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We go back to Fruit Basket about a year ago before Miss Tohru Honda Appeared. Akito still had a good grasp on the zodiacs , the tiger , the sheep, the rat, thedragon, the dog, the rabbit, the ox , the infamous cat, the snake, the horse , the monkey, the boar, and the rooster. But of course... those aren't the only zodiac's , just the most well known. And this is where miss Chichirou Sohma comes in.

On a grassy hill, far away from the well known town containing many varieties of shops and a well known school known as "Kaibara Highschool" there is a girl , no more than five seemingly hiding behind a rock. The girl having short red hair with two ponytail laid angainst her head with big brown eyes , wearing a simple outfit of a blue short with a plain looking flower made of orange and yellow glitter and blue shorts. Her face turns serious as she spots a orange and red butterfly sitting on a flower just about two feet fromm the rock. Just then , the two ponytails shoot up, revealing themselves as ears and she shoots up from the rock, pouncing on it , only to have it fly off at the last second.

This is Chichirou Sohma, a fox of the Zodiac , a special kind that shows ears and a tail (( is very similair to a neko also ))often found refering herself as chi-chan. While air-headed, ditzy, and easily-distracted. She has a good heart and a fondness of making people's day.

"O-owz!" the girl said as she landed facefirst on the flower.

"Almost had it chi." said a girl with long brown hair wearing a school uniform with a violet collar around her sailer shirt with a red bow, mathcing her purple school skirt.

This is Tetra Sohma, She is the cursed dragon sohma of the zodiac and chichirou's sister. While, she can be hot-headed she has her moments here and there.

The girl sat up her ears twitching and a bushy tail revealed and wagging. "Do you weally think so sissy?" She asked her excitedly.

Tetra smiled, removing her headphones from her head "I do chi.. !" She found herself falling down as chi ran and jumped on her, hugging her giggling.

"Chi-chan wove you sissyz!" Tetra smiled sitting up, and hugging her back.

"I love you to chi... Hey Sharktooth."

Chi's ears twitched and she looked up , smiling brightly at a girl with long orange hair , wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt with a red mini-skirt.

"Titania-chanz!" Chichirou smiled as her tail wagged.

This is Titania Sohma , preferably called Sharktooth. She is the tiger of the Zodiac. She is the younger sister of Chichi, the dog of the Zodiac, While she can be shy she is kind in nature.

Titania smiled "Hey chi." A girl with long purple hair wearing a long sleeve black shirt and a grey plaid mini-skirt ,stood behind Titania smiling.


This is Chichi Sohma, The dog of the Zodiac. She can be over-protective of her sister, but is still a kind person. Not to mention athletic.

Chichi smiled "Sakuta made lunch, are you two gonna come?"

Tetra sighed "No thanks , I'll get something later."

Chi drooled slightly "f-foodz..."

Titania and Chichi giggled and Tetra kissed her head as she got up and walked over to them.

Titania waved bye to Tetra and picked Chi up and headed back toward the house as Chichi walked toward Tetra and sat down , talking to her.

Titania walked down the hill and into a forest, smiling as she glanced at a familiar sight, a beautiful waterfall and see's a girl with long red hair, wearing a red tank-top with a black jacket and jeans , lying down and staring up at the sky.

Chi looks up from Titania's head and smiles "Hi Fang-chanz!"

Fang looks up and scoffs saying mumbling "hey" before looking back up at the sky.

This is Fang Sohma. She is one of the more special zodiac's known as a devil cat, with a dark, mysterious, and depressing past. She's often shown with anger problems, but can have her moments.

Titania kept walking , until she heard a noise coming from a tree and then a small explosion is shown about ten feet away from the tree.

Chi flinches while Titania laughs. "There's Sasuno..."

A tall boy with silver hair comes out wearing a black suit from the trees waving smoke away and coughing slightly.

This is Sasuno Sohma, the silver rooster of the zodiac. He is shown to have a hobby and fondness of inventing things, which also blow-up frequently. He is said to wear suits because he finds it makes him more grown-up, although, beside being very tall, he is only seven. He also is very intelligent.

Sasuno coughed again before waving "Hey Sharktooth."

Chi smiled and popped her head up from Titania's when he walked over there. "Hi Sasuno-chanz!"

Sasuno looked up and immediatly blushed "H-Hey Chichirou."

Chi tilted her head and put her hand up to his forehead, only succeding in causing his face to turn darker red.

"Are you sick Sasuno-chanz?"

Sasuno quickly shook his head no, still blushing slightly "I-Im fine Chichirou."

Titania giggled , and walked away still carrying chi and mumbled, mostly to herself "The lizard was right, he is a little Romeo."

Sasuno blushed slightly as chichirou chirped "what is R-Romeoz?"

Sasuno glared as she laughed. "It's nothing chi."

Titania kept walking till she came upon a rather large house. Well here we are.

This is the Cursed Zodiac House, the place where the main charecters live. It is not bothered for the other members ((hiro , kisa, momiji, yuki , kyo, etc... )) believe it to be cursed.

Titania , Sasuno, and chi walked inside into the living room seeing a boy with red hair wearing a black t-shirt , with blue jeans and a green jacket sleeping on the couch.

As Titania walks off and goes to the kitchen Chi sees him and eyes widen and jumps on him.

"Naruke-chanz! Naruke-chanz! Pweaze don't diez!"

Sasuno bursts out laughing as Naruke's eyes jerk open. "Gah!"

This is Naruke Sohma, the horse of the Zodiac , also the older adopted brother of Sasuno. While he can be serious at times , he is mostly can be foolish and has a tendency to be able to take naps anywhere.

Naruke's eyes widen as he glares at chi and Chi looks at him scared slightly.

"C-Chi-chanz sowwyz." as she makes a tear-filled face ((the ones from the anime))

Naruke , is about to yell but see's someone standing at the door and eyes widen. "Yeah, I'm outta here."

Chi looks at the door and smiles brightly. "Zaki-chanz!"

See's a boy standing at the door , with black hair and a black t-shirt with black jeans, holding a book in one hand.

Zaki smiles "Hey chi." goes over to chi and pets her head.

Zaki is quiet and can keep to himself often, he is the snake of the Zodiac. He is Tetra's adopted older sister and is kind, but can be fairly frightening when angry.

Chi purrs and tail wags as she is petted , and Zaki laughs and sits on the couch reading a book.

Sasuno walks over to chi.

Chi looks over and smiles "What do you wanna do Sasuno-chanz?"

Sasuno looks down blushing faintly "I-I .. I need to work on robots.."

Chi smiles and waves walking upstairs. "Okayz , bye Sasuno-chanz!"

Sasuno smiles and goes out the door.

Chi was turned around and was running up the stairs and bumps and falls down "Owz..."

"Are you alright Chi..?" Looks up seeing a girl with long purple hair ,wearing a purple sweater and skirt.

"C-chi-chanz alright Ayuzawa-chanz"

This is Ayuzawa Sohma, the rat of the zodiac and Fang's sister. She is shown to be feared by alot of zodiac members. She is shown to argue and fight with Fang frequently.

"Alright, just be more careful."

Chi nodded and waved as Ayuzawa walked away then got up and goes to the hallway filled with rooms , with a emblem of a animal with differnet colors above each door and goes to one and opens the door.

It shows a room with a dresser and some trophy's of athletic awards and certificates hanging on the walls and shelves. On the bed is a girl with long blue hair wearing a blue and white sailor uniform and a red bow.

She looks up and smiles "Oh , hey noisy."

This is Hinara Sohma, the sheep of the Zodiac. She is kind , smart, and very athletic being on every sport's team in the school. She is Sakuta's sister.

Chi looks up urgently "Chi-chan needz... "

Hinara smirks "What is it noisy?"

Chi looks up blankly "Chi-chan fowgetz" goes outside and closes the door as Hinara laughs

"Silly and Noisy."

As Chi leaves she runs into a girl with a grey shorts, black shorts, and a grey hoodie and black hair, with orange eyes.

"G-gomensai C-Chi-san " She says as she bows and quickly goes to her room.

"I-ish otayz Haru-chanz!" She say as she gets up.

That was Haruhi Sohma, the black rabbit of the Zodiac. She is shown to have a bad past with adults and is very shy and quiet and is also shown to be very quick.

Chichirou goes to another door and opens it revealing many musical instruments, and musical awards and ceritificates.

"Bosanova-chanz!" Chi calls to a girl with short red hair wearing a white sun-dress , writing in a book.

Bosanova looks up "Whats wrong chi?"

Bosanova is the cat of the zodiac and is kind and sweet in nature . She is shown to have a fondness of taking care of gardens'.

"Chi-chan cawme hewe to do somethingz , but she can no wemembewz."

Bosanova smiles and sweatdrops . "Sorry Chi, I dont know."

Chi nods and closes the door "Okayz, bye Fang-chanz."

Goes to go downstairs btu bumps into someone and falls down, again.

"Sorry Chi, are you ok?"

Chi looks up and nods "Chi-chan is fine Tamayo-chanz." She said as she looked at the boy with a dark green t-shirt with a blue logo , weariing blue jeans.

This is Tamayo, the boar of the Zodiac. He is kind and gentle, with a fondess of playing his guitar.

Tamayo picks her up smiling and sets her back up and pets her head, and laughs as she purrs.

"See you later chi.." As Tamayo walked away a tall figure with long white hair in a black dress and cloak came behind Chi.

"I believe you are here because Sakuta has made food... Is that not correct?"

This is Renge,the cow of the zodiac. She is calm and kind, not to mention she is the oldest and wisest of the cursed zodiacs., but gets' angry easily at certain people.

Chi eyes widen and nods smiling and hugs her around the legs. "Thank you Renge-chanz!"

Renge smiles softly. "You'r welcome lil' one...

Chi runs downstairs to the kitchen where a girl with golden hair in a pony-tail is serving plates of food , wearing a red tank top, and tan jeans.

Chi smiles and goes to Sakuta and tugs on her arm. "May chi-chanz hawve somez."

This is Sakuta, the golden monkey of the Zodiac. She is very shy and quiet at both school and home, though none-the-less kind. She is eaither cooking or playing with her red monye Roho. She is shown to say yes often by simply smiling.

Sakuta smiles and hands her a plate nodding.

Chi's tail wags and takes it and goes to the living room as the door opens.

"We're back"


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