"Look, it's Auntie Jean!" Bill and Charlie were yelling. They ran toward Hermione and almost knocked her to the ground.

"I thought her name was Hermione," Fred whispered loudly to George.

"Maybe it's an alias," George suggested. "Aunt Hermione was in the war, maybe it's her super-cool spy name."

"It's mostly to drive Aunt Muriel crazy," Hermione said gravely to the twins who accepted this as a perfectly reasonable explanation.

"Oh, well that's all right then," they said with wide grins.

"We missed you, Auntie Jean," Bill said with a frown. She hugged him tightly and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

"I missed you, too, Bill," Hermione said firmly. She hugged and kissed Charlie, and she grabbed Percy who was lurking to the back and pulled him forward to hug and kiss him as well. "Oh, I missed all of you. Well, not Ron and Ginny because they weren't born yet, but the rest of you for sure."

"Come and see Mum," Bill urged her, tugging on a hand. "She's been going mental since Uncle Fabian and Uncle Gideon flooed to tell us you were coming."

Hermione entered Prewett's Folly a little nervously, uncertain of her reception, but she shouldn't have worried. Molly almost attacked her, hugging her and crying on her. Hermione patted her back awkwardly and threw a horrified glance at Fabian and Gideon who shrugged helplessly and tried to extract their witch from their sister's clutches. Ginevra and Cincinnatus both gave her fierce, tight hugs. The Prewett family, which included the Weasleys, had already considered Jean MacDougall family and they were devastated when Fabian and Gideon's fiancée had gone missing during the war. So many wizards and witches were disappearing or being murdered that it was an incredibly frightening time for everyone.

"Fabian and Gideon explained about you needing to use a different name for the work you were doing," Ginevra said quietly, with a gentle pat on Hermione's arm.

"So what does Hermione Longbottom, the real betrothed of my sons actually look like?" Cincinnatus Prewett asked curiously. Hermione blushed and removed the glamor.

"You're even prettier this way Auntie Jean," Charlie said loyally. Fabian looked at his nephew with a speculative eye.

"Are you trying to steal our witch?" He asked Charlie. The boy blushed bright red and shook his head.

"Oh Fabian, don't tease him," Hermione said firmly. She smiled sweetly at Charlie and he smiled shyly back.

The afternoon passed pleasantly for everyone and it gave Hermione the opportunity to catch up on everything that had happened while she was gone. She had remembered that Fabian and Gideon were now Professors, but she hadn't thought to question that. Her betrotheds were team teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts and Bill and Charlie both chattered about how great they were. Hermione was proud of both of her wizards, and she knew that she was most likely responsible for their decision to make sure that there were no more half-trained wizards like the group of boys she'd tried to train. It made sense to her, too. As Fabian and Gideon had explained, battle magic was the specialty of the Prewett family. Magical warriors such as they made for the logical choice for DADA professors. Headmaster McGonagall had evidently felt the same way. That was weird, even to think in her head let alone say it out loud: Headmaster McGonagall.

Mother had already filled in the other information. Her brother Frank and her sister-in-law Alice had gone back to the Aurors and had been instrumental in the Final Battle where they believed they were exacting vengeance for her death. Her boys, the Marauders, had fought well and had proven themselves a thousand times over. Sirius and James were well-respected Aurors. Sirius and Remus lived together in a house that Uncle Alphard had paid for, and Remus worked on Werewolf legislation. Harry Potter was a happy, carefree little boy who had grown up on stories about his famous godmother, Hermione Longbottom. That had been another shocker: she was Harry Potter's godmother. Following that little nugget of information, Sirius had felt it necessary to waggle his eyebrows at Hermione and make several ridiculous comments about their shared status.

"So, Hermione," Molly was saying with a wide smile. Hermione blinked and tried to look as though she'd been paying attention the entire time. "How do you feel about the garden right here at Prewett's Folly?"

"Oh, I think it's lovely," Hermione said firmly. Fabian snorted in amusement and leaned toward her.

"She means for a wedding, love," he explained. Hermione froze.

"Er, you'll have to discuss that with Mother," Hermione said faintly. "I believe she has very strong feelings about that, and I'd hate to upset her right now."

"I shall invite Augusta to tea," Ginevra Prewett decided firmly. Hermione smiled faintly.

"Wonderful," she murmured politely.






"Wake up!" Gideon yelled and then he leapt into the bed. Hermione sat bolt upright, her eyes wide as she looked at Gideon in shock.

"What in the world was that for?" Hermione demanded tartly.

"Do you feel any different?" Fabian asked curiously. Hermione frowned and then she blushed.

"No," she said after a moment.

"Not oppressed or restricted?" Gideon pressed with a cheeky grin.

"Maybe owned?" Fabian suggested with a dark look in his deep blue eyes.

"Do you feel like chattel?" Gideon asked curiously. Hermione rolled her eyes and hit him with her pillow.

"No," she said firmly.

"That's excellent news, Mrs. Prewett," Fabian said with a smug smile of male satisfaction that Gideon echoed.

"I do feel something," Hermione said suddenly, her face taking on a peculiar look. Both Fabian and Gideon looked worried.

"What is it?" They asked urgently.

"I sense…," she paused dramatically, "impending widowhood if you two don't leave me alone and let me get dressed."

"Oh, but love, it's our duty, nay our obligation to help dress you," Fabian protested. Gideon nodded, his eyes on the swell of her breasts.

"Yes, ancient pureblood wedding customs," Gideon said absently as he leaned toward her chest.

"That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard," she said laughing and then gasping as Gideon acquired his target.

"I am hurt by your insinuations," Fabian said sadly, looking at her with an adorable pout on his lips. She pulled him toward her and kissed him lightly, but it soon degenerated into a hot, deep kiss that seemed to lick along her nerves.

"Oh very well, maybe we could stay in a bit longer," she said once Fabian released her mouth.

"Excellent plan, Hermione," Gideon murmured as his lips strayed down her ribcage.

"Knew she was a smart girl," Fabian agreed before he leaned forward and captured her lips again.






"Good morning, students. As you know, I am Potions Mistress Prewett, and I shall be your instructor. Please hold your questions until the end. As first years we shall begin with basic theory and gaining an understanding of different ingredients and their reactions to one another. How many of you are familiar with muggle Chemistry? Excellent."

The group of first year students was entranced, just as every year was, Headmistress McGonagall thought with no small amount of irritation. Professor Prewett was an amazing Potions Mistress who should honestly be working in a private research institute somewhere, but because of her handsome husbands she was here, at Hogwarts. Minerva had been nervous at first to hire this young woman that she did not know, but so many recommendations had come to her, from so many different sources that she had had no choice. Not that she regretted her choice. In the ten years since she had originally hired Hermione Prewett, the Potions program had exploded at Hogwarts. Her NEWTs students consistently turned out superior research projects and she had a large number of students who did go on to work at prestigious private institutions. Professor Prewett had been published in Potions Today several times, and she was a feather in Hogwarts cap. Headmistress McGonagall smiled to herself. There was another subtle benefit to having the Prewetts at Hogwarts, especially for her muggleborn students. The Prewett twins were happy to explain why they team-taught to anyone who asked, and they explained the nature of magical twins in a way that made it easy for the students to understand. Then, too, they provided hope for magical twins that they too would be able to find someone who understood their situation and could love the both of them. She knew that many girls had gone to Hermione over the years, to ask her opinion if they happened to like a set of twins, or if a set of twins liked them. She nodded again to herself and slipped quietly out of the potions classroom to continue toward her office.

"Minerva!" A worried looking Augusta Longbottom was hurrying toward her.

"Augusta! What on earth are you doing here?" Minerva asked in surprised.

"The girls are missing," Augusta explained, panic tightening her features.

"And you think they may have come here?" Minera realized. Augusta nodded.

"Of course, they love it here, it's impossible to keep them at the Estate when all of their cousins are here," Augusta said drily.

A feminine giggle drifted from an alcove followed by a shushing noise. Fred and George's heads turned automatically toward the sound. They grinned at one another and crept toward the alcove. On a silent count of three, they grabbed two little girls and pulled them out of the alcove. The girls shrieked and automatically kicked their would-be kidnappers, until they realized that it was their cousins Fred and George. Then they squealed and hugged them. The two seventh years stared at the tops of their eight year-old cousins' heads and then looked at one another.

"Andromache, Hippolyta, does your mum know you're here," Fred asked cautiously.

"No, silly, we're supposed to be at Grandma's house," Andromache said with an imperious sniff. She tossed her dark red hair over her shoulder and looked slightly haughty. Fred and George exchanged another uneasy look. Then they shrugged and grabbed Andromache and Hippolyta and dragged them towards the DADA classroom.

"Nooo!" wailed Hippolyta. "We want to play!"

"You are so mean, George," Andromache said angrily.

"Have you seen your mum on the warpath?" Fred asked pointedly. "That is one scary witch, and I, for one, like all my bits where they are."

Fred and George knocked politely on the door of their Uncles' classroom. Life at Hogwarts with relatives who knew one's tricks could be trying. All the Prewetts' classrooms had special wards to prevent pranking. It was impossible to get one over on Aunt Hermione or Uncle Fabian and Uncle Gideon. The worst though was the slightly disappointed look on Uncle Fabian and Uncle Gideon's faces, as though they hadn't tried hard enough or something. This particular class was the fifth year Gryffindors, and they noticed their brother Ron, their Aunt Hermione's godson, Harry Potter, and her nephew Neville Longbottom. That sort of made him their cousin. That's the way they treated him anyhow.

"Fred? George?" Fabian said in surprise, glancing at them. They gave him a shrug and fully entered the room so that they could see the squirming red-headed bundles in their arms.

"Oh for the love of Merlin," Gideon said in a disgusted voice. "Does your mother know you're here?"

Both girls stopped squirming immediately and looked ashamed. Just then the door to the classroom flew open and a panicked Hermione raced in and flew straight to her husbands.

"Mother says that the girls are gone," she panted, clutching Fabian's robes. Fabian's arms automatically came around her and he patted her soothingly.

"They're right there," he said, nodding toward Fred and George who still had a firm grasp on each girl who now looked slightly scared and penitent.

"Hey, Auntie Jean," George said cheekily. Hermione rolled her eyes at him and sighed.

"Thank you both," she said quietly. They released the girls and left the classroom quietly, pleased to have escaped the wrath of Aunt Hermione, which was just as bad as their Mum's. Then she turned her gaze on the red-headed girl twins who gulped nervously and stared at their mum.

"Class dismissed," Fabian and Gideon said in unison. The fifth years took the chance to kip out early eagerly and soon it was just the Prewetts in the DADA classroom.

"You frightened your grandmother," Hermione said quietly, watching her daughters. They sighed and scuffed the floor with their shoes. "I can only assume there is an amazing reason for that, and I now wait with bated breath to be educated."

"We," Andromache began and looked at Hippolyta who nodded firmly. "We missed you, all of you."

"You'll be here soon enough, little loves," Fabian said gently. "And then you'll wish that you were at home."

"But," Hippolyta said hesitantly. Hermione sighed heavily and crouched down so that she was at eye level with her daughters.

"Grandmother Longbottom loves you both very much," Hermione said gently. "It would kill her if either one of you were hurt. Please don't run away from her again."

"Yes, Mummy," the girls said in unison.






"Hurry up, Harry!" Andromache called urgently. Harry hurried down the hall, skidding slightly on the carpet and swearing under his breath.

As a boy, he'd never looked twice at his godmother's pretty daughters with their dark red hair and their deep blue eyes, but all of that had changed when they'd come back from a couple of years abroad doing research potions work in Russia. Andromache and Hippolyta Prewett had grown into incredibly beautiful women whose features were a blend of their mother and their fathers. They'd also been the most ridiculously well-protected witches in the British wizarding world. They had eight male cousins when you put together the Weasley boys and the Longbottom boys; added to that were their two dads, two uncles, and almost the entire Auror department who was made up of people who knew and liked Hermione including his dad and his dad's friends. The girls had almost been forced out of country so they could date in peace. Unfortunately, they suffered the same problem that many magical twins suffered until they'd returned and run into their mother's godson at a family function. They'd known the moment they'd seen him, and they'd told their mother that night. Poor Harry had never had a chance.

"Harry!" Andromache's voice sounded slightly panicked and Harry hit his shoulder painfully on the doorjamb as he hurtled himself into the room.

"I'm here!" He gasped, the bag slung over his shoulder. Hippolyta was sitting on the edge of their bed and her face looked strained and pale. She got to her feet carefully, and Harry was instantly at her side, supporting her with an arm around her waist.

They arrived at St. Mungo's and Harry and Andromache steered Hippolyta toward the maternity ward. His wife was breathing with a curious focus and determination, her pale face filled with concentration. A slender healer with black hair pulled back into a utilitarian braid and clear grey eyes smiled at them. Hermione Black-Lupin had been named in honor of her godmother, and had grown up as part of the extended family that was comprised of the Potter, Black, Lupin, Prewett, Longbottom and Weasley families.

"Thank Merlin it's you, Junior," Harry said with a sense of relief. Her lips tightened slightly.

"I really hate that nickname," she muttered at him. He grinned at her. He knew that, that had been why he'd used it. Then she looked at Hippolyta and her professional side came to the front. "Let's get you into your room, Hippolyta."

"This is all your fault, you bastard!" Hippolyta screamed at him. Andromache waved at him and he retreated to the waiting area where his dad was grinning cheerfully.

"It seems only yesterday your mum was screaming the same thing to me," he confided quietly. Sirius and Remus looked slightly nervous. They'd never had to scream anything at one another. They had hired a very nice surrogate to carry Hermione for them.

"I'm just going to go in for a moment," Hermione murmured absently. Fabian and Gideon exchanged fond looks and they each pressed a kiss to her brow.

"Mum," Hippolyta said faintly as she panted through a contraction.

"You're doing splendidly, 'Lyta," Andromache said softly, her gentle hands kneading the muscles in her twin's back.

"Harry left," Hippolyta said, sounding forlorn. Hermione hid a smile.

"I think he feared for his life," she said quietly as she smoothed the damp hair off of her daughter's forehead and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

"Idiot," Hippolyta said with a snort. Andromache rolled her eyes from the safety of her position. "Don't you roll your eyes at me, Andromache Potter!"

"I'll just go get Harry," Hermione murmured with a small smile for both girls.

Charlus James and Cincinnatus Sirius were possibly the most beautiful little boys in the world. Lily and Hermione agreed that it was so, and no one dared to oppose them. Each proud grandmother held one of her precious grandsons and each woman had a small cluster of men surrounding her. Harry, James, Sirius and Remus were cooing gently over Lily's shoulder and Fabian and Gideon were gazing with misty-eyed wonder at their grandson in Hermione's arms.

"Still mad that we married you?" Fabian whispered gently so as not to wake his grandon.

"Don't be ridiculous," Hermione said with a sniff. Then she smiled at the small bundle in her arms and felt her heart swell in her chest.


A/N: In case you're wondering, the girls were named after Amazon Queens. I thought it was fitting with my perception of the Prewett family as fighters. (In my defense, Fabian and Gideon are both warriors. Fabian was a Roman warrior and Gideon was biblical.)