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o1 - Sandwich

Yuki heard his stomach growl as he laid against the soft cushions of the living room couch. Fortunately, there was no one around to hear it. His grandmother had gone out hours before for work. And Haru had left for outside only a few moments before. Yuki thought of him absently while he stood up then dawdled to the kitchen, opening up the fridge.

The alien boy was always causing trouble, saying things he shouldn't, and doing things that might have been minimally offensive. Yuki might go out and check on him in a moment– after he made something to eat. In fact, he decided it might be better to make two sandwiches, one for Haru, too. That might make him happy.

The orange-haired boy searched through the fridge, gathering up a bag of bread, lettuce, ham, and cheese into his arms, then set them out on the kitchen counter. He turned to the sink and allowed his hands to pass underneath a lukewarm surge before shaking them dry.

Just as he turned around to the kitchen counter, he leapt back in surprised to see Haru, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, staring at the colorful display of foodstuffs laying on the counter.

"Yuki, what are you doing?" he called out, his voice as high and swelling with ecstasy as it usually did.

"I'm making lunch."

"What lunch?"


The alien boy recoiled slightly, his face transforming into a look of thought. His tongue escaped his mouth as his eyes searched around into the abyss of air, thinking.

"What?" Yuki questioned.

"Yuki does a sand-wich have sand in it?" The alien sounded out the word slowly, rounding and flexing his lips into each letter.

"No, Haru. Just watch."

Yuki proceeded to roll up his sleeves, open up the bag, and fish through it to remove two slices of bread. "Haru, can you get a plate?"


Yuki placed the two slices on the plate, then ripped open the packaging of the ham. He dressed up the bread nicely with two slices of ham per bread slice, making sure they were even and laying perfectly atop one another. Then, he reached over and collected the cheese. It was a nice brand too– creamy and fresh-smelling. He placed two slices of cheese on one side of the bread. And at last, he picked up the lettuce and dropped two large, lime-green heads onto the sandwich.

Haru watched the whole thing with extreme fascination, never taking his eyes off of the bread, Yuki's hands, and the lettuce, cheese, and ham. He wouldn't take his off eyes of it, because Yuki was creating something. Something amazing and colorful.

Finally Yuki folded the two slices of bread on top of each other, then offered it over to Haru. "Here," he remarked gently with a soft smile. Haru eagerly took the sandwich, looked it over, and bit into it. Just as the rainbow of tastes hit his tongue, he made a delighted, close-mouthed sigh and leapt into the air.

"Yuki, it's good!"

The orange-haired boy nodded and stepped aside.

"Would you like to try?"


The blonde alien stepped forward. He mentally backtracked to the process that Yuki had just gone through. First was the bread, then the pink stuff, then the yellow stuff, and at last the green stuff.

He gathered each ingredient and began decorating each slice of bread. He made sure he did his absolute best because Yuki was watching, and if Yuki could do it, he wanted to do it, too. Once the ham and cheese were on the bread, he reached over for the lettuce. It was coiled, almost to look like a small telescope. Haru noticed this with a blooming smile as he picked it up, messed around with the shape of it for a few moments, then showed it to Yuki.

"Yuki, look!"


"It's the same."

"The same as what?"

Haru reached into his pocket and produced his lime-green squirt-gun. Indeed, the two almost looked alike. They were both the same color, and had a circular opening, and with Haru's earlier fiddling with it, the shape was almost spot-on.

"I guess it does kind of look like that water pistol," Yuki responded, blinking in understanding.

"It does," Haru agreed, giggling as his eyes darted from the pistol to the piece of lettuce. He held his squirt-gun and head of lettuce in mid-air, admiring it with a smile. "But they don't do the same thing. This one shoots; this one's for eating."

Haru twirled around on his heels holding up the lettuce like a gun towards Yuki. Or, at least, he thought it was the lettuce. Instead, however, he held the squirt gun towards Yuki, and from the hole, out came its mystifying liquid.

And before anyone could stop it, Yuki was doused with the liquid, letting out a holler in protest.

The moment Yuki came to, he found himself bending on his knees in the sand in front of the ocean. "Ehhhh?"

Glancing around, he spotted Haru holding two pieces of bread loaded down with sand. The boy was pouting, the twinkle in his eyes not as bright.

"I think these sand-wiches work better, Yuki."

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