Kiss Me Sweetly

Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Rating: Pg-15/T

Genre: Humor/Romance/Drama

Pairing: Murasakibara/Himuro, established Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise, Midorima/Takao

Summary: Himuro visits Kagami. Kuroko is not amused. Murasakibara jealously pouts. Aomine, Kise and Midorima team up to give Kagami a lesson for messing up Kuroko's feeling, and Takao can only feel sorry for the redhead. In which Kagami is victimized for being too kind and misunderstood.

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi owns Kuroko no Basuke and its characters, luna only plays with them without permission (but it's FUN XD). No profit is made from this fan fiction.

Warning: slight AU and maybe AR for some scenes, shounen ai/yaoi, a little bit oOC-ness, language.

A/N: Yay! Another installment for miniseries of GoM finding their own matching partner! Like your guess, Mura/Himu will be the center of attention this time! XD Of course Kaga/Kuro, Ao/Kise and Mido/Taka will be here as well. Now, enjoy!

An important thing you need to know before reading. Himuro is older than Murasakibara and Kagami, so he's supposed to be in second year, but I put him in a first year here for a certain reason that will be revealed later. Please just ignore the inconsistency with the manga (if there is, because it's not yet mentioned in what year Himuro is in Yousen anyway), I'll try to make him as IC as possible.

EDIT: this chapter has been beta-ed by tora-chan83, thank you very much for the help! I owe you!

Kiss Me Sweetly

Part 1

The first time Murasakibara Atsushi met Himuro Tatsuya, when the dark-haired teen transferred to Yousen, he thought Himuro was just an ordinary guy, another pretty face without talent, and he wasn't in the slightest interested in him.

Okay, Murasakibara would admit that Himuro had soft appearance and beautiful form, and probably that alluring aura that made people feel safe around him, but he was just an ordinary guy. There was nothing special about him.

Girls obviously liked Himuro's look and he spoke like a gentleman. At that, Murasakibara was reminded slightly of Akashi.

Akashi was also a gentleman despite being scary sometimes. However, Akashi was special because even Murasakibara couldn't stop Akashi on and off the court, no matter what he did. Besides, Himuro couldn't be compared to Akashi at all because he lacked that imposing aura and authority in everything.

Himuro Tatsuya was nothing. That was what Murasakibara thought at first.

Well, until Himuro scored against Murasakibara in a basketball game, that is.

It was a test when Himuro decided to join Yousen High basketball club because he liked the sport. Murasakibara was told to mark him despite his reluctance. Still, he remembered blinking once, unable to comprehend what happened. He was sure he had jumped and towered above Himuro when the lattertook a shot, but somehow, he couldn't touch the ball.

Himuro smiled kindly at him and Murasakibara was intrigued.

"Just now, what did you do?" Murasakibara asked, intimidating, putting his hand on Himuro's head, feeling the urge to crush him slightly.

Himuro was still smiling, even when he suddenly pinched Murasakibara's hand. Murasakibara jerked away immediately as he pulled his stung hand back, staring at Himuro disbelievingly.

"That is not a polite way to treat an older guy, Murasakibara-kun," Himuro had said, still with a smile, but there was a threat in his voice and Murasakibara was reminded once again of Akashi.

Maybe this Himuro guy was more interesting than he thought. After all, despite his shorter, slenderer body, he could still score against Murasakibara, the best center in Japan. Even though Murasakibara wasn't exactly defending seriously, it was still quite impressive to shoot so smoothly like that, breaking his iron defense.

Mirage Shoot, Himuro had named it and it was impossible to block, apparently. It was cool.

"Older?" Then it dawned on Murasakibara as he caught it awhile later. It was weird because Himuro was in the same year as Murasakibara.

"Yes. There's a reason why I'm still in first year, but I'm older than you," Himuro nodded swiftly, his kind smile never leaving his expression.

Himuro turned around to speak with their female coach, Masako Araki, for a moment. She looked positively ecstatic seeing Himuro's skill and it seemed their other regulars, Kensuke Fukui, Kenichi Okamura and Wei Liu, also took a liking on him immediately because he was very supple and polite despite his almost brooding look.

Well, Murasakibara didn't hate him at first glance because Himuro seemed to have more talents. Although, when Himuro turned back to approach him again, Murasakibara didn't expect to have the older man reach for his hand and then put something on Murasakibara's palm. "A friendly greeting for you," he said with a nice wonderful smile.

Murasakibara stared at the candy. It was a nicely wrapped pink colored lollipop and he felt like a star just hit his forehead as he looked once again at the way Himuro smiles.

It's sweet.

"Muro-chin is a sweet guy," Murasakibara decided as he unwrapped and then put the round lollipop into his mouth, tasting the sweet-sour flavor of strawberry which quickly became his most favorite amongst the other flavors.

As sweet as the taste of the candy—Murasakibara thought, immediately liking Himuro as well because of it.

It was rather surprising that Murasakibara remembered Himuro's name the first time he tried, and that he already added the suffix '–chin' to sweeten it out.

Himuro blinked once, seeming to be surprised, before he chuckled in amusement. "Atsushi is a sweet name too," he replied friendlily and Murasakibara didn't mind the way Himuro called his first name so casually with his sweet voice.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

The first time Murasakibara realized that Himuro was probably special to him was when he saw the older boy cry. It was during the intense battle against the Seirin basketball team, with Kuroko and his new light, Kagami Taiga, and he couldn't believe that he was losing.

Forget it. Murasakibara was already half way on giving up because, damn it! It was just a basketball match. Why did he have to work so hard in a sport he didn't even like?

But then, Himuro slapped him and started crying on top of him while clenching Murasakibara's collar.

"It breaks my heart seeing you giving up when you are the one holding the talent that I desire so much!"

It struck Murasakibara's core, not his words –mind you—, but Himuro's sad, emotional and tearful expression.

Himuro was a calm guy. He was always nice and gentle, and he took care of Murasakibara like Himuro was his mother instead of his friend, plus he always treated him to the nicest and the sweetest snacks. He also had that composure and patience which could be on par with a saint's. No wonder that it moved Murasakibara so much when Himuro broke down and cried in front of him, because of him.

Murasakibara actually entered the zone because of it.

Murasakibara thought, that if it was for Himuro, no matter if it was basketball or anything else, he would be able to get serious and love it.

Even though they still lost the match in the end, it was the first time Murasakibara felt the pain of losing. Surprisingly, despite his claim that he would quit basketball because he lost, he also felt that he couldn't accept it. Basketball was nothing to him, but why did it feel so painful?

"I may not have the talent of Generation of Miracle, but I won't lose this match! Yousen will win!"

Himuro's desperate expression, his conviction… Murasakibara failed to help Himuro accomplish that vow. That was what hurt him.

Murasakibara cried and Himuro cried as well, but he smiled after that. Himuro went over to the red head of Seirin, Kagami Taiga. Then while admitting defeat, Himuro passed something on Kagami's hand.

A necklace… with a silver ring as the pendant….

Whenever Murasakibara had asked what that necklace was, Himuro always answered that it was a symbol of his 'brotherhood' with Kagami Taiga. He was Himuro's special person, a person he valued so highly, and Himuro seemed to like the redhead very much.

"I came to Japan to have a rematch with him, because our last basketball match in America was very disappointing," was the reason Himuro gave Murasakibara after he asked him why Himuro came to Japan. However, when the older man spoke about Kagami, he softened his expression even more than usual.

Murasakibara itched to ask if Himuro actually liked Kagami more than just a brother, but he couldn't because Himuro was determined to beat him in a serious match and unnecessary questions would distract him.

Akashi had told Murasakibara to think it over before saying something stupid that might create a crack in the team. The one time Murasakibara ever did that, it pissed Kuroko off and Akashi scolded him for antagonizing their phantom sixth player.

Apparently, Himuro was the same type as Kuroko. He wasn't a genius like the GoM, but he reached his current level through hard work.

Himuro really loved basketball and he didn't mind working hard to get stronger. Murasakibara was supposed to hate that kind of person the most, but for some strange reasons… he couldn't hate Himuro. It led him to think that Himuro wasn't just a teammate for him.

Himuro was fascinating. Everything about him attracted Murasakibara to him. He was a very wonderful and nice person. That was the reason why Murasakibara favored him the most amongst the others, maybe a little bit more than Akashi. That itself spoke volume, since he always thought there was no one more amazing than Akashi Seijuurou.

Thus, after barely registering his confusing feelings towards Himuro, Murasakibara thought that he could at least make some sense out of it by telling the older boy about it. When the match with Seirin was over, and he had regained some composure, he tried to find Himuro only to find him injured.

"Muro-chin, what…? What's with the injuries?" Murasakibara actually dropped his snacks when he saw the limping boy who was being supported by none other than Kagami Taiga himself.

"I-I'm fine," Himuro smiled at him, albeit painfully.

"No, you're not! A psycho just hurt you!" Kagami, on the other hand, looked frantic and angry.

Murasakibara didn't like the way Kagami was holding Himuro, so he walked over to them and immediately lifted Himuro away from Kagami's hold, surprising both the redhead and the raven.

"A-Atsushi?" Himuro sounded confused, his voice slightly muffled on Murasakibara's clothes.

"What are you doing?" Kagami asked, eyes widened and looking baffled.

"I'm going to bring Muro-chin to a doctor," Murasakibara said while pouting childishly at Kagami. "Go away. I can take care of Muro-chin," he continued before walking away with Himuro nestled comfortably in his arms.

"Eh, but wait a—!" Kagami seemed about to chase after them, but Himuro stopped him.

"I'm fine, Tiger. Just watch the match. Your opponent in the next match is going to be decided in the match after this, right?"

"True, Kise-chin will get whiny if you miss his match," Murasakibara added.

Kagami looked hesitant for a moment before nodding. "I'll leave Tatsuya to you, Murasakibara," and then he turned and walked away.

Murasakibara held Himuro tighter. "Muro-chin… who hurt you?" he asked as he brought Himuro to the health office in the dome.

"Ah… one of the players from Fukuda Sōgō, I think…" Himuro replied slowly, sounding rather unsure.

Fukuda Sōgō? Isn't that the name of the school which is Kise-chin's next opponent?

"Do you know the name?" Murasakibara asked again, trying to be calm, but inside he was boiling in anger. Someone had dared to hurt Himuro, damn it!

"Kise said that he was an ex-teammate from Teikou… Haizaki Shougo or something," Himuro answered slowly.

Murasakibara widened his eyes. "Haizaki… Shougo…." Then he gritted his teeth. He remembered that name. Akashi kicked that guy out of the team back then. He was back now?

Worse, he dared to hurt Muro-chin…!—Murasakibara was positively enraged. Unforgivable…! I'll get him for this later!

Even though Murasakibara didn't exactly understand why he felt so furious, he couldn't just let this slide. He only knew one thing and that was 'no one hurts Himuro and gets away with it!'

However, Murasakibara couldn't exactly extract the revenge because Aomine seemed to have beaten him to it.

After the match between Kaijou and Fukuda Sōgō was over, and after making sure that Himuro was treated and delivered to the hotel safely, Murasakibara had been waiting to ambush Haizaki, but before he could surprise the guy, Aomine had called out Haizaki first.

Murasakibara watched from the sideline. They were talking about something intense and serious that he couldn't make out and then, Aomine seemed to be furious before suddenly punching Haizaki's face so hard such that he was instantly knocked out and on the ground.

Murasakibara raised his eyebrows, surprised at the turn of events.

"Now… what to do…?" Aomine seemed to be rather nervous after that.

"Mine-chin," Murasakibara called and Aomine jumped in surprise.

"Ugh, Murasakibara?" Aomine looked at him with widened eyes. "Y-you… saw that?" He looked slightly uneasy and a bit sheepish.

"Yes… and it's not enough. What if I add a kick to his stomach?" Murasakibara intended to do just that, his sadistic side very tempted.

"Don't. With your strength he could die. Besides, you would hurt your legs further," Aomine reminded him.

Murasakibara pouted slightly for being reminded of why he lost his own match that day. "But he hurt Muro-chin," he muttered, protesting.

"I know. This asshole purposely stepped on Kise's foot too during the match. Just watching him makes me sick," Aomine growled spitefully while glaring daggers at the unconscious man on the ground.

"Then let's break one of his legs," Murasakibara suggested. All the more reason to get rid of Haizaki from the basketball world forever; he even dared to hurt one of the GoM members. Akashi wouldn't let this slide. Haizaki was dead no matter what.

"I said, don't. You can get sued and banned from playing official basketball matches if you hurt a fellow player," Aomine grunted.

"But Mine-chin punched him," Murasakibara pointed out and Aomine sweated slightly.

"He was about to sabotage Kise. I had to stop him, so I had no choice. Besides, he won't tell a soul that he got knocked out by my single punch," Aomine reasoned, seeming to find comfort in how prideful Haizaki was.

"I still want to hurt him," Murasakibara scowled disagreeably, almost throwing a tantrum. He wouldn't be satisfied if he didn't at least hurt Haizaki himself.

Aomine sighed deeply. "Just what makes you so angry with Haizaki? It's not like you have a personal problem with him, and it isn't like you to be troubled about other people outside the game," he steered Murasakibara to leave with him.

Murasakibara was still glaring at Haizaki hatefully before going along. "He hurt Muro-chin," he repeated.

"So you said, but… why are you so angry over that?" Aomine raised his eyebrows, seeming to be puzzled.

"Because… Muro-chin is important to me," Murasakibara answered honestly.

Aomine blinked. "What?" He looked dumbfounded now.

"I like Muro-chin and Haizaki hurt him. Of course I'm mad," Murasakibara huffed, stepping a little too hard in irritation.

"I… see…" Aomine didn't seem to be sure, but he didn't ask further.

When Murasakibara went back to the hotel, Himuro was already fast asleep on one of the twin beds in their shared room. Murasakibara checked on the older guy for a moment. His injuries were bandaged and he seemed to be at peace somehow. Maybe he drank the prescription from the doctor.

Thank god he doesn't seem in pain—the thought fleeted inside Murasakibara's mind and he couldn't help smiling slightly.

For a while afterwards, Murasakibara watched the dark haired boy sleep. Himuro did have a very beautiful face, especially that mole under his right eyes. It was cute. Murasakibara couldn't help admiring Himuro's form for awhile when he realized his heart started to pick up pace.

Huh?—Murasakibara was a little confused. Suddenly he felt rather hot and… somehow… he wanted to….

Murasakibara leaned closer to the sleeping boy and was slowly planting a kiss on Himuro's mole before he realized what he was doing and pulled back immediately.

"What… was that…?" the purple haired boy couldn't help asking himself, totally confused.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

Kuroko won a couple of tickets to play at the amusement park.

"What should I do with them?" the teal haired boy stared at the one-day-full-free-rides tickets while thinking. He didn't have any siblings to go with. His parents wouldn't be home as well since the date on the tickets was for a weekend.

Maybe I should ask Kagami-kun to go on a date once in awhile—was in Kuroko's mind as he pocketed the tickets.

Thus, he processed to tell Kagami the next day when they were going home after their basketball practice.

"Kagami-kun, let's go to amusement park this Saturday."

Kagami blinked as he turned to face the expressionless boy beside him. "This weekend?"

Kuroko nodded. "I won two tickets for one-day-full-free-rides." He fished his uniform pocket and pulled the tickets out, showing them to Kagami.

Kagami looked rather sheepish. "Uh… I can't during weekend. Tatsuya is coming over."

Kuroko twitched slightly, but his expression didn't change much, so Kagami probably didn't notice. "I see…" He pulled the tickets back. His feelings were rather conflicted, but he couldn't say anything about that. After all, for Kagami, Himuro was an important brother.

Just like Kuroko treasured Aomine and the other GoM members, Kagami treasured Himuro because he was the one who brought Kagami to love basketball. Kuroko understood that, so he couldn't be selfish.

Kuroko even encouraged Kagami to make up with Himuro after Seirin defeated Yousen. It was interrupted by Haizaki at that time, but he believed that Kagami and Himuro must have reconciled after the tournament or something, or else Himuro wouldn't be troubled to visit Kagami on the weekend so casually from Akita, right?

"Then these tickets are wasted on me," Kuroko mumbled then, pocketing those tickets again.

"Sorry, Kuroko. I'll make it up to you at Sunday. How about we go together, you, me and Tatsuya?" Kagami said, smiling slightly.

Now that irked Kuroko. "It is fine. You can spend weekend and Sunday with Himuro-san. I will not bother your reunion." Kuroko quickened his steps without looking at Kagami's face and the red head was forced to walk faster as well despite his longer strides.

"Wait, Kuroko?" Kagami sounded a bit confused as he chased after Kuroko, probably not realizing that he had tried to include Himuro in their date, the first time Kuroko mustered his courage to do the asking on a date part.

Stupid Kagami-kun…—Kuroko thought, slightly irritated, as he kept walking. He knew that sometimes, his old friends also interrupted his date with Kagami, but that was just by pure chance, not because Kuroko wanted it. Kagami was a bit insensitive to actually suggest an outing with Himuro tagging along together.

This was depressing. Why did Kuroko get jealous of someone who was only a 'brother' to Kagami? Didn't make any sense. Loving someone was always so troublesome.

Maybe I will give these tickets to someone that can use them.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

"Tickets to amusement park?" Kise Ryouta's eyes sparkled. Kuroko had called Kise and informed him that he had free tickets to play in amusement park. "Of course I can go! When will we go?"

"Ah… I only want to give the tickets to you, Kise-kun. Since Kagami-kun cannot make it at Saturday, maybe you can use it with Aomine-kun or something,"—was Kuroko's even reply from the phone.

"Eeeh, but it won't be as fun! I thought we could go on double date or something," Kise pouted. "Come on. Please tag along, Kuroko-chi! Besides, Aomine-chi has a bad habit on being so damn bold outside if it's just the two of us. He's such an exhibitionist pervert." The blond groaned a little bit, still feeling rather sore from his and Aomine's intercourse last night.

That Ahomine and his insatiable desire! I can't believe I let him do me even though I have basketball practice today!—Kise really regretted the rash decision. Thanks to that he got yelled at by his coach and his senpai for not being able to move properly because of the sore muscles.

"Kise! What are you doing still in the locker room? The gym is almost closed!" Kasamatsu Yukio's voice boomed from the door, surprising the blond.

"Ah," Kise held the mouthpiece of the cell-phone before responding to his senior. "Wait a moment, Senpai! I'll be right there!" Then he got back to speak to Kuroko. "Sorry, I have to go. Later I'll tell Aomine-chi about it. I'll call Midorima-chi as well. Who knows? He might want to come along with Takao-kun."

"Ah, but I only have two tickets with me,"—Kuroko said.

"No problem! I can always buy the others' share!" Kise chirped while quickly putting all his stuff, unorganized, inside his sport bag, grabbing it as he fled to the door. "See ya, Kuroko-chi! I'll text you later, okay?" blond said, joining Kasamatsu at the gym door before they left together.

"…well, if you insist… Later then, Kise-kun,"—Kuroko's voice sounded resigned before he hung up.

"Huh?" Kise stared at his cell-phone oddly as he walked. "Kuroko-chi sounded depressed just now. Is it that bad that he can't go with Kagami-chi once? They can always have a date whenever they want to, right?" he pocketed the cell-phone while mumbling confusedly.

"What? Another love problem?" Kasamatsu looked at his junior with a disinterested look.

"Aww~, Senpai, it's not about me this time. It's Kuroko-chi~!" Kise smiled cheerily at the shorter dark haired older boy beside him.

"Good lord. You and your troublesome friends…. I can't believe you're dating Aomine of all people, like there aren't any more girls left in the planet," Kasamatsu grumbled, still looking pissed.

"Oh come on, Senpai. Aomine-chi is a wonderful guy!" Kise pouted at him. Kasamatsu had yet to give his an approval for Kise's boyfriend.

"A wonderful guy who made you cry and then distracted you from practice and worse, did it with you knowing that you had practice today," venom was practically dripping from Kasamatsu's sarcastic words.

Kise laughed nervously. His captain was really mad this time. He hoped Kasamatsu wouldn't meet Aomine anytime soon or Kasamatsu would surely kicked Aomine's ass. Despite being shorter and smaller, Kasamatsu was very brave and if it was about protecting his team, he could be as scary as hell. Not even Aomine would stand a chance against Kasamatsu in his mother-hen mode.

"So, what about Kuroko," Kasamatsu looked considerably calmer now, after cursing a certain tan skinned boy under his breath, which wasn't missed by the fidgeting Kise.

"Eh… Kuroko-chi asked if I wanted to use his free amusement park tickets, because Kagami-chi can't go with him this Saturday," Kise said, playing with his bangs.

"Hoo, and they are dating too, huh?" Kasamatsu shook his head at that.

"Yes! It's a bit unnerving that a brute like Kagami-chi is with a delicate boy like Kuroko-chi, but… well, they look good together," Kise smiled more sincerely now and Kasamatsu must have seen it because he put a small smile on his face as well.

"Well, I believe Kagami is better because he doesn't do his boyfriend knowing they have basketball practice the next day," was Kasamatsu's scathing reply.

Kise cried his crocodile tears now. It seemed to him that Kasamatsu wouldn't let that go. He'd better warn Aomine to watch out for his neck the next time they had any official match or practice match with each other.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

"Going to amusement park together? Double dates? Who would want to do something as useless as that?" Midorima Shintarou grumbled in annoyance as he got a phone call from Kise in the middle of his basketball practice.

Ootsubo was glaring daggers at his back for actually receiving a call in the middle of practice session, but it was still one of Midorima's 'three selfish things he could ask for a day', so he ignored the captain completely.

"Don't say that, Midorima-chi. You should ask Takao-kun on a date once in awhile~,"—Kise replied in a playful tone.

A flush colored Midorima's face instantly. "W-wha—who—who would ask him on a date?" He raised his voice in shock and disbelief. He hung up the phone abruptly, his panting and unusual reactions obviously attracting attention judging from the way many pairs of eyes were on him. "What?" He barked at the curious audience and they immediately looked away from him.

Ootsubo, Kimura and Miyaji though, still looked dumbfounded and Takao kept staring at Midorima in wonder.

How the hell did Kise find out?!—Midorima's mind screamed in alert at that. This was supposed to be a secret. He had been extra careful and he had reprimanded Takao over and over again if he acted suspiciously.

A few seconds later, Midorima's cell-phone rang again. He narrowed his eyes at the offending device and answered it once again.

"Please, Midorima-chi. It's obvious even before you two got together. Come on, it will be fun! Let's play in amusement park together!"—Kise was laughing so loudly and joyfully in the phone that Midorima had to bring the device away from his ear.

Damn him!—Midorima pushed his glasses up his nose-bridge and scowled, still trying to hide his blush and embarrassment. He composed himself for a minute before he found his voice again.

"Hello~, earth to Midorima-chi. Are you still there?"—Kise's voice sounded very annoying.

"Even though I wanted to ask him on a date, which I don't, I wouldn't go to an event as stupid as double dates. Enjoy your day. Good bye." Midorima hung up once again and proceeded to turn off his cell-phone for good, lest Kise wasn't done bothering him.

"Idiotic blond," Midorima grumbled and turned around with an annoyed huff, but he almost jumped in shock as Takao was suddenly in front of him. He stared at Midorima with sparkling eyes.

"T-Takao? What?" Midorima's heart beat a mile per minute facing his closet boyfriend so closely like that.

"Shin-chan… let's play in amusement park~!" Takao was grinning excitedly, obviously catching Midorima and Kise's conversation because Kise was being so loud.

"What? No!" Midorima refused with all of his might, his face re-heating again. "Do you have any idea how disclosed that site is?!"

Is Takao insane?! We agreed to keep our relationship a secret! Going on a date in amusement park which is famous as a dating spot doesn't scream 'secrecy' at all!

Takao pouted slightly. "Oh, come on. We can pretend that it's just an outing between friends, okay?" Takao threw him a puppy look and Midorima twitched slightly at that.

"Don't pull that expression on me, Takao. It won't work," Midorima warned, the heat getting hotter and more intense, and he was sure he was going to blush if he hadn't already.

"Please~?" Takao's eyes were glassy now and Midorima couldn't take being stared at with those dark enticing—no, no, no! Who said Takao's eyes were enticing? He must have lost his mind!

"Okay!" Midorima shouted in exasperation, pushing Takao's face away from him. Then he just realized that he had agreed to go on date with Takao in front of the team.

Midorima looked upward in panic only to see Miyaji and Kimura shake their head in amused laughs and Ootsubo drop his jaw on the ground.

"I—it's not what it looks like!" Midorima quickly explained, trying to fix the damage, while pushing his glasses up his nose-bridge again, getting very nervous that he had blown everything up.

"Oh, it's totally what it looks like," Takao exclaimed wiggling his eyebrows before he laughed happily, not helping Midorima's image and shame at all.

"TAKAO!" Midorima actually yelled in total annoyance at the dark haired boy. Takao just ran away still snickering, looking very cheery. Midorima had to chase after him while shouting obscenities and threats of bodily harm because Takao had no shame and discretion at all.

"They do realize that it's obvious since day one, right?" Miyaji asked Kimura, sweat dropping from the back of his head.

Kimura nodded agreeably. "Only Captain Ootsubo will miss it."

"What?" Ootsubo looked like he was still in shock, his mouth open widely and his eyes as wide as saucers.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

Tatsuya Himuro thought that… lately he was being watched.

Himuro didn't exactly know who it was, but he thought it was probably one of his fans. He wasn't as popular as Murasakibara, but he did have some admirers and it might just be them. Still… he didn't think that he would be stared at everywhere. At class, at practice, at bathroom (that's illegal, oi!—an inner voice which suspiciously resembled Kagami's shouted inside Himuro's head) and when he was on the way home as well.

A stalker?—Himuro thought rather worriedly. Maybe he needed to take precaution before something bad happened.

Himuro turned around and noticed Murasakibara's amethyst eyes on him.

Atsushi?—Himuro was quite surprised at that discovery.

"What's wrong?" Murasakibara asked, seeming to notice Himuro's odd stare.

"No, just… lately you seem to follow me everywhere, Atsushi," Himuro smiled rather nervously at the younger and taller boy.

Murasakibara tilted his head aside slightly. "I can't?" he asked while making 'a thrown out puppy look' and Himuro was very weak against that expression.

"Of course you can," Himuro sighed slightly, his smile softening. If it was just Murasakibara, Himuro thought it was okay.

Murasakibara smiled back at him as he opened another lollipop to suck. "I like it," he suddenly said.

Himuro raised his eyebrows. "The candy?" he asked.

Murasakibara shook his head. "Being with Muro-chin," he corrected and Himuro blinked once, surprised for the second time in five minutes.

Murasakibara rarely said he enjoyed something so Himuro was very taken aback that he actually enjoyed being with him. Himuro still smiled though, because he was happy that Murasakibara liked his company.

"I like being with Atsushi too," Himuro replied softly reaching up to touch Murasakibara's arm gently. "Make sure you brush your teeth before going to sleep, okay? A sweet-tooth like Atsushi easily catches cavities after all." Now Himuro took a small sweet sugar-free candy from his pocket and put it on Murasakibara's palm.

"Un," Murasakibara nodded with another smile and Himuro liked that smile as well.

"Good boy," Himuro stood on his toes and ruffled Murasakibara's purple hair.

Murasakibara then reached down to hug Himuro so suddenly, surprising the dark haired teen. "Atsushi?"

"This Saturday… let's go somewhere together, Muro-chin," Murasakibara asked. Himuro raised his eyebrows at the sudden proposal, but—

"Ah… I can't at Saturday, Atsushi. I am going to visit Taiga in Tokyo and stay over at his place for the weekend," Himuro said, patting Murasakibara's back and Murasakibara's body tensed suddenly.

The violet haired boy immediately released his hug and pulled back, looking Himuro's face with a childish pout. "Why at his place?" He seemed to be mad about something.

"Eh… we'd like to spend some times together…" Himuro said slowly, a bead of sweat forming on his cheek as he noticed that Murasakibara's expression was getting sourer by the seconds.

"Why staying over?" the amethyst eyed boy seemed ready to throw a tantrum.

"Well… Taiga said that… he wanted to re-connect and I want to as well since it's been quite awhile…" Himuro smiled slightly, wondering what they would do in their time together. Maybe they would play the games they liked back then in America, or do something else two high school boys would do to fill their free time.

Murasakibara's expression visibly darkened. "Fine. Do whatever you want. Like I care," he said coldly so suddenly before turning away to leave. "Stupid Muro-chin."

"Eh?" Himuro was very confused now. "W-wait, Atsushi?"

"I don't care anymore. Muro-chin you idiot!" was Murasakibara's loud reply as he increased his speed and ran, leaving a very bewildered Himuro alone on the road.

Wh—what was that, just now?

End of Kiss me Sweetly Part 1


A/N: Okay… so this is the first part of this installment for the collection of mini-series. Unlike the other installments, this one will be three shots or four since there are a lot of characters and relationships that I have to cover… and writing Murasakibara and Himuro's personalities aren't as easy as writing the others. Anyway, what do you think of this one? Constructive criticism is very much needed while I'm making the next part, okay?