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Author's Note: Since Claire and Jack are half brother and sister I decided to write about Claire finding out that Jack's father is also hers.


He took out the photo that he carried since his father died. He had no clue about why he was in Australia. He didn't regret telling the board that his own father was drunk while operating because it was the right thing to do. The only thing he regretted was that it kind of fractured their relationship. He loved his father, but never told him that.

He could feel somebody in back of him and turned to see whom it was. He smiled when he found that Claire was there looking at the picture too.

"How do you know him?" She asked as she sat down.

Charlie must be taking care of Aaron for her to be alone. "This is my Dad."

"That's your father?" She stared at Jacks face as she said that.

"Yes, he died while in Australia. I have no idea why he was there."

"I know why." Claire said as she stared out into the ocean.

"My Mom was in the hospital because of an accident." She stopped and took a breath and began again. "I would go to the hospital and see her everyday. One day I went inside and saw a man with my Mom. He said he was a Doctor. Then he said that he was my father. I knew from looking at both of them that it was true. He was never a father to me and I didn't know him. He finally left."

"You're my sister?"

"I guess I am."

"I never knew that I had a sister."

"And I never knew I had a brother."

"I have a nephew." Jack said as he smiled at his little sister.

She smiled back. "Yes, you do."

She got up and walked towards Charlie who just walked to the tent and he handed Aaron to her. "How's my boy? Did you have a nice walk with Charlie?" She said as she hugged and kissed him. "I need to see Jack again. I'll tell you later."

"I know you've seen him before, but I would like you to meet your nephew."

"Hello, Aaron. You are one lucky little boy having a Mom like yours. Welcome to the family Aaron."

He held him for a few moments more and then gave him back to his Mom. "Thank you." Jack said as he looked at the baby and then back to her.

"You're Welcome."

She made her way to her tent and sat beside Charlie. Charlie listened to her as she began telling him what she had found out. That she was related to their resident Doctor on the Island. She was his little sister. It really was a small world he thought to himself. He picked up Aaron and cuddled him. He was a lucky little boy he had his Mom, himself and his Uncle.

The End