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Chapter 1

"Are you feeling alright Sollux?"

Sollux sat quietly in the passenger seat, not uttering a word to his human mother. Sollux didn't want to talk to her for what she was doing; what she said was for his own good. He just looked away, choosing to instead look out the window.

"You're awfully quiet," his mother told him.



"... yeah, I gueth," he finally replied to his mother, to her relief.

Sollux was rather screwed up, in his parents opinions. He had quite a few 'disadvantages', as his parents called them. He was adopted, as all trolls are. Ever since he was a wriggler, he had what was called the vision twofold, the ability to see the future and the past. His parents thought was just another load of crap the troll society made up to make themselves look more impressive. It wasn't. This also made him unable to see most colours, only red and blue. His vision was fixed with the help of special glasses, which are often just confused for human 3D glasses. Without them, Sollux was pretty much blind. Other than that, Sollux was also a high level psiconic. These powers just scared his parents, although they should have expected it. He was a yellow-blood after all, and yellows almost all were born with psiconic powers. It should have been obvious.

Other than the visions and his powers, most people would think he was a pretty normal guy, except for his annoying lisp. He thought he was pretty normal too, until he started hearing voices. the voices of doom, of the ones about to die. One can only take so much of them. So, like anyone would have, he became extremely introverted, stopped going to school and eventually refused to leave his room, even for food. He would just sit at his computer all day. His parents tried to help him, but he refused. Eventually, he gave up and tried to kill himself, but his parents stopped him. Now, he was sitting in his human mothers car, heading to the Skaia Center for Mental Rehabilitation.

"Thith ith tho pointleth," Sollux whined. "How ith thith going to help me any more than the doctorth I've already theen?"

"Because, Sollux, these doctors are specially trained to help kids!"

"That doethn't mean they'll be any more help than any more of the idiotth you've made me thee." Sollux's mother shot him a disapproving glare.

"Those doctors are not idiots, Sollux."

He laughed." Well they sure don't know what they're doing. Nothing ith going to change, mom."

"How do you know?" his mother asked.

Sollux sighed. He really didn't want to explain it."Becauthe they told me."

"Who?" she really didn't understand anything.


Sollux's mother finally realized what he was saying. She shook her head out of thought, and proceeded to consult her son. "Don't listen, Sollux. They're what we are trying to get rid of," she rambled on.

"How can I not lithten if they are in my fucking head all the time?" Sollux yelled, waving his arms about frantically.

"Just... Block them, don't pay attention. But here we are!" Sollux blocked out her rambling, up until the point where the car stopped.