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Chapter 10

Late October

Huh? What?

I open my eyes to find Louis standing over me after having shaken me awake. I scowl at him. It's Saturday after all. It's a day to sleep in.

"It's the Gryffindor-Slytherin Quidditch match today."

Oh, yeah. Boys and their sports. Well, I know the game doesn't start right away… I reach out and grab Louis' hand, tugging so he tumbles onto the bed next to me. I let go of his hand to pull his face close for a kiss. Like all our kisses recently, it gets heated quickly. Because, as much as it may bug me when other girls stare, he really does have a hot body. And when we're like this I can feel the muscles flexing under my hands. Yum.

He's the first to pull away, like always. I have little to no restraint when it comes to him. Not that I'm ready to go much further, I just really enjoy making out with him. Or snogging as the Brits would say. I love that word. Snogging. Such a funny word. He pulls my hands away, holding them between us.

"'Rora, not a good idea."

I huff before leaning in to kiss him again, lightly this time. I do know he's trying to be a gentleman, but sometimes I wish he wouldn't try so hard. Taking pity on him, I pull away and roll off the bed to get dressed. I could have climbed over him, but he hadn't taken too kindly to that last time. Apparently, cold showers are quite uncomfortable.

I know, I know. I'm a tease, but he makes it so easy. And he's the one that keeps stopping us. I don't feel so bad when he's leaving me horny too.

I don't try to tease as I get dressed though. I know he's got his eyes closed, so it doesn't much matter anyway. I don't dress provocatively either. One, because it's uncomfortable, but also because it is too dang cold out to be showing any skin besides my face.

Hmm. That actually makes me feel better. I guess I'm only really a tease when it comes to kissing. Does that even count then?

Anyway, I finish bundling up for the game and tap him on the shoulder. He opens his eyes to see me with barely more than my eyes showing.

He starts to laugh.

I pull my scarf down to stick my tongue out at him.

"How are you not used to the Scotland winters yet? You've been living here every winter since you were eleven."

It's not my fault I have to body fat to keep my warm.

I've taken to keeping an extra notebook stashed in my coat pocket for when I don't have my book bag with me. It comes in handy.

He just shakes his head at me before motioning to the door. "After you, my lady."

I curtsey to him before going downstairs. I can hear his laughter behind me.

After climbing out of the portrait hole, I reach for Louis' hand. He pulls away at first. That sounds bad, but we haven't told anyone we're together yet. We're just enjoying being together. I snag his hand again and gesture around. He looks and realizes what I'd already seen; there's no one around to see us. They're all at the pitch already.

As we head downstairs, I half listen to him rambling on about the odds for the game. Before this game had gotten close, I hadn't realized he was such a Quidditch fan. It must be genetic though as all the boys and most of the girls of the Weasley-Potter clan have been going on about this game for weeks.

I finally squeeze his hand a bit, and he pauses to look down at me. (Have I mentioned how much I love that he's taller than me? Whenever he holds me, I feel all safe and warm.)

"Right, you don't really care. I'll be shutting up now."

I smile, shake my head, and go up on tiptoe to brush my lips against his, barely a kiss.

I care because you care. But I don't really need to hear all the odds of this and that.

What I don't think he realizes is that this will be only my second Quidditch game ever. I went to the first one my first year, but once I realized it was just like Muggle sports, I lost all interest. I only agreed to go because he wants me there.

As we reach the ground floor, I pull Louis away from the front doors and head off towards the kitchens. I haven't eaten yet, and I'm starting to get hungry.

Once he realizes where we're heading, he grins sheepishly, saying, "Oh, yeah. Sorry, forgot you weren't at breakfast."

Oh really? Am I that forgettable?

He's got that deer-in-the-headlights look perfect. "No. No. Not at all. It was just crazy hectic and you're so quiet, I mean, duh, of course you're quiet, but you normally nudge me or whatever and you weren't there so I wasn't getting nudged and—"

I lean up and kiss him gently to stop his babbling. Smiling, I pat his cheek lovingly and shake my head at his foolishness.

"Wait. Does that mean I'm not in trouble?"

I pretend to think, but he gets that scared look again, and I take pity and nod. He smiles, relieved.

After our pit-stop at the kitchens, we reach the pitch just in time. Louis leads me to his family's regular seats, where there is just enough room for us, before dropping my hand, making it appear as though he was making sure I didn't get lost in the crowd. At least, that's what everyone must have thought as no one made any comments about it. Or they may have just not noticed; with the game starting, everyone's attention was riveted on the field.

I'm not even going to attempt to explain what's happening on the field as I have no clue what it would be that'd I'd be explaining. Mostly, I'm just watching Louis' face and marveling at how excited he gets about a game.

Partway through the game, Louis finally speaks to me. "Did you see that, 'Rora? That was a beautiful shot. Absolutely beautiful."

I just shake my head, in answer as well as in disbelief at his comment.

James chooses that next moment to speak. "Did you just call Aurora 'Rora, Louis? And she let you?"

He's obviously remembering me punching him for using that same nickname earlier in the year. I have no clue how to answer that without announcing what Louis and I are to each other, so I just shrug and smile coyly.

"That's not fair! How come he can call you that and I can't?"

Louis saves the day with his response. "She just likes me better than she likes you. Isn't it obvious? You can be quite obnoxious after all."

James pretends to take serious offense at that, turning up his nose and facing away from us, but everyone can tell he's faking it.

The match is finally over, and Gryffindor has beaten Slytherin by a slim twenty points. It's time for lunch now, so the clan all heads to the Great Hall to eat.

Sitting down at the Gryffindor table, I end up on Louis' right with Lily on his other side. I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation as it was all surrounding the game and I didn't understand half of what they were saying anyway. Instead, I occupy myself with trailing my hand up and down Louis' thigh under the table where no one can see. Just as I'm getting near the top of his thigh, Lily leans into him and whispers something I can't hear in his ear. Combined with my hand being where it was, he blushes crimson.

Suddenly, everyone in the family is focused on him. The questions start flying.

"What happened?"

"What'd you say, Lily?"

"Does this have something to do with the girl that's been making you so happy the last few weeks?"

"Wait, there's a girl?"

"Who's the girl?"

"Has she been vetted?"

On and on it goes, never leaving enough time for Louis to actually answer any of the questions. That's probably a good thing though as I don't think he is coherent enough to believable lie right now.

I decide to rescue him though.

Louis, you forgot that thing we have to plan, didn't you? We still need to do that this afternoon.

"Oh, yeah, that. Oi, we've got Heads' business to conduct. We'll see you lot at dinner."

Back in the Heads' dorms

So, what was it that Lily said?

"Oh, nothing."

I raise an eyebrow at him skeptically.

He tries to stare me down, but fails. "Oh, all right. She was asking me if you were wearing the scarf to hide a hickey. But that wasn't why I was blushing." He gets a bit accusatory now. "I was blushing because of where your hand was."

I give him a fake innocent smile, tilting my head and batting my eyelashes at him.

"Well, you do know, you can't just do that and not give anything more."

I know. Why do you think I did it?

There's no more talking after that as a heated snogging session commences.

That evening

Sadly, on our way to dinner, there is no hand holding, as the corridors are just crowded enough for plenty of people to see us, but not so crowded that no one would notice our hands.

That is why, when a fourth year boy trips me, I fall flat on my face, barely catching myself in time to avoid breaking my nose against the floor.

As Louis is helping me up, I hear the boy start taunting me. "What? The poor little mute girl can't even make a sound when she's in pain? How'd you make Head Girl anyway? It's not like you can do your job without talking. McGonagall probably just felt sorry for you."

I feel Louis' hands leave my arms, and before I can stop him, he is jinxing the boy to kingdom come. I let him continue for a bit before stopping him. After all, while I may not condone that sort of behavior by the Head Boy, I do condone such behavior done by my boyfriend.

I tug Louis along, heading for dinner. I just want him to forget the incident. Things aren't that easy though.

"Are you alright? You do know that was completely uncalled for, right? You're a great Head Girl and—"

I squeeze his bicep to shut him up before putting a finger to my lips in a hushing gesture. I really just want him to drop it. It's not like I haven't had to deal with it before. And it doesn't hurt so badly when I have Louis. He's a great friend and boyfriend, and he hasn't bugged me about talking since the first day we met.

It really hasn't been that long, yet it feels like an eternity since then. He's been so great about everything. I just hope one day I can repay him.

Maybe one day, I will speak for him.

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