Once upon a time, there was a lycan that had saw a lovely she-human that worn a green hooded cape. As his eyes fell on her, his heart throbed in painful pleaser. He fell oh so deeply inlove with what was a lycan's enemy. Every time she pasted thought his teritory, he would watch her in awe, for he had never seen such beauty on such a savige specise. If any creater dared to stalk her, he would fight them even if his life was on the line. One rainy night, he was in a dark cave to be out of the heavy rain, then a little old woman limped in. She then saw the lycan and screemed,"Oh please spare the life of an old woman, great lycan! If you do, I bet that something good will happen." The lycan grinned, knowing if he had smiled it might have scared her to the Grim Reaper, and spoke gently, "My dear old woman, I could never harm such a thing. I may be a lycan, but I do have pity and a heart for humans, even though your people have slane my people for so many years. I do not dare to hurt you, for my heart craves for a maiden of great beauty. And as long as she lives, I will never harm a person." The old woman smiled and started to glow. She then changed into a wikan with long silver hair and sky blue eyes. "Lycan, you are very differnet." she said. The beast looked down in shame. "But, you spared my life, and for that, I will make you a deal. every day you will take the form of a human, but by night you will be a lycan. Now, sicne you want this human, if she accepts you, you will be her lover forever, but if she regects you, you shall die." "Yes wikan! Please, give me the spell! I would rather die than to be alone any longer!" She put her spell on him and warned him that he must win the girl's heart in one year, and if he failed, he will forever remain a lycan, to be banned from the world.

Authur's Notes:

Here we go, the begining of the story! Even though it's just the prologue, I am so glad to be getting these up! I hope lots of people read this story. Anyways, hope you like this and keep in touch.