1a/n Thanks for the support of my last story, this was something that was playing on my mind for awhile, what if Korra lived in a world more like our own, where an Avatar didn't exist as far as she knew and she lived on the streets. Really not sure where this story will end up, but it is Amorra intentions so without further delay, the story.

Weighing the knife in her hand, she peaked out from around the corner. "Next guy that goes by, I'll do it." she told herself. She'd been standing there for over twenty minutes in the shadow's of an alleyway telling herself that.

From a very young age, Korra had been living on the streets with two brothers and a girl that she just happened to meet by chance Asami, Mako and Bolin. They did what they could to survive which had been enough for years, but now that Korra was 17, Bolin was 16 and Mako and Asami were both 19, begging for people's mercy didn't work so well anymore and no one seemed to want to hire 'street riffraff'.

Korra saw movement and was about to lunge and rob whomever it was that walked by, when she saw it was a mother and her child. The child's face was wet with tears, but the mother smiled with sweet reassurance before picking the child up and looking lovingly at him. Seeing the scene felt like someone dropped a rock in Korra's stomach.

As far back as Korra could remember, their was no mom or dad for her, there had always been a Mako, a Bolin and an Asami, but never a mom and dad. Both of Korra's parents had been shot dead in front of her; Her earliest memory was at the age of five, she remembers crying, face covered in blood and a man reaching out to her and carrying away from the bloody mess that had once been Korra's parents. The minute the man turned his back, Korra had already run off frightened by the loud policemen and bright flashing lights. She wasn't sure how far or how long she had run, when she found herself among other kids; Bolin, Mako, and Asami. The three had been parentless and living off the street for awhile and immediately accepted the young sobbing Korra into their little group and the rest was history. After about a year of hiding out, the Korra's missing signs were scarce and she was more or less written off as dead, but that was fine with her, she had her three best friends.

The idea of robbing now far out of mind, Korra turned and began making her way through the back streets to their old dilapidated building that they called home.

"I'm back." Korra called as the door squeaked open. Dust flittered in the air as it was displaced.

"Hey, Korra." Bolin called running up to hug her, "You get anything useful today? Or any food perhaps?" Green eyes lit up like christmas lights as he mentioned food.

"Nah, sorry Bo, I didn't have any luck today, how about you guys?"

"Asami and Mako are still out, they're out a lot these day…" Bolin sighed as the two of them flopped down on the floor and the stray dog they kept, named Naga, ran up to sit with them.

"You think they got jobs or something?" Korra absently petted Naga's head as she spoke.

"Maybe." Bolin shrugged, "I thin they feel like they need to take responsibility for us since they're older or something." he pouted, "Anyway, I did manage to snag a day old donuts from a bakery, there's one for everyone, I was gonna wait for us all to be together to eat them, but I don't know when those two will be back." Bolin pouted as he stared lustfully at the donuts that sat on one of the less dusty tables in the house.

Korra smiled at his expression, "Well when they get back they can eat theirs together, I'm hungry so let's just eat now."

"Cool!" Bolin beamed, already at his feet and heading for the donuts before she could even finish the sentence.

Korra bit down into the slightly hard donut and savored the sweet taste that spread on her tongue.

"Sooooo goooood." Bolin sighed around a mouthful of the stale donut goodness. Korra laughed, the heavy feeling that sat on her chest earlier gone from being around one of her best friends. Bolin wiped his mouth on his sleeve before tearing his eyes away from his snack and looking up at her, "I think Mako is gonna start doing martial arts, he got in a fight with a guy a few days ago, and this old man came up to him and told him about how he runs a mixed martial arts place in town. Mako can get paid if he's good at it, so I think that's where he went, Asami probably went as support." the heavy feeling that sat on Korra's chest found it's way back, but now for a new reason.

"Why did Asami go? He could have went with you, you're his little brother after all, aren't you the best moral support he can get?" Even though Korra said that, they both knew what she was really trying to say. How was Asami the one he wanted by his side? For the past few years, Korra had begun to harbor a crush on Mako. He was the guy that she went to for everything; for advice, help, random talks, if she wanted company, he was always the one she went to, but as her adoration for him grew, his eyes seemed to slowly turn to Asami. Even living on the streets, Asami had managed to come off with an air of refinement that Korra lacked yet Mako shared with her, neither of them seemed like people that had lived on the street at any point of their lives, anyone who had ever spoken to them would agree. Asami and Mako were almost model like people, tall, thin and both noticeably good looking, they looked great together and balanced each other well, and seeing that, stung at Korra's heart from the day she noticed Mako only looking Asami's way.

The chunk of donut that tasted heavenly a moment ago seemingly turned to sand and sat heavily on her chest as she choked it down. Bolin looked at her with cautious eyes, unsure of what was on Korra's mind.

"Well, if he can get good money doing that and he's good at it, maybe he can put in a good word for me and I can make money doing it too, after all, I can't let all of my manliness go to waste." Bolin held up a muscle and unleashed a cheesy smile. Korra forced herself to laugh, but it sounded fake even to her own ears. Bolin sighed, "Well at least it'll be a good start, maybe then, we won't have to live as rough as we do now, I don't want to live as a petty thief forever… I wanna have a good life." his voice was dreamy as if his thoughts were far away, dreaming of a better life perhaps, but Korra's thoughts stayed closer to home, hovering on the sick feeling in her stomach.

Korra opened her mouth to admit that she also wanted better than this life even though she wasn't sure how to get it, when the door burst open. Asami and Mako glided into the room, holding hands and smiling so brightly that it stung Korra's eyes.

"Guess who got a chance to start making some good money?" Asami laughed bubbly as she held up Mako's hand like a referee announcing a winner.

"I did!" Mako laughed bouncing on the tips of his toes in an almost childlike manner, "The guy who owns the place just opened up down here he's got a lot of fighters already but he said I was a great find, but it gets better, I mentioned I had a little brother who can hold his own in a fight, and he wants to meet you too Bo!" Mako seemed happier than Korra had ever seen him, seeing that made her feel happy, despite how crumby the fact that he was holding Asami's hand made her feel.

"Me?" Bolin got to his feet and joined the smiling pair with a smile of his own.

"You got your wish, Bo." Korra laughed, and was relieved that it sounded more genuine then the laugh from before.

"It get's better." Mako went on before Bolin could reply, "Asami asked if she could fight too, but he said he only needed male fighters at the moment and that she was too pretty to fight."

"Yeah, that part kinda pissed me off, I can kick any guys ass, pretty or not." Asami pouted, Mako and Bolin laughed before Mako went on.

"Anyway, it turns out his wife designs clothing for those high class, 'society' ladies and she happened to be at the studio with him so he introduced Asami to her. When his wife saw Asami, she practically raved that she was exactly what she wanted in a model and gave her a job immediately, our poor days are done!" Mako laughed again as the three hugged in relief and joy that the days of living on the street were gone.

Korra looked up at the three as tears of joy ran down their faces. From her spot on the floor looking up at them, the feeling of being at the end of the road with them kicked in. The man who ran the studio apparently didn't need female fighters so Korra couldn't fight with Bolin and Mako, and Korra was far too rough to be a model for high class society women and she knew it. The three people she loved so dearly were hugging in the doorway, and the second they stepped out of those doors of the dusty home again, Korra had a feeling they wouldn't have the time to look back on her sitting on the floor ever again. Korra could feel that the people she felt were her family were about to leave her. For the second time, her family would leave her.

"That's great you guys!" Korra smiled brightly, her voice sounded strange to her. The three looked over at her and calmed down recognizing that she must have been feeling left out.

Mako was the first to speak up, "I'm sure something will come up for you too so don't fee-"

"I'm really happy for you guys, I'll keep working hard as I have been until I find something better, so we'll all be moving forward." She smiled and hoped the tears she felt trying to claw their way out would stay at bay until she could get away from her friends. Her eyes zoned in on Mako and Asami's clasped hands before she turned and placed what was left of her donut on the table. "In fact, I'm gonna get to work right now, I'm gonna have to work harder if I'm gonna be able to keep up with all of you aren't I?" She laughed as she got to her feet. Shaking off the hands that tried to pull her back into the house, Korra made her way out of the door, turned to wave, and ran towards the city, with tears in her eyes and a need for a good fight to pull her mind away from the reality of being left behind.

Hours past and Korra was huddled in the corner of an alleyway that she had been in earlier. Fighting hadn't helped much to ease her worry, but it at least gave her the scuffs and bruises that were a good enough excuse for her to cry. Night had turned into the very early hours of morning and just as the street traffic had died down so had her tears and now she left in silence to think. Thoughts of how to make steady money filled her head as she wondered how she could earn her stay with the only people she felt were almost like family. She could let her crush on Mako go, she could see him with Asami everyday if only she didn't have to leave them all together, she loved all of them and being pushed away from them, was a painful thought.

She could secretly sell her body for money, but aside from the fact that she doubted anyone would buy, she also wasn't the kind of girl who could do that. At the realization that she really didn't have anything to offer the world, Korra's tears started fresh again. At some point, a steady thumping indicated a lone person walking down the street. Korra's thoughts weren't straight as she came to her feet and got to the end of the alleyway. She could see a man walking alone, head down and counting a stack of money. A dark laugh escaped Korra as she wondered how people could walk alone when it was dark, counting money in this neighborhood. People like that deserve bad things to happen. She didn't even agree with the thought entirely, it wasn't like her to agree, Korra wanted peace and justice even in an unjust world, but she still found herself pulling the knife out of her pocket and licking her lips anxiously.

I can't be serious, there's no way I'm doing this, I can't be… Her thought was cut short just as the man walked closer. He hadn't seen her, his head was still down face unseen, he had just passed her. Korra felt her hand tighten around the knife as she lunged out and grabbed him by the arm and yanked him roughly, pushing the edge of the knife to his back.

'I-I… I'm this desperate?' She asked herself as her shaking hand pushed a little against the sleek silkiness of his grey jacket.

"Give me your money, now." She could hear the words and she knew she was saying them, but the desperation and nervousness in them didn't sound like her at all. Shock surged through her as the man let out a slow chuckle.

"Times are hard little girl, I'm not good at sharing." He turned to face her, ignoring the knife and that's all it took for Korra's breath to catch in her throat. As he lifted his face, soft yellow street lights reveled the angry swirls of scar tissue that sprawled on his face and all the way down to his chest seemingly. She noticed his mouth was spared from the scarring as his lips pulled up into a soft yet menacing grin.

"You look very hungry." He looked over her. She was hungry, very hungry, aside from the donut, Korra hadn't eaten in days, but Korra was suddenly aware that to someone who could own a nice silk jacket, her dirt caked skin must have been utterly gross.

"J-just give me the money." Her hand shook as she lifted the knife to his face.

"Look young one," the man pushed the knife away from his face before smiling again, "You're too young for crime, if you're hungry and that's why you're doing this, I'll buy you a meal, just put the knife down, there's enough crime in this city. Korra stared dumbly before she felt the knife fall from her hand and clatter to the ground, echoing through the empty streets.

"Very good, now how about a cheese burger?" he asked and she nodded wholeheartedly as he looked her over, "Well maybe two." Korra felt a smile appear on her face, the last of her almost forgotten tears dripping from her eyelashes.

No one had called the cops to report what Korra had attempted to do, no one had even seen the exchange between them, but as Korra and this middle aged man strolled down the streets side by side, no one, not even the two of them had any idea of the turmoil and wars that would be started because of them.

Okay so thanks for reading, (yes the man with scar tissue is Amon/Noatak) I wondered what would happen in a world with no bending, where Korra wasn't so fortunate, but still tried to keep the same values despite that and where Amon still wanted justice for the less fortunate… including Korra. Anyways I'm not sure where this is going, it's not strictly Amorra, it's gonna be a crazy ride based on where I kinda want this to go. Anyway, hope you enjoyed ^_^.