore. Come on hon," Kim said and she and Brody went to go sit at another table. I went back to the guys.

"Did you guys say anything to Kim?" I asked. Eddie and Jerry shook their heads. Then I remembered Milton saying something about Kim. "Milton?"

Milton looked up nervously. "Well... I might have mentioned you chickening out to ask her to the Beach Bash and that Jerry paid you fifty dollars to make her jealous," he said as fast as possible. So this was a game. She wanted me to get jealous as payback. We'll see about that!

Later That Night on Chat

Jack has just entered chat!

Milton: Hello!
Jerry: Yo!
Eddie: Hey!
Jack: Hey guys. Is Kim on?
Jerry: Nope
Eddie: No
Milton: No
Jack: Good. I think I know y shes going 2 to beach bash with Brody
Jerry: y
Eddie: 2 make u jealous 4 trying 2 make her jealous?
Jack: howd u know?
Milton: we all know! we all know that u like Kim and Kim likes u!
Jerry: yep
Eddie: exactly
Jack: Wait... Kim likes me?
Jerry: ...
Eddie: ummm...
Milton: well...

Kim has just entered chat!

Kim: Hey guys! what we talking bout?
Milton: nothing!
Eddie: what milton said. nothing at all!
Jack: yep
Jerry: u liking Jack and Jack liking u
Jack: JERRY!
Eddie: Really Jerry?
Milton: Idiot!
Kim: ...
Eddie: this just got awkward. Bye!

Eddie has just logged off!

Milton: Im with eddie. bye!

Milton has just logged off!

Kim: Jerry? Is there anything youd like 2 say?
Jerry: nope! bye!

Jerry has just logged off!

Jack: really guys?
Kim: wait. did Jerry say u like me?
Jack: did Jerry say u like me?
Kim: I asked u first!
Jack: well...

Brody has just entered chat!

Jack: Oh great...
Kim: Hi Brody!
Brody: Hey Kim! Hi Jack
Jack: hi brody...
Brody: What's up?
Kim: Just talking bout the Beach Bash!
Jack: yeah. What she said.
Brody: Cool
Kim: didnt u say u had family night?
Jack: I didnt say that
Kim: NOT U IDIOT! i was talking 2 brody!
Brody: yeah. speaking of which, family night is starting. bye!
Kim: Bye Brody!

Brody has just logged off!

Kim: Would it kill u 2 be nice?
Jack: i still dont trust him
Kim: he helped us defeat the black dragons at the cotillion!
Jack: that doesnt mean i trust him
Kim: ur just jealous
Jack: me? jealous? no way!
Kim: ur cute when ur jealous...
Jack: did u just say i was cute?
Kim: ummm...
Jack: im waiting 4 an answer
Kim: i gotta go! bye!

Kim has just logged off!

Jack's POV

I read those words over and over in my head. You're cute when you're jealous. She thought I was cute? Was Milton right? Did Kim like me? I closed the laptop and went downstairs for dinner.

Kim's POV

Hopefully, I could avoid Jack from that whole him being cute incident. I was walking down the hall when all of a sudden, I bumped into someone. Of all the students at school, it had to be Jack.

"Hey," he greeted.

"Hi," I greeted back.

"About last night," he started, but I interrupted him.

"Let's not talk about it okay? Come on. We got class," I said and I walked over to third period. I stopped. "By the way, I know you're jealous. Don't deny it!" I said leaving him just standing there. I swore I saw him smile and shake his head causing me to smile, but he couldn't see it.

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