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Broken, but Far away


Far Lands were, indeed, a weird place. Unexplored on its majority, it ended up becoming the lair of many kinds of different creatures, from the normal mobs, both aggressive and passive, who found shelter in the infinite tunnels of "The Loop" and in the floating platform of "The stack", to weird ones, glitched and broken that weren't able to leave the place permanently and, to be honest, did not want to.

Those glitched and broken mobs were the most interesting bit of the Far Lands, and, o f course, were the ones the Players couldn't see. Those mobs lived in the Great Far Lands (alternatively called Broken Far Lands by more poetic creatures), the part of the Far Lands that existed between every single world and server and connected the whole world of Minecraftia. Trying to access it using the endermen trick and the Great Commands simply broke the Game, as the Players call the Dream, and so, the only way to see them was walking to it, but that would take far too long for most Players (Indeed, there were tales of brave Players who tried to reach this place, but those were exceptions) resulting in no one ever seeing the weird creatures of this place.

In those Broken Far Lands, it was common for a group of mobs to form communities that could have even billions of members, who lived in peace, only bothered by the attack of other mob communities. It was pretty much like the servers of the Players, but bigger, more disorganized and without so many griefers.

There were so many of those, that one would spend their entire live trying to list them all and there were always more, so we are going to focus in only one. A small mob community that didn't have more than ten thousand mob and that was located between a server called "EternalMinecrafters"(1) and a single player world called "Survival?Me?Hows that possible!"

This community, despise being small, had a very efficient organization for wars, a big and organized military, in which each member of the "village" (Lets call these communities villages, after all, we don't want to exclude the testificates, very important mobs)had its job. There were many ranks and classes. The ranks aren't too important but the classes are, they basically were divided in five groups, "Close ranged warriors" that fought in close distance, like zombies and silverfish; "Long ranged warriors" that was the case of Skeletons and spider Jockeys, "Breakers", defective mobs that had dislocated hit boxes and were put to fight first because of that; "Engineers", who were defective as well and had a surprising ability with Redstone and battle strategy. All the commandants were given this title. Finally, there were the "Freakers", that were all what was left out in this classification. They were defective mobs whose only talent was to freak out humans (Hence the name) with their horrifying appearance, unsettling sounds or twisted battle strategies. Curiously enough, all the ghasts were a put in a separate and unofficial rank, without name and their mission was to help evacuating the place in case they lost a battle or there was an emergency. Also, they helped finding hurt mobs when something catastrophic happened.

In this village, particularly, we have the creatures we will be following in this adventure. There are many, of course, but for now, let me present just two.

Lyra was a hybrid between a human and a creeper, more creeper than human, to be honest. Her skin was a sick greenish gray tonality, her face had the typical sad expression of her species, she had frail, green hair and her back was weirdly bended forwards, in a position between a quadruped and a biped. She was someone naturally scared and tense, that depended on her brother for most things, but with a good nature, caring towards those who she knew, but extremely suspicious of any strangers. A creeper in everything, and only human of her looks and in the fact she could speak their language (Although the accent from her own language was still present).

The next creature to be presented here is Iny, Lyra's little brother. He was an albino creeper, thing that was quite common to find there. He was known for being an excellent archer, despise his slowness with the moves, his aim was perfect, and for his rigid determination. He was someone cold and serious by nature, and even cruel to some. Iny spent his nights in deserts outside the Far Lands to train his aim and only came back home by morning. Some say that he would spend his whole day if he could and only came back to avoid burning to death (The game seemed to process his sensibility to sun by making him burn in sunlight…) and to take care of his sister, that he cared for despise treating her coldly.

Curiously enough, Iny had always been mortally scared on TNT and explosions, even if he wouldn't admit it and that was the motive he preferred to use bow and arrow, other mobs said that the motive he was scared was the fear that he couldn't explode properly and ended up like his sister, with burns inside of his body.

Now you know a little more about our protagonists, we should really start our story. I could go for years talking about the small details of the organization of this village and the paper each creature has on it, but this would probably bore you deeply and so, I will let the story talk for itself.


It was a very cold morning in the Far Lands, most mobs were either just waking up or were going to sleep, everything seemed calm and perfectly peaceful. Among the mobs that had just woken up, there was Lyra. She was calmly walking to the portal block his brother usually used to teleport to near a desert.

The creeper hybrid wanted to get there as fast as possible so she wouldn't miss his arrival and so she barely stopped to talk with anyone on her way. She sprinted through the biomes on the way there as fast as she could, taking care not to fall through Fake Chunks and not to get stuck on the annoying invisible blocks, on which you could step, but you couldn't leave.

It took nearly one hour for her, but she finally reached the place. It was a big snow biome, the portal was placed near a torch shaped mountain and just below a floating block with a tree, relatively easy to find. Lyra sat on the snow and put herself to wait. She had arrived early, but Iny would soon be there.

The hybrid watched the floating portal block for a short while before it started to emit particles, signalizing the arrival of Iny. Excited, she stood up.

"Good morning, brother!" She greeted happily as Iny finally appeared and landed in the soft snow.

He didn't reply, simply looked at her and nodded. Lyra knew very well that this meant a "nice to see you again".

Iny started to walk back to the direction of their home and Lyra followed behind. It was indeed a very cold morning and the snow didn't help it at all.

"Iny, will you go to train with the others today, too?" Lyra asked cheerfully, despise already knowing the answer. She always asked the exact same question every day and by now, it was a habit of hers.

"Hum? Yes, I will just eat and then go with them. You can go out with your friends if you want to, nothing binds you home when I am not there" Was his answer. The usual one.

Lyra nodded. She didn't mind being left alone home, after all, her brother had a lot of things to do and apparently another village wanted to start a fight (At least that was what she understood from what Iny had told her). Maybe she could try to visit Rana or even Catherine, if she was in a good mood and without any guests…guests were scary and untrustworthy…

They spent the rest of the way home looking at the familiar landscape without saying a word to each other.


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This is a ficticious server. If there is any server named that, it is pure coincidence uvu The single player world mentionated is my own Minecraft world uvu

Please, note that Iny and Lyra are speaking the creeper language when they talk. The human language won't be used too much in this story, as it focus on the mobs.