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Kiss Me Sweetly

Part 5

"Come on, Satsuki, tell us what Tetsu told you already," Aomine gave his childhood friend an exasperated sigh at her stubbornness.

"No," the pink haired girl narrowed her eyes in a final look. "I've promised Tetsu-kun that his secret will be safe with me and I'm not going to betray his trust for anything, including you, Dai-chan."

"Please~, Momoi-chi~" Kise gave her his best puppy eyes while clapping both of his hands in front of his face. "We want to help Kuroko-chi!"

"No means no. Can't you understand what the meaning of 'no' is? It's 'negative', nay, something that betrays your expectation," Momoi huffed, crossing her arms in front of her chest while tilting her chin up regally.

"Momoi-chan can be quite stubborn, huh?" Takao laughed amusedly at the futile attempts of the couple to seduce Momoi to leak the information regarding Kuroko's mysterious problem.

Midorima was quiet as he seemed to think about something. Kise and Aomine were still arguing with, or more like pleading, to Momoi to give them any hint, but she was like a giant wall that refused to crumble and give in.

"You know," at Midorima's sudden announcement, the argument went into a halt. "I might have known something about it." The green haired boy pushed his glasses up his nose bridge as the others turned to face him, listening to what he wanted to say.

"Oh right, Shin-chan was with Kuroko in the gondola," Takao punched his own palm in realization.

Kise and Aomine immediately scooted closer to their fellow GoM teammate. "What did Kuroko-chi say?" Kise looked at the taller teen earnestly while Aomine looked somewhat curious.

"Kuroko might not have realized it, but at that time, he talked out loud. It was something about having more faith in 'someone' regarding his relationship with Kagami, or something like that," Midorima recited what he had accidentally heard.

Aomine frowned, appearing confused while Kise tilted his head aside with a wondering look. "Who is 'someone'?" the blond asked.

"I don't know. But I figure if it has something to do with Kagami, we should ask the person directly," Midorima suggested.

"That is a wonderful idea, Shin-chan!" Takao grinned widely at his boyfriend, feeling so proud that Midorima was so smart and thoughtful. "You are so considerate!" and then he hugged Midorima's arm playfully.

"It's nothing. I'm just being practical," Midorima replied curtly, but the blush on his cheeks was a dead giveaway that he was more embarrassed (and probably happy) for being praised, especially by Takao.

"Well, that might be faster than trying to make Satsuki talk," Aomine instantly agreed.

"If that's what it takes to help Kuroko-chi…" Kise also seemed so eager to do just that.

"Then, shall we visit Kagami's apartment?" Takao inquired. Everyone, except Momoi, nodded.

"I'm not going to tag along," Momoi refused. "I'm going home." Then she started to walk away, leaving the guys.

"Err… do any of you know where Kagami's apartment is?" Takao asked again before the pink haired girl had a chance to run away completely.

Upon realizing that none of them had any idea where Kagami's house was, Aomine and Kise instantly moved like mad men to capture Momoi once again to get the redhead's address.

Momoi seemed to think that just giving Kagami's address didn't mean breaking her promise to Kuroko about keeping his problem a secret from the guys, so she relented and gave them Kagami's address. "You didn't get his address from me," she warned.

"Of course, Momoi-chi~. You are the best!" Kise gave the ex-GoM manager a hug of appreciation.

"Well, at least she's useful for something," Aomine yawned in boredom and that earned a painful pull of his ear by Momoi herself. He yelped in pain and a string of nasty curses left his mouth before she seemed satisfied torturing him and let go.

"Don't do something stupid, okay? I don't think Tetsu-kun will appreciate it if you guys interfere with his love-life too much," Momoi warned. The others, except for Midorima who only almost crushed his rose (lucky item, remember?), yelped in shock.

She knows?!—was in Takao's mind, but the Shuutoku point guard was sure as hell that all of them thought about the same thing as him at that moment. Kise even gaped. Aomine was sweating profoundly and Midorima looked rather nervous.

"Oh, and I know about you guys too," Momoi smirked while staring at the four guys knowingly.

Kise passed out in embarrassment. Aomine face-palmed, blushing as well. This time Midorima almost broke his glasses and Takao could only laugh awkwardly, having the decency to blush in embarrassment as well.

Never underestimate a woman's intuition, huh?—again, Takao was sure he shared that thought with the other guys.

"Now excuse me. I have a drama television to catch," Momoi then combed her hair back before once again walking away. This time, no one dared to stop her in fear of another revelation about something they tried to keep a secret.

A few moments of awkward silence later, Takao felt the need to break it. "Um… let's go?" He didn't know why he sounded like asking.

"Right, we'd better get going," Midorima agreed before he muttered lowly that it was Takao's fault that Momoi caught them.

Takao didn't want to argue since antagonizing his Shin-chan wasn't a good idea, so he just reasoned positively. "At least you won't have to tell her with your own mouth now." He grinned again.

Aomine scratched his hair in vexation as he stared at the still crouching Kise who was suspiciously mumbling "Aomine-chi's fault… we were seen…" or something along those lines.

Takao almost laughed again at how ridiculous this situation was, but he was distracted as he saw something at the end of the road where they were on at that moment. "Huh?" It was actually Kagami Taiga himself… and he was walking with someone.

"What's wrong, Takao?" Midorima asked as he seemed to notice Takao's sudden interest.

"Isn't that Kagami?" Takao didn't hesitate to point at what he saw and everyone immediately went into alert at that information.

Kise stood and Aomine turned to the direction pointed by Takao. Midorima visibly narrowed his eyes. "He's with someone." The tallest boy stated.

"Isn't that…?" Kise seemed to know the other guy that was walking just slightly in front of Kagami.

"Himuro Tatsuya from Yousen?" Aomine sounded rather unsure.

"Murasakibara's partner," Midorima nodded.

"Why is he walking with Kagami?" Takao was confused.

"I heard from Satsuki that they used to be very close when Kagami was still in the States," Aomine seemed thoughtful after that. "But they seemed to have a fall out before Kagami moved back to Japan, and Himuro came to Japan to have a match with Kagami or something…"

"Heeh? Aomine-chi, surprisingly you know a lot about them," Kise seemed to be impressed with his boyfriend.

"It's only a part of Satsuki's pointless data-gathering. It's not like I want to know when she starts babbling about the enemies' data, you know," Aomine sighed deeply.

"That girl's ability is very scary despite her cute looks…" Takao was crying literally at the very detailed information. He needed to be extra careful around her if he didn't want her to know every little secret he had.

"Ah!" Kise suddenly exclaimed and everyone turned to face the blond in surprise.

"What?" Midorima asked.

"They are arguing," Kise pointed and the others turned their gaze once again to Kagami and Himuro.

Kise was right. They seemed to be arguing about something. They couldn't hear what they were talking about, but they could see their expression clearly. Himuro seemed annoyed for some reasons and then… the unexpected happened.

Himuro stopped in front of Kagami and pulled the taller boy down for a kiss… on his mouth.

Aomine and Kise (and maybe Takao himself—wasn't sure since he couldn't see his own face) literally dropped their jaws on the ground and Midorima's spare glasses broke at that view.

Everything that happened after that was a blur as rage began to take control in everyone's mind.

"THAT BASTARD! He's cheating on Tetsu!" Aomine roared in total fury.

"Fufufu… unforgivable, Kagami-chi…!" Kise's eyes were teary, but also blazing with anger.

"I can't believe this…! Such despicable human being was chosen to be Kuroko's partner?" Midorima's eyes turned into slits as he stared murderously at Kagami and Himuro.

"Err…" Only Takao saw the real thing. Kagami didn't seem to appreciate the kiss at all. He even puked if that wasn't an act. But the others didn't seem to see that scene clearly, or they were already too blinded by their wrath to see the truth. "Um… guys?"

"We shall give Kagami a lesson, shall we not?"

The three GoM members faces were very scary as they said that, completely ignoring Takao's attempt to get their attention. Takao paled as he practically could feel the hostility.

Oh, well… Takao just prayed that Kagami was still alive after they were done with him. As much as Takao felt sorry for Kagami, he didn't want to lose his life defending him against those monsters. Thank you very much.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

Kuroko and Murasakibara exited the teahouse after they, especially Murasakibara, were warmed up enough. Murasakibara held a bag of chagashi (1) he had purchased earlier in the tea house. He also insisted to pay for Kuroko's cup of tea as well because he felt grateful to the smaller teen.

"I'm glad I met Kuro-chin today," Murasakibara said while nibbling at one of his chagashi. It was strawberry flavor and the texture of the cake was very soft and it tasted so delicious. He took note to visit the tea house again when he visited Tokyo next time just for the snacks. Moreover, Himuro would love to be there as well since the raven liked drinking tea.

Kuroko just gave him an even stare with a very tiny smile on his face. "I am glad to be able to help, somehow," the teal haired boy replied softly.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Kuroko asked after they had walked in silence for almost five minutes.

"Dunno. Maybe I'll just go back to Akita and wait until I see Muro-chin again on Monday in school. Then I'll apologize," Murasakibara said slowly. He actually wanted to see Himuro and apologize now, but he thought that Himuro wouldn't appreciate it if he interrupted his time with Kagami more than he already had.

"I see…" Kuroko nodded, shrugging slightly. "If you already decided…ow!" Kuroko suddenly yelped and immediately covered one of his eyes as a strong wind blew at the two boys.

Murasakibara stopped walking and turned to look at Kuroko who was covering his left eye. He looked somehow in pain. "What's wrong, Kuro-chin?" He asked, mildly concerned.

"Ouch… something got into my eye…" Kuroko rubbed on that left eye and the tears pooled there as the color around his iris turned rather red.

"Ah, don't rub it like that, Kuro-chin. You will hurt your eye," Murasakibara finished his chagashi in one gulp and put down the bag from his hand to the ground before he held onto Kuroko's wrist so the shorter boy wouldn't rub on his eye too much.

"Uh… Murasakibara-kun…?" Kuroko tilted his face up and closed his left eye which seemed to be still hurting and Murasakibara leaned down to inspect it.

"Open the eye, Kuro-chin," Murasakibara requested slowly.

"But…" Kuroko seemed reluctant.

"It's okay, I'll lick it off," Murasakibara said as he leaned even closer and opened his mouth.

"Eh?" Kuroko seemed to be surprised. "Wait a—Murasakibara-kun…!"

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

Himuro was on his way to find Murasakibara. He had phoned the central GPS database system in Japan and asked the operator for the location of Murasakibara since he had an actual authorization to monitor the taller teen, obviously because Murasakibara got lost very often.

Murasakibara's parents actually asked Masaki Araki, Yousen basketball team's coach to keep an eye on their son because they were kind of worried if Murasakibara was left alone without any supervision. Murasakibara was immature most of the time and they were afraid that he would get into trouble.

Masaki immediately gave Himuro the responsibility for that role after she witnessed how reliable Himuro was in handling Murasakibara in their daily life. Hence the permit to monitor Murasakibara's location via his cell phone GPS.

It was very handy now because Himuro needed to find Murasakibara quickly before the big baby froze to death in this freezing winter night.

"Sheesh… why is he such a handful most of the times?" Himuro sighed deeply as he stared at his cell-phone screen. The blipping light on the map showed Murasakibara's exact position so he followed the nearest route to get there.

Himuro was close to Murasakibara's position. He turned to the left and immediately spotted the taller guy. He sighed slightly in relief upon seeing that Murasakibara seemed to be okay and was about to call him when he witnessed something very peculiar and unbelievable.

There was a bag of sweets near Murasakibara's feet. Why was the bad on the ground? Looking up, he saw Murasakibara stand still with Kuroko in front of him. The smaller, teal haired teen closed his eyes, tilting his face up, standing on his toes. His wrist was in Murasakibara's grip and Murasakibara bent his body down, leaning so closely to Kuroko's face.

Are they kissing?!—the thought was fleeting through Himuro's disbelieving mind. He couldn't help widening his eyes in shock at that unexpected view and suddenly, there was something ugly scorching inside his heart, squeezing and piercing it to the point of pain and resentment.

Somehow, Himuro felt the sudden urge to yell and to part those two. There was anger as well, partly because that was his Atsushi for god's sake, and Kuroko already had Kagami, damn it!

What the hell are they doing?!

Well, against his better judgment, Himuro actually yelled "Atsushi!" and Murasakibara perked slightly at Himuro's call.

The tall violet haired boy turned to face Himuro's direction and his expression brightened slightly. "Muro-chin."

Kuroko blinked several times in front of Murasakibara, and Himuro immediately spotted his tears. He was honestly surprised. "Why is Kuroko-kun crying? What did you do?" He narrowed his eyes at the flinching Murasakibara.

Himuro was openly angry, really, because this situation was ridiculous. Why did Murasakibara kiss Kuroko anyway? And what was Kuroko crying for?

"Ah," Kuroko wiped the tears away from the corner of his eyes with the back of his hand. "It is not what you think, Himuro-san. Murasakibara-kun was just trying to get rid of the dirt from my left eye," he immediately explained.

"… Huh?" Himuro blinked, his anger evaporating instantly as he digested what Kuroko said.

"I licked it off of Kuro-chin's eye," Murasakibara said slowly.

"You lick—?" Himuro twitched at that, not knowing how to react.

"Murasakibara-kun, that was very unhygienic. Stop it," Kuroko turned to stare at Murasakibara, seemingly mildly annoyed before he rubbed at his eye some more to clean it.

"I'm sorry. But I don't know of another way to help," Murasakibara looked rather crestfallen.

"Why are you guys here then?" Himuro asked after that, rather confused of this surreal circumstances.

"Ah, we met accidentally," Kuroko answered calmly. Then he seemed to notice something. "A coat?" He pointed at the material on Himuro's arm.

"Oh, yes," Himuro just remembered what he had come out for in the first place. "Here, Atsushi. Wear these. You're always worrying me, you big baby. You will really catch a cold, you know," he then offered the sweater and the coat to Murasakibara while reprimanding him to take care better of himself.

"Oh, thank you Muro-chin," Murasakibara smiled as he received the sweater first. He immediately wore it before he also put on the coat. "It feels so warm…" Then he patted his own body with blissful expression.

Himuro smiled tiredly at that. "You okay?" He asked a couple of minutes later. He referred the question to not only Himuro's physical state, but also his mental state since Himuro had behaved rather rudely to Murasakibara earlier because he was surprised at being suddenly kissed.

Murasakibara held on to his small smile as he nodded. "Muro-chin makes me feel better," he replied softly.

Himuro suddenly felt the heat on his face. He hoped he wasn't blushing, but Kuroko's stare on him told him that he was. That was rather embarrassing. "Um… Kuroko-kun," he then turned to the quiet boy and smiled awkwardly. "Thank you for taking care of Atsushi."

"It is okay. Murasakibara-kun has been my friend since middle school," Kuroko replied evenly.

Even though Kuroko's voice and tone sounded calm, Himuro couldn't help detecting a hint of a point that he had known Murasakibara longer than Himuro had. Or, Himuro just felt rather paranoid for some reasons.

Maybe it's because I still feel that Kuroko-kun dislikes me because I'm too close to Taiga… or because of the misunderstanding this morning?

"Kuroko-kun… about this morning... it really was an accident. Taiga is not that smart to cheat on his lover and we aren't like that, trust me. He actually puked when I kissed him," Himuro chuckled.

There was a pregnant silence after that statement, before "You… kissed him?" Kuroko asked, painfully slowly and there was that eerie shadowy thing around him as his blank blue eyes quickly turned rather stony.

Murasakibara actually stepped back several steps with a pale face while a big bead of sweat rolled down Himuro's cheeks as he felt the temperature around them drop several degrees in response to those icy blue eyes glaring at him. He didn't intend to make Kuroko mad, really, but his mouth had just moved on its own accord and screwed things up.

"Kuro-chin… scary…. Why can I see Aka-chin behind Kuro-chin?" Murasakibara actually mumbled slowly in perplexity.

"It-it was just to test something, nothing serious. It proved exactly that he was repulsed by any other guy's kiss except you, Kuroko-kun. He loves you very much." Himuro immediately explained, though he was trying to be calm despite feeling slightly frightened.

Kuroko blinked once at that and the cold feeling was somehow instantly gone. The teal haired boy was looking another way, seeming to be self-conscious despite his expressionless face.

Is he embarrassed?—Himuro couldn't help smiling in amusement. Kuroko actually looked rather adorable like that even though he didn't show it much or often.

"I just want to make sure that you feel the same way about it," Himuro continued. "I believe you love Taiga just as much as he does you."

"I can assure you, Himuro-san. Kagami is my all," Kuroko once again turned to Himuro, giving the older boy a sure gaze.

Himuro smiled nicely in approval. He guessed Kagami had found a good partner and boyfriend. He could leave the redhead to Kuroko. The bluenette would take care of Kagami just fine.

Himuro then promptly turned to face Murasakibara and smiled fondly at him. "I have to apologize for being rude to you earlier outside Maji Burger," he said, his smile turning rather sheepish. "I wasn't mad. I was just… surprised."

Murasakibara shook his head slightly. "I have to apologize too," he said, looking deeply at Himuro's visibly dark-grey eyes, somehow looking earnest. "Kuro-chin said… it was normal if Muro-chin was surprised, because Muro-chin wouldn't understand unless I told Muro-chin first," he continued.

"Tell me what?" Himuro inquired wonderingly.

"That I'm… in love with Muro-chin," Murasakibara confessed and Himuro's heart skipped a beat as he heard it. "I love Muro-chin… and I want to monopoly Muro-chin's attention… that's why I was mad when you were being so close and chummy with Kagami…"

The more Murasakibara explained, the more heat rose from Himuro's chest. By the time Murasakibara finished, Himuro had the urge to hide his flaming face with both hands, but he didn't because that was too embarrassing to be done by a guy like him.

Why was Himuro getting worked up by Murasakibara of all people?

"Maybe you've fallen for him too, but you just don't realize it."

Kagami's voice rang in his ears, and as much as Himuro didn't want to admit it, that might have been the case.


Himuro snapped back from his train of thought and focused his gaze on Murasakibara's face. The taller, younger boy looked kind of concerned. Himuro sighed in defeat as he realized that Murasakibara didn't even remotely feel embarrassed despite all the embarrassing things he had spouted earlier. He had such a simple mind. Himuro almost envied his child-like thought.

Well, that was Murasakibara's endearing trait as well, though. He looked upward at the boy's dark violet eyes deeply as well before smiling slightly. He reached out his hands to put one on each side of Murasakibara's cheeks. He slowly lowered his gaze to Murasakibara's mouth and then pulled his face closer to his own.

"So… you love me?" Himuro asked lowly, rather huskily and it was probably just Himuro's imagination, but Murasakibara's breath hitched slightly as he bent down following the hands that pulled his face down, leaning more closely to Himuro's, while his left hand planted itself on Himuro's waist and the right one on Himuro back, slowly going up to the back of his head. "Then…" Himuro was slowly closing his eyes as he tilted his face up more, before closing their distance with another kiss.

Well, this time Himuro initiated it, so he was prepared to feel that amazing feeling again as their lips met. Murasakibara's lips were even warmer this time, and they were softer and moister, unlike before, probably because Murasakibara had rehydrated, somehow.

Himuro opened his eyes slightly to see Murasakibara's reaction. The boy looked rather surprised for a moment before he immediately closed their distance again, reconnecting, and this time it was wild.

Murasakibara's tongue licked at Himuro's bottom lip and probed rather roughly, demanding entrance and Himuro relented. This time, when their tongue met once again, they battled for dominance. Himuro could taste a tea flavor with a hint of milk and chocolate and a stronger strawberry essence. It was exquisite and Himuro moaned as that slick talented organ touched everything inside his mouth.

Himuro gasped for breath but Murasakibara kept following wherever his mouth went, so it was rather difficult to get some air into his lungs. Himuro felt lightheaded, not sure if it was from the lack of oxygen or because how amazing the kiss was. He moaned again, a low guttural sound that he didn't believe he could make.

"Muro…chin…" Murasakibara sounded rather out of breath himself when he called his name lowly, almost sounding like a growl, and his eyes were unfocused. His face was flushing slightly and that view stole Himuro's heart as well as excited him further. Murasakibara looked so damn sexy like this. Himuro was curious what kind of expression Murasakibara would make in bed if his kissing face was already this good.

"Let's… let's change place…" Himuro's voice was breathy, low, and husky. He didn't want to admit it himself but… he sounded like he was inviting Murasakibara to do… more stuff.

That's when he remembered that they weren't alone. Shit! Kuroko-kun is still here?!—Himuro immediately put his hand on Murasakibara's face and pushed him away for a moment. Frantically, he looked around only to note that the other teen was already gone.

Himuro sighed in relief.

"Muro-chin?" Murasakibara asked, grabbing Himuro's hand and pulled it away from his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Atsushi. I thought Kuroko-kun was still here," Himuro huffed out a small sheepish laugh.

"Mm… Kuro-chin is quite considerate," Murasakibara mumbled with a small smile.

Himuro practically could feel himself blush as he thought that Kuroko must have seen them at some point and had decided to leave because he didn't want to interrupt. It was embarrassing, but Kuroko was very good. It was so easy to forget his presence there!

Kuroko had officially gained more respect from Himuro this time.

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

"Tatsuya…!" Kagami was very shocked as he read part of the letter that he could actually read and understand.

However, before he could think of it further, his apartment bell rang, totally surprising the redhead. Kagami hastily put the letter back inside the envelope and shoved the envelope back into Himuro's bag before he answered the door, lest it was Himuro outside his door.

Kagami opened the door "Yes?" and immediately saw white as something was instantly covering his eyes. "What the—?!"

Kagami smelt something sweet before his eyes blurred and it was black after that.


Aomine visibly smirked when the redhead's body collapsed on the floor. He was unconscious already. He gave Midorima, who had covered Kagami's face with his white –laced with chloroform- handkerchief, a thumb up. Kise stared down at Kagami on the ground with hard eyes and Takao seemed very worried with what they had done.

"How long will he be out?" Aomine asked the bespectacled green haired teen.

"Half an hour if his metabolism is normal," Midorima pushed his glasses up with his bandaged fingers.

"Well then, shall we run the operation?" Aomine smirked again more evilly now.

"He'll pay for making Kuroko-chi cry," Kise was in his rare battle mode, just like when he was serious in a basketball match; and Kise in that mode was not to be messed with.

"I still don't think this is a good idea…" Takao tried to reason again, but even Midorima wouldn't hear him at that moment.

"Tying him up to a chair will be good, don't you think? Lest he tries to run away…" Midorima suggested.

"Shin-chan…" Takao looked at his boyfriend with pale face, genuinely looking scared.

Aomine and Kise grabbed Kagami's arms, one on each side, and pulled the Seirin ace inside his apartment. Midorima followed inside and turned to face his boyfriend with a glare. "You stay outside and give us a signal if someone comes," he said before slamming the door shut on Takao's face.

Aomine and Kise had already tied Kagami to a chair which Aomine had found in the kitchen. Midorima joined them in the living room soon after, looking around the place and inspecting carefully.

"Surprisingly, Kagami's apartment is quite tidy," Midorima said slowly.

"Maybe Tetsu helps him clean this place," Aomine scoffed.

"And Kagami-chi still has the nerve to cheat on Kuroko-chi?" Kise sounded very angry.

Then Midorima's sight landed on the bag on the couch. He raised his eyebrows as his interest was piqued. He poked the purple bag around and found the name tag on one side. He almost growled as he read the name. "It belongs to Himuo Tatsuya," he actually hissed, unable to contain his displease.

"What?!" Aomine immediately marched to the couch and opened the offending bag. "It's filled with clothes…!" He scowled in total annoyance then.

"Kagami-chi lets that guy STAY in his apartment?!" Kise almost dropped his jaw again but his expression immediately turned very furious. "Kagami-chiiii!"

"Maybe we should knock his unconsciousness off with a fist?" Aomine was ready to deliver a punch when Midorima noticed something.

"Wait," Midorima looked at the opened bag and saw the white envelope. He took it and inspected it for awhile before he opened and saw the letter as well. He read the letter and widened his eyes slightly.

"What, Midorima?" Aomine seemed to be impatient to just beat the shit out of Kagami until he noticed Midorima's surprised look.

"It's about Himuro Tatsuya… apparently, he's not what we think he is," Midorima showed the letter.

"What is that, Midorima-chi?" Kise asked, looking curious.

"It's a test result," Midorima paused.

"Of what?" Aomine seemed even more impatient now.

"Himuro Tatsuya… is actually a woman."

The bomb was dropped and both Aomine and Kise instantly screeched "WHAAAAAAAAT?!" in total shock and disbelief at the unexpected news.


Takao was surprised as he heard the bloody murder shriek from inside the apartment. His thoughts had turned to the worse, and he suddenly felt that he had to save Kagami no matter what. It wouldn't do any good for his boyfriend and his friends to commit a felony like 'murder' after all.

Takao pounded at the door. "Shin-chan! Everyone! Please don't do anything stupid!" He shouted, still pounding.

A short time later, someone opened the door. It was Midorima and he looked irritated. "You're noisy, Takao! Don't disturb the neighbors! Come inside!" the taller green haired teen scowled at Takao before pulling him inside and slamming the door shut once again.

Takao panicked slightly as he frantically looked around. He immediately noticed that Kagami was still unconscious on a chair, when his eyes caught Aomine and Kise, who looked like fishes out of water. "What happened?" he couldn't help asking as he realized that the scream didn't actually come from Kagami, but from the couple beside the redhead.

"We just found out that Himuro Tatsuya is actually a girl," Midorima pushed his glasses up his nose bridge again, looking slightly perplexed himself.

"WHAT?" Now it was Takao's turn to drop his jaw. "B-but… he... he looks like a guy! He had Adam apple! His chest is flat!" He immediately protested, because there was just no way Himuro could be a woman. Even though he looked slender and pretty, his built was a man's built!

"That's the thing… in medical world; there is a disease like this. Well, it's more like a congenital condition, though. Some call it intersexuality, but in the test result that Himuro got here, it classifies him into a specific category. He suffered from hermaphroditic condition."

Half of Midorima's vocabularies went over Takao's head as he tried to digest the information. "Uh… Shin-chan, please use Earth language," he said, rather depressed that he didn't understand at all what Midorima was trying to say.

Midorima scowled again at Takao, grumbling before toning down the terminology. "Basically, Himuro has both male and female sexual organs. Although by the look of it, he had removed the woman's part. But his chromosome shows that he's an 'XX', so he's actually a woman."

"So… you said that he could be a woman if he wanted to, but he chose to be a man instead?" Takao asked again.

"From the test result, he was in hormone therapy for the past year. Maybe that was the reason why he is still in first year despite being older." Midorima said, seeming to be thoughtful all of sudden.

"Do-do you think Kagami knew about it?" Aomine suddenly asked after he seemed to have come back from his initial shock.

"Who knows? Maybe that's why he lets Himuro stay in his apartment." Midorima shrugged.

"Isn't this bad? I meant… what about Kuroko-chi?" Kise joined a short time later, but he looked like he was almost crying, seeming to be very worried.

Aomine and Midorima instantly glared at the still unconscious Kagami. "If he chose this Himuro freak over Tetsu because he's actually a woman…!" Aomine's expression was promising a painful death.

Shit!—Takao could feel the murderous aura from the GoM members and he just had to do something to keep them from committing a crime.

"Um… why don't we wake Kagami and ask him directly? It's pointless to just guess around without proof like this, right? RIGHT?" Takao was desperate.

There was a brief tense silence in the room before, "I'll get water to wake him up," Kise said before he walked into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water from the sink.

Takao nodded and sighed in relief because they would speak to Kagami now… and wouldn't harm him… maybe.


Kagami was woken up rudely as he felt cold water hitting his face. He yelped slightly and frantically looked around unfocused before he felt a strain in his body. He looked down and frowned. Why was he tied to a chair?

"You woke up."

At the sultry voice that was very familiar, Kagami looked upward and met Aomine's scowling face.

"A-… Aomine? What—?!" Then he looked around to find the angry pouting Kise and a cold looking Midorima. "What the hell is this? Why are you guys here? Why am I tied to a chair, damn it!?" Kagami roared in confusion. He was sure that he was still in his apartment, but this situation was very alarming.

What the hell happened here?!

"You don't have a right to question us here, you cheating bastard! How dare you cheat on Tetsu!" Aomine's scowl grew deeper, if it was possible, as he grabbed Kagami's collar.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Kagami was baffled at the sudden accusation. Cheating on Kuroko? Who the—him? Kagami?

"We're talking about Himuro Tatsuya, Kagami-chi! Why are you two-timing Kuroko-chi with him?!" Kise practically screamed near Kagami's ear. It was so loud that he thought his eardrum would explode from the sheer volume alone.

Kagami widened his eyes as he caught what Kise said. "Huuuuuuh?" He was very surprised and perplexed at that accusation. "Who is two timing Kuroko? Me and Tatsuya? Are you retarded? He's my brother!" Kagami exclaimed in disbelief.

"Not by blood, I presume, " Midorima narrowed his eyes as he spoke.

"Well, no, of course not, but he's like a brother to me, really!" Kagami argued.

"Like brother my ass! We saw you kiss outside, you idiot!" Aomine growled now, totally looking enraged.

"Kiss… ah! That's not what happened!" Kagami immediately cursed inwardly at Tatsuya for causing this mess. "Tatsuya was just trying to prove that guys can kiss even though they don't love each other! I actually PUKED after that. It was disgusting!" He frantically explained.

"Umm… he's telling the truth. I saw him puke while you guys were busy planning to murder Kagami earlier," Takao raised his hand. Wait, Kagami just realized that the Shuutoku point guard was there as well.

Kagami nodded frantically. "I did! I puked! Seriously!"

Aomine and Kise gave Takao a disapproving glare. Midorima also glared at his boyfriend in annoyance. "Why didn't you say so from the start, Takao?" the bespectacled green haired guy reprimanded his boyfriend.

"But, but… you guys looked so scary…!" Takao actually hid behind Kagami who was still tied to the freaking chair. Was Takao an idiot too? He couldn't seek protection from the hostage, damn it!

Why the hell am I being held hostage in my own freaking home?!—Kagami couldn't help screeching in his head at the ludicrous situation, a big bead of sweat dropping from the back of his head.

"But still! Kagami-chi made Kuroko-chi cry! It's still unforgivable!" Kise cried in stubbornness.

"That's right! What the hell did you do to make Tetsu cry, you ass!" Aomine's grip on Kagami's collar tightened and the pull was harder.

Kagami widened his eyes again at that piece of information as the shock was rather overwhelming. "Cry…? Kuroko…?!" His heart felt the weight of guilt that struck like a hammer and he paled at that. "Oh god…! That bad…?" Now Kagami wanted to cry himself, and the others seemed to notice that.

"What happened, Kagami?" Midorima had the decency to show concern now.

"I… shit—!" Kagami gritted his teeth. "I should have run after him this morning…!" He sighed dejectedly now. "There was an accident this morning and Kuroko might have misunderstood what he saw…! Tatsuya was just being a jerk and we wrestled for awhile and Kuroko must have thought that we fooled around. It was really just an accident. There's nothing between me and Tatsuya, never was and never will!"

Kise seemed to try to look for lies in Kagami's expression, but he finally sighed in relief when he didn't find any. Of course, since Kagami didn't lie.

Aomine clicked his tongue, still looking dissatisfied even though his hostility was gradually disappearing. "But you… why are you calling that Himuro guy by his first name and calling Tetsu with 'Kuroko'?" the dark-skinned boy asked, still frowning deeply.

"Eh? But— Tatsuya and I have known each other and been brothers since were kids…" Kagami looked upward at the taller guy in confusion. Anyway, what did that have anything to do with Kuroko crying?

"You are an IDIOT, Bakagami-chi," Kise pouted at Kagami and the redhead twitched at the insult the blond had thrown in his name. "Don't you ever think that Kuroko-chi might be JEALOUS? He's your boyfriend for god's sake! Of course he'll get jealous if you're being so close to another guy!"

"Ah," now Kagami had caught up with what happened. So… Kuroko was jealous of Himuro? "But… there's no point of being jealous, right? I meant… Kuroko is my boyfriend, like you said, and Tatsuya is my brother. You can't compare familial love to romantic one, you know…"

"Then try to tell Kuroko that. You two need to speak," Midorima huffed, fixing his glasses position in exasperation.

"Well, I will as soon as you guys untie me," Kagami threw a sarcastic retort after that. His arms and hands were aching now because the position was very uncomfortable.

Kise looked slightly sheepish at that, but Aomine still looked pissed. Midorima didn't seem to care and Takao was the only one who had the decency to help Kagami untie the rope.

"By the way, about Himuro… did you know that he was actually a girl?" Midorima suddenly asked and Kagami instantly remembered about the letter.

"Aaaah! That's right! The test result! What the fuck was that supposed to mean?! Why did the lab tech address Himuro as a 'Miss' and refer to him as a 'her'?!" Kagami was horrified at the thought. A girl… Himuro was secretly a GIRL? "Tatsuya HAS that thing between male legs, damn it!" He was officially freaking out.

"Calm the fuck down! There's an explanation to it!" Aomine chopped Kagami's head and while Kagami was nursing his abused top, Midorima proceeded to reveal what he had explained to the others earlier to Kagami…

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

It was nightfall when all the uninvited guests in Kagami's apartment decided to leave. Well, after making Kagami promise to call Kuroko immediately and apologize to the bluenette all the way for the misunderstanding, of course.

Kagami didn't expect to be visited by Kuroko soon after he had called him, though. He opened the door and Kuroko immediately hugged him. "Sorry," he mumbled, seeming to be regretful.

"I was the one who should apologize," Kagami stroked Kuroko's hair softly before closing the door. He brought Kuroko to sit on the couch.

Kuroko shook his head. "I… heard from Takao-kun… he said my ex-teammates ganged up on you. Are you okay?" Kuroko looked upward at Kagami's face after that, for once genuinely looking concerned.

"Well, getting tied up to a chair and being interrogated like a criminal was a new experience, though… but they didn't hurt me, not physically at least," Kagami sighed. Mentally he was quite scarred though, especially when they started talking about 'Kuroko crying' and 'Himuro being a woman', etc.

"I will make sure that they will learn their lesson the next time I see them," Kuroko's expression darkened slightly and Kagami really didn't like it when he saw that scary trait of him. Well, at least it wasn't aimed at him, but it still really felt like Akashi was there, somewhere, and it made him uneasy.

"How was your day, by the way?" Kagami asked, changing the subject while kissing Kuroko's soft hair. He still had Kuroko nestled comfortably in his arm, while his deft hands were slowly undoing Kuroko's coat and scarf.

"It was quite fun, actually," Kuroko snuggled closely to Kagami and let the taller boy work on his clothes. "We tried a lot of rides… and there's this amazing haunted mansion. Ah, and the Ferris wheel is awesome too. It is very big, and being high in the sky felt very wonderful."

Kuroko sounded kind of happy when he told the stories. Kagami was glad that he wasn't depressed all day. He had to thank those guys later for taking care of Kuroko when he was upset. "Sounds fun. Let's go there together next time," Kagami said after removing Kuroko's outer clothing. Now, the smaller teen was in his indoor clothes.

"Sure… but let's go on date with just the two of us," Kuroko said and Kagami suddenly understood why the shorter was angry in the first place. He had somehow tried to include Himuro when Kuroko was asking him on a date. Well, no wonder Kuroko was angry.

Kagami grinned slightly. "I'd like that too," he replied positively before leaning down to give Kuroko a kiss on his lips. Kuroko closed his eyes and audibly sighed as Kagami nipped at his bottom lip and he opened his mouth to let him in.

They were making out for awhile on the couch until Kagami felt the need to do more. "Stay the night…" he whispered in Kuroko's ear before licking the shell and nibbling at the corner slightly.

Kuroko gasped at that, and clenched at Kagami's clothes harder. "Eh? But… what about Himuro-san?" he asked slowly after that.

"Um… I believe he's enjoying himself somewhere…" Kagami's sweat dropped as he remembered Murasakibara and how he had kissed Himuro. He would ask for the update about their 'relationsip' tomorrow. Now Kuroko was more important.

"Ah… right. I met and talked to Murasakibara-kun on the way earlier… He said he had a fight with Himuro-san, but… Himuro-san came soon after and they were making out in public." Kuroko deadpanned as he told Kagami that.

Kagami snorted. "What… so Tatsuya finally admitted that he fell head over heels for Murasakibara," he shook his head after that.

"Kagami-kun knew?" Kuroko seemed surprised.

"Yeah, Murasakibara interrupted our bonding time and started kissing Tatsuya all of sudden in front of Maji Burger. Tatsuya was freaking out," he laughed lightly at the memory.

"From what I heard, you were the one freaking out," Kuroko huffed lightly.

"Well, they were almost doing indecent things in public. I had to stop them somehow because it was very embarrassing, you know. People were staring and I didn't want to associate with them when they were being shameless like that," Kagami sighed deeply in defeat.

"Well, then Himuro-san must be with Murasakibara-kun at this moment," Kuroko gave Kagami a kiss on his cheek.

"Don't think about them. Think about us," Kagami gave Kuroko a kiss on his neck in return. Kuroko moaned lightly as he sucked at the sensitive spot just above his vein and Kagami was getting excited by the second. He pulled back only to grab Kuroko and lifted him to his arms. "Bed," he declared and hurriedly ran to his room before closing the door.

Kuroko's cell phone was still on the couch, beeping….

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

In the mean time… the others are…

"Shin-chan, let me stay at your house tonight, neh?" Takao grinned while straddling Midorima whose glasses were loose on his nose.

"Eh?" Midorima blinked once before blushing lightly, but he looked confused as well. "Why?"

"I just want to," Takao tilted his head aside before he leaned to kiss the taller boy on the lips.

Midorima's hands were instinctively planted on Takao's hips in a surprised gesture. Takao made a pleased sound as he felt the other boy kiss back. Maybe they relationship would go somewhere this time.

As they were kissing each other, Takao's hands were roaming around Midorima's body slowly so he wouldn't alert the taller guy of what Takao had in mind

Then, Midorima's phone vibrated, but he was too preoccupied with Takao at that moment, so he didn't hear the device on the table…


Aomine was already trying to undress Kise when they stumbled onto Aomine's porch.

"Nn…! Ah, no…! Aomine-chi…!" Kise was trying to somehow stop Aomine for awhile, at least until they were inside.

"No?" Surprisingly Aomine did stop. "You don't want to?" His voice was lower, husky and Kise hitched as that voice did something strange to his stomach.

"Um… well… at least we should get inside first…" Kise blushed, fiddling with the hem of Aomine's collar. He would be lying if he said he didn't want to. After all, he really did love having sex with Aomine. He just wanted to be a little more discreet about their rendezvous.

Aomine smirked. "As your wish, Prince," he said before he swept Kise's feet off the ground and lifted him bridal style.

"Eh?!" Kise, of course yelped in surprise. But before he could protest, Aomine's mouth was already on his, kissing him deeply and blowing his mind away as the taller teen practically ran into the house.

Kise was wondering how Aomine could open the door in that kind of situation, but he just left that thought alone at the moment, putting it as one of the mysteries of the GoM members.

Aomine was even capable of removing their articles of clothing while lifting Kise and running to his bed. One by one those clothes dropped like flies on the floor and they were fully naked by the time Aomine closed the door to his bedroom.

Unheard by the two horny guys, their cell phones rang and vibrated from their pants pockets which were left in the hallway…


Murasakibara was comfortably snuggling against Himuro's naked body in the hotel bed. The older boy smiled softly at the fast asleep boy beside him. He gave Murasakibara a kiss on his hair before noticing that Murasakibara's cell phone was beeping.

The cell phone was too far away from his position and Murasakibara had established a strong hold on his waist, so he couldn't move to answer it. Well, Murasakibara could always check it tomorrow. It wasn't like the world would end if he didn't answer the phone this one time.

Himuro fell back to the pillow slowly, before snuggling Murasakibara's body as well. He looked upward at Murasakibara's sleeping face. He looked very cute like this. Himuro was glad that they could clear things up. He believed they would be happy from now on… together.

Himuro closed his eyes, not knowing what kind of storm would hit him and the others for actually ignoring that single call…

~Murasakibara x Himuro~

In Kyoto, in a certain boarding house of a private high school called Rakuzan High…

Akashi Seijuurou was looking at his cell-phone. His dichromatic eyes were boring a hole at the device on his hand. Even though his expression looked okay, there was no doubt that he was seriously pissed off.

"And I told them to answer my call in the first two rings…" Akashi mumbled slowly, venom dripping from every word he uttered. "To think that they would ignore my call…"

Luckily, Akashi didn't have a roommate, or else that roommate would have been frozen to death by only looking at Akashi's features at that moment, because he was seriously scary.

"They need to be reminded of who owns them, apparently…" Akashi chuckled darkly as he closed the lid of his cell-phone. "Daiki, Atsushi, Shintarou, Ryouta and… Tetsuya."

End of Part 5

End of Kiss Me Sweetly

Additional Note:

1)Chagashi: a kind of sweet, a snack to accompany tea in traditional tea ceremony.

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