A/N: I got this idea from the song The Rugrats Theory. No, I don't know which Vocaloid did it originally so I'm just gonna say Luka did it, because some girl on youtube did it, and used Luka's voice. I replaced the names from the show with the Hetalia crew's names. This is HetaOni, from a broken Italy. Play the song while listening to it~! (Use the Kaai Yuki version)

I think the world is so wonderful

I did until we all went to the mansion.

The world is wonderful

Germany? Why aren't you listening?

And we only have one chance to be here

No. I've had so much more than that. The numbers… The blood…

So tell me why you're hurting yourself?

Because if I don't die, all my friends will.

I guess I just do not understand

And I never will. Why would anyone want to hurt my friends?

What's the meaning of life?

We can't all be born to die… We can't all die just to live… We're nations!

Everything I've been told I believe

It's all a lie…

And yet people that I love just leave

I want Holy Rome back… I want Germany… Japan… My friends…

Is something bothering you a lot?

I wish people would trust me…

Bothering you a lot?

If you let me, I can help.

I think I'm old enough to understand

I'm not a little kid, even if I act like it.

So there's no reason to hide from me

If you don't trust me, I won't trust you. That's why I have to do this on my own.

I know you said that you're not lying…

You promised we'd all make it out alive.

And well maybe that's true…

I've seen you all die far too many times.

So I'll push away any doubt I have...

If I lose you again, I can just keep trying.

Because I know you will tell the truth

You wouldn't lie to me, would you Germany?

Right, Romano?

You wouldn't either, eh, Roma?

Welcome to my perfect world

No one will get hurt if I die.

According to Italy!

It's my job to protect them all.

It's my turn to run the show!

It's my turn to die.

Next to Romano~!

I think I can do this on my own…

With Germany, Japan, and Prussia,

The Axis… This was supposed to be our day for fun.

I'll never feel alone…

Not if I die… I'll be with Grandpa Rome, won't I?

So we can play games all day long,

I can finally be happy.

While the Earth is spinning…

I am Hetalia…


What does that mean?

and Round

No… Why does it matter?

and Round

Why do I matter?

and Round

That's right…

and Round

I was born to die…

and Rround

And now, I'll die to live.

While the Earth is spinning

While I try to keep them alive, everyone dies.

Welcome to my wonderland

Welcome to my personal hell.

With new adventures everywhere

With deaths around every corner.

As long everything's the same

Now, I can't go back to being me.

I will be okay

It hurts so much…

With England, America, and Spain

Whydoes everyone keep dying?

The World will be alright

If only they would listen to me!

They just have to listen to me,

No one will listen!

And do what I tell them…

Why won't they just do what they're told!


Why are they hurt?


Why did they dying?


Why is there so much blood?


Why am I alone?


Why am I always alone?


Why can't I take their places?

Why won't they listen?

Why are they dead?


Why did we split up?


Why can't England see me?


Why did America stay with them?


Why did Romano come?


Why is Spain here?


Why does everyone suddenly care?

Why won't they listen?

Why do they keep helping?

Everyone's whispering about me

Now they know…

What are they talking about?

They're talking about me…

Do you think I did something wrong again?

I might as well have killed them all...

Well I promise you, it wasn't me

It wasn't me. It's all your fault.

Why does everyone think I'm blind?

England's blind…

I can see perfectly fine

He'll be trapped in the darkness forever.

The truth is, I've ignore the bad things

I never ignored them… I just was too weak to do something about them.

I guess it's too late to do that now…

I can't do that now. If I do, you will all die.

Where did you go when I needed you?

You all left me…

I needed you

You're all dead.

I'm left alone and I need to start it over now.

If only I could go back in time…

Did you hear me scream?

It can't have me! I escaped!

I can't hold it in

You can't have me!

Not anymore

You can't have me.

Who am I again?

Who do I live for?

A princess?


Or psychopath?

Or Evil?

Welcome to my Parardise

Welcome to hell.

That's slowly crumbling away

Why won't it go away?

Now I've chosen to open my eyes

I wish the monsters would go away….

Will you go away?

Will you make them go away?

It's getting hard for me to breathe

I wish I would stop breathing.

My tears choke me to death

I wish I could just die.

Maybe I should have never been

I don't deserve to live.

Brought to this Earth at all

I want to be with them…




Russia and China


France and Canada


America and England


Germany and Prussia


Now it's my turn.

Never brought here at all

I wish we never came.

Welcome to my broken heart

I should have been strong enough to stop them.

According to a little country

I'm so weak…

That's within his twisted mind

It will all start again…

Will this nightmare ever end?

We're trapped!

Will I be set free?

I can never go home…

The pain is eating me alive

He's going to eat me…

It's so hard to admit

I know I can't save them.

But there's no point in talking at all

Why do I keep trying?

If no-one hears me

It doesn't matter.


I have to.


I need to.


I want to.


I'll try to.


I can.


I will.

I could just rewind it

I can fix this!




Germany and Prussia


America and England


Canada and France


Russia and China



Now that it's rewinded

I can fix this.


I hope they remember me kindly.


I can't help but think of what Germany will do now.


I hope he'll remember how much I loved him.


But, I will spend all of my life for my friends…


Just like they have for me, so many times over.


All my acts of deceit shall be paid for….

Now, my world is perfect

Paid for with my death.

Now, my world is perfect

So I will die for all of them.

Now, my world is perfect

I believe that's my fate.

Now, my world is perfect

But our vow's wedge entwine us…

Now, my world is perfect

Retaining all our unforgivable sins…

Now, my world is perfect

I pray we will meet again, until then…

A/N: I know I quoted (somewhat) Alurring Secret Black Vow at the end… It's from the part where Len is holding Miku's body, and gives up his own life, revealing that he was really Rin. I pictured this to be his thought process when he destroyed Steve and died…