Hello everyone! This is the rewritten version of this story.

*I've added in some a few more dramatic, and nondramatic events

*I've fixed grammar and dialogue errors

*I'm using only their last names, unless it's in dialogue.

*I hope you all enjoy it, new and improved!

Temperance Brennan looked out the window of her social worker's car, watching rural Pennsylvania zoom past her eyes. She'd been in the car for ages, already halfway finished with her current read. She absent-mindedly looked up from the window, and caught her social workers eye in the mirror. She quickly averted her eyes to the white trash bag full of her belongings, when her social worker spoke.

"Now Temperance I want you to try your very best to communicate with the Robinsons. They have a very good history with foster children, they've housed more than ten children to the age of eighteen. The worst offense either of them have are speeding tickets from six years ago; no abuse and no violence, they're nothing like the Averys."

Brennan's eyes went dark at the mention of her previous foster parents, Jason and Miranda Avery.

"That's exactly what you told me when you took me to the Avery's house. You said they'd be nothing like the Hawkins." Brennan spat, "I'm getting tired of hearing the same story Danielle, you always say the family you're driving me to is going to be better than the last, when, in reality, they're just getting worse and worse."

Danielle watched Brennan aim her eyes back out the window, her heart had broken time and time again for the poor girl, but this time it just completely shattered. Brennan had just turned sixteen, she'd had barely been in the system for a year, and right now she was on her way to her thirteenth home. Danielle had been her social worker since the beginning, and of the twelve homes she had placed Brennan in so far, she had to remove her from eight of them for physical abuse, two for finding her malnourished, one because the mother of the house had died and the father of the house just couldn't afford all the kids anymore, and most recently, from the Avery's house, for being both physically abused by the parents Miranda and Jason, and for being sexually abused by both Jason and his son, Evan.

Dani hoped and prayed that the Robinsons would be a good family for Brennan. Mark Robinson was a retired US Marine who currently works as a nurse at a local hospital, and Stacey Robinson is a behavioral therapist. They have one biological child, a six year old daughter, Brooklyn, and an adopted son named Lance who was in the same grade as Brennan. They live in a six million dollar estate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and sent every child in the house to a private school. Brennan would be the only foster child in the house for now, unlike every other home where she'd been one of many foster children.

Dani looked in the rearview mirror at Brennan, only to discover that the girl had her nose buried in a book. She knew Brennan was an extremely bright child, having gotten straight A's her entire school career. She also used to be a volleyball star, she'd been offered a full ride scholarship to Penn State as a freshman, but broke her ankle in a game as a sophomore. With this topic on her mind, Danielle spoke up.

"Temperance do you think you're going to play volleyball this year?" Danielle asked, "I know Penn State offered to hold your scholarship if you play this year." she said, looking in the mirror to discover that Brennan had actually put down her book to think about how to word her answer.

"I'd like to," Brennan said "It just depends on how heavy my workload is for school this year, and if the Robinsons will allow me to play." Brennan said, she opened her mouth to continue, but was cut off Dani's GPS telling them to make a right turn into the gated community that held the estate Brennan would soon be living in.

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