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It has been two days since the incident with Carlos. Coming Monday I would check with the boss to see how they doing and if I could go see them. Charlie just left today because her husband Michael was getting back from Afghanistan in a few hours. I wanted to go with her because I haven't seen him in a few months since our unit got separate for a couple of solo missions that simultaneously needed our help. Charlie and Michael were working together but I had to get back here because Valerie was having her heart surgery and I wanted to be near her. So Charlie took over my mission. Nobody knew about that but the General, Charlie and her husband. That one of the reasons I think the enemy still think I am back in the desert. But it almost over and less than a week or so, the rest of our unit would be in town and that means that they would find me faster. But I can't think about that now, today is Wordy annual barbeque party and Spike is picking me up in about an hour. After getting ready and meeting Spike we arrived at the Wordsworth resident.

"Welcome to my humble house guys" Wordy said.

"Thank you"

"Sam this is my wife Shelley" Wordy said.

"Nice to meet you ma'am"

"Sam right, please call me Shelley, they all do." She said and gave me a hug.

"Alright" I said and gave her some flowers that I bought for her.

"Sam you didn't have too." She said

"Yeah Sam you making all of us look bad." Spike joke and Shelley slap him in the arm playfully.

"And I also got gift for the girls."

"Sam, you really didn't have to do all that." Wordy said this time, overwhelm with all the affection that Sam was showing. He wasn't use too Sam like this.

"The girls would love you. I think Spike you just lost your throne as the best uncle." Shelley joke and Spike pouted while everyone else laughs. We continue saying hello to the team, I met Ed wife's Sophie and his son Clark. They are really nice and I could tell that Sophie is the one that make sure Ed stay in line. Just like Jules did me. And last they introduce me to their girls. They are beautiful. They remind me of my three kids and how much I miss them. I just can't wait to see them again and be with them. I was in my own thoughts when Allie the youngest, I think she around the same age as Valerie, pull my hand and ask me to play with her with the tea party I got her. I said yes and excused my self from the grown up with her two older sister following us to the end of the backyard near the back entrance of the house.

"Sam is really good with children." Sophie comment.

"Yes, we notice." Ed said and Sophie raises an eyebrow at him.

"Does he have children?" Sophie asked.

"Not that we knows off. And his sister passed away so he doesn't have any nieces and nephews." Wordy said.

"That is weird." Shelley comments more to herself.

"Why you say that?" Wordy ask his wife.

"I just get the vibe that Sam has children. I don't know how to explaining it, but watching him with the girls, he has the look on his face that he knows what being a father is."

"You right Shelley, I get the same feeling. Is not like Spike and Lou, yes they fun, but those two don't know anything about being a parent." Sophie said.

"You ladies are reading too much into this." Ed said.

"What do you think Donna?" Sophie asked.

"I agree with the ladies, Sam either has a gift with kids or he has children. I don't have children and I do have a niece but I still don't have the look Sam has in his eyes right now." Donna said and the guys all stared at him a little longer.

"You ladies might be right or wrong but one thing is for sure, that Sam guy is a mystery. That boy has so many secrets. Maybe he does have a child somewhere." Greg said and everyone just started thinking about what happen two days ago with Sam and Carlos, including Sophie and Shelley. They knew the story because of they husband.

"Changing the subject, where is Jules and the kids, they should had been here already." Ed said.

"Speaking off, they just walk in." Wordy said and they all turn around to see Jules, Katherine and the kids walking through the side entrance of the back yard at the same time Sam and Spike were going inside the house.

Inside the house

"Sam what is going on?" Spike ask

"I don't know. Natalie is you alright, answer me dammed." Sam yells in the phone.

"Who is Natalie?"

"Look Spike I have to go, please tell the Wordsworth I am sorry and that I would make up to them."

"I will go with you, let me help you, plus I pick you up remember." Spike said and saw Sam debating if he should take him or not. Then Sam said it was alright and Spike let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

"Guys, what wrong?" Wordy ask

"Wordy I am sorry we have to go, something came up and I need to make sure everything is alright. I promise I would make up to you guys."

"It alright Sam, do you need any help?"

"With Spike is fined thank you for everything." Sam said and then they say goodbye and walk right out the front door.

"Wordy what happen?" Jules asked when she and Katherine found Wordy closing the front door.

"Nothing, Spike and the rookie had to leave because something came up." Wordy said.

"I hope everything is ok." Kathy said, and then sighed. She thought to herself that this is the last time she going to hook up Sam and Jules up. It too much damn work and apparently faith is against them. They should just meet next week when she goes back to work.

"I hope so too." Wordy said.

"They would be alright, let just got back to the backyard and continue the party." Jules said trying to make sure those two stay calm, they both look worry. They agree and Wordy walk out first.

"Sorry." Katherine said.

"Why?" Jules asked.

"Because I was hoping you guys meet."

"Oh honey is ok; I will meet him next Monday when I go back to work." Jules said and try to suppress the disappointment. Was she really destined to be alone or be waiting for a man that might never come back to her, that she can't meet a damn guy? And why the hell should she care, she married and he on her team, is not like they were going to fall in love, she was just curious.

They walk back outside and continue with the party and both Jules and Katherine try to stop thinking why it is so hard for them two to meet.

Spike POV

We where playing with Wordy's girls when Sam received a phone call. He got tense and excused himself and when in the house. I follow him because I was worry about him. Since everything that happen two days ago, I being trying to let him know that he could trust me and I could be there if he ever need someone to talk too. When I offer to help him, he look like he was going to said no, but I saw when he realize that I could help him. When we got in the car and he gave me the address, I kept thinking to myself, why does it sound so familiar. When we arrived and we parked the car, I realize that this is Katherine building. We ran upstairs and we saw the door open to apartment 4 and we heard shouting.

"You bitch, you think you was going to hide from me, I will always find you."

"David, leave me alone, I told you I never wanted to do anything with you. You keep stalking me."

"Shut up Natalie, or I would kill you right now." David yells.

"Look I promise I won't say anything to anyone just go away."

"Go, I am going to make you mine and then I would tell you when I will go. I being waiting for this for so long Natalie and today is the day I am going to have you." The David guy said and Sam burst in to the apartment, with me following right behind him. When we came in we notice the David guy had a gun to Natalie head and that he hit her couples of time because she was bleeding from her lips and her side was turning purple. I also notice that is the same blond from the other day. And seeing her so helpless and this asshole with his hand on her, make me want to kill him and send him back to whatever third world country he came from.

"Who the hell are you guys, get out of here this is not your concern."

"Yes, it is. Are you ok, Natalie?" Sam asked.

"Oh so this must be your new boyfriend, you bitch." He said and pull her hair and she scream.

"Leave her alone, you asshole." I yell back at him.

"You little slut, you have two boy toys." David yells at her again.

"I don't know who you are but if you don't let her go, or stop hurting her, we are going to have a serious problem." Sam said and he was ready to kill David. He wasn't even bothering to negotiated, his eyes were cold and distant and it looks like his military instincts kick in. No negation or find out why this guy is stalking her. The target is in front of him and he need to eliminate it.

"David right, the police are on the way, you don't want to do something you'll regret, and please put the gun down so we could solve this problem without anyone getting hurt." I said.

"I don't care about the police; I would kill her right here. So how about you two move and do what I said and then this bitch and I are leaving."

"You aren't going anywhere with her, and I would not tell you again to let her go, or I will kill you." Sam said nice and calm. But not calm as when he was talking to Carlos, but calms as in a beast hunting it prey, and it scare me to hear the coldness in his word.

"Would you kill for this bitch, please you could find so much better than her, she just white trash with no family. Nobody care about her. I being stalking her for years and this slut never had anybody caring for her, just stupid assholes that cheated it on her and you would kill for her and more important would you die for her." David yells at Sam.

"You call my sister a white trash again, and that nobody care about her and I would put a bullet between your eyes." Sam said and no one move. Then it happens in slow motion. David push Natalie to the floor and aim at Sam, but Sam was quicker and before David had his arm up, Sam put a bullet right between his eyes.

"Nat, honey is you alright?" Sam asked and hugs her.

"Oh Sam thank you, I didn't think you would had made in time." Natalie mumbles through her tears.

"Stay with Spike, I am going to check if he is dead." Sam said and he handles Natalie to me. I was surprise when she hugs me, and I wrap my arm around her and comfort her. I couldn't help to think that I would love to have her like this for the rest of my life. A few second later, which felt longer, the police arrived and we were led downstairs to explain what happen.

"Miss Natalie Winters, this David guy follow you from the States and he been stalking you for years?" The detective asked.

"Yes sir, I have the police files and court orders, in my bedroom upstairs, for proof."

"Ok thank you, we are going to have to confirm that, with the police department over there." The detective said.

"No problem officer." Natalie said.

"Another question, what is your relationship to Officer Sam Braddock."

"He is my friend." Natalie said and I suppress the urge of looking surprise. Now I was confused.

"What kind of friend?" He asked. And I notice how Sam and Nat look at each other.

"What do you want to know, if I am sleeping with him. Yes, officer, I am sleeping with him. What the hell that has to do with some crazy guy stalking me and trying to kill me for years." Natalie snaps.

"I am sorry, we just need to make sure, and I understand the frustration. We are done here, if we have any question, we will give you a call, or reach you at Braddock apartment. He already gave us all his information."

"Thank you."

"By the way guys, did you guys introduce yourself as officers to David?" He asked and before Sam could answer I cut him off.

"Of course detective, we know what we are doing, the guy escalated and he pointed the gun at my co worker. Everything was justified and we have nothing to hide here. You have our statement." I said and look at him straight in the eyes to see if he challenges us.

"I was just curious, two SRU officer and he still didn't back down."

"He was sick, don't you see, it was years, this is nothing, back in the States, he shot an officer that was protecting me." Natalie said and everyone gasp.

"Anyway you guys should be fined and I will be passing this to your superior and again I hope everything goes well. Goodnight." The detective said and walks away.

Sam has being quiet since he gave his statement. He had gone upstairs to get some clothes for Natalie and she and I waited in the car. The drive to Sam apartment was quiet. Everyone was in they own thoughts. I thought about how easy I lie to the detective about us introducing ourselves as a cop, which in reality is not true. We didn't follow police protocol, but I have a feeling that Sam was pass that stage already. And I can't blame him. Seeing David with his hand on Natalie brought out too many unknown feelings that I didn't even know I could have toward anyone. I personally wanted to kill him myself, just for him even looking at her. But with everything I couldn't stop thinking about why Natalie and Sam lie about been brother and sister. Are they really brother and sister? I hope they are because after tonight and seeing Natalie hurt, vulnerable, sad and scare all I want to do is take care her. I want to wrap her in my arms and never let her go or let anyone hurt her. She beautiful and I know we could have some beautiful kids some day. Whoa Spike kids? Let me not get head of myself, I don't even know what going on here, or that she likes me. We arrived at his place and I parked right in front of it.

"Goodnight guys and I am sorry about what happen to you." I said and gave her a Spike Scarlatti smile.

"Thank you." Natalie said and smile right back.

"Spike can you come in, I would like to speak to you." Sam said.

"Sam you don't have to explain anything to me. You are my friend and we needed to help another friend, I would not change any of it."

"You must have a lot of questions and I would like to answer them, so please come in, stay the night too, is already late and by the time we finish it be worst." Sam said and got out the car and opens the door for Natalie. Then they both turn to look at me.

"Alright, I am coming." I said and got out and follow them.

When we arrived upstairs, Sam let us in and we went to the living room. I already know the apartment so he told me I could take the guestroom. I argue that I would sleep in the couch and that Nat should take the guestroom but he said that Nat would be staying in his room. Then after that Natalie went into the room with Sam and I went to the bathroom. When I came out Natalie was in sweat pants and a shirt too big for her, cuddle up in the couch. Her hair was up and she was holding and ice pad to her face. She looks beautiful like that and I fault the urge to walk up to her and kiss her rosy lips.

"Spike I put some clothes in the guestroom for you to sleep in. Would you like a beer?"

"Yes sure." I said while I sat down in the opposite couch to Nat. She kept staring at me. And I couldn't take my eyes off her too.

"I am Natalie Winters, by the way and thank you."

"Don't thank me, I would not change a thing, I am Spike."



"You don't look very spiky."

"Um, yeah, um, my hair used too."

"What your real name?"

"Um, Michaelangelo."

"Oh, your mom had high hopes."

"Yeah, oh yeah, I think she still does."

"I like it." She said and stared at me with her big blue eyes and I blush. Then Sam came with the drinks and I try my best to relax. She was making me nervous and I didn't want to add more stress to Sam day.

"Sam listened, you guys don't have to explain anything to me, and I don't want to put you guys in a position that you have to reveal things that you don't want too." I said while Sam took a sit next to Natalie.

"Spike, I want to explain, I need to explain, plus you earn it today. You protected her and you lie for us. Not a lot of people would have done that."

"I just did what I thought was right."

"You went beyond that and you don't know how much that means to me. So please let me explain." Sam said.


"It was a few months after I found out my mother had cancer that I found out about Natalie existence." Sam started and then he looks at Natalie and she grabs his hand and Sam took a deep breath and continues.

"Our father was on tour and my mother and I were alone in the house, when a young lady came knocking to our door."


"Hey Sammy someone knocking, please open the door, I send Rosalie to the store for supplies."

"Yes Mom." I said and ran to the door. When I open it, there was this young lady with a kid in her hand.

"Hello, how can I help you?" I ask but I couldn't take my eyes of the baby. She reminds me so much of Cindy, my baby sister that past away.

"Listen kid, I am looking for Mr. Braddock or his wife." She said and the kid next to her started crying. The woman didn't even bother to look her way.

"He is not here, but my mother is. What is this regarding?" I ask because I didn't want to upset my mother and I had a feeling that this will upset her.

"Look, oh whatever, you look old enough. This kid here is your sister and she here to stay with you." She said and pushes the crying kid toward me. I was going to say something but my mother beat me to it from behind me.

"Come in and explain yourself, please." My mother said and the lady was about to argue about it, but she notice how pale my mother look and she just nod and came in. She didn't bother to look at the baby and I had to pick her up and get her to quiet down.

"I am Grace Valerie Braddock and this is my son Samuel Braddock, and I heard what you said at the door, and I would like you to explain it to me from the beginning." My mother said and we all sat down in the living room with me carrying the baby.

"Your husband was on business in the State when one day he came in to my parents' house and rapes me. My father was helping the military with some business, so we provided shelter for them. I was working on a school project and I had left the camera on when he attack me and everything got recorded. He told me if I tell anyone he would kill me and my family. Then a few months later I came out pregnant and now I have this child with me." She said and I could only stared at her, I didn't want to move, I knew my father was bad and he change even worst when Cindy die but to do this. I look at my mother and she was calm and collected, I was surprise of her reaction.

"Honey what your name and the baby and how old were you when this happen?" My mother asked.

"My name is Lilly and the her name is Natalie Winters, I was 15 years old when he did it and the baby is going to be 5 years old next month."

"Why now? Why wait so long to find him and bring the child here?" My mother asked.

"I was going to terminate the pregnancies, but my mother convinced me not too. She said she would take care of the kid. And a few months ago my parents were in a car accident and they died. I don't want her, she reminds me of him and everything I lost, so if you guys don't take her I would put her up for adoption or send her to foster care." She said and didn't even look remorse to treat her own child like that.

"No" I yell at her and Natalie looks at me and I smile at her so she won't cry.

"My son is right, you can't do that. Look do you have anybody else to look after her."

"Yes my grandmother would love to take care of her but she needs to work to support herself and she won't have time to take care of her."

"I would make you a deal; right here in front my son. I would promise to take care of her and look after her and your grandmother. I would give them enough money for them to survive for years. But my husband or anyone can't find out about this. The moment he does, you and the baby are dead. You are what standing on the way of him to become a General, especially with the proof you have. So would you take my proposition?"

"Mrs. Braddock this sound really good, but I am not sure I could trust you, plus your husband could find out about you using his money support his illegitimate child. And no offense you look like you sick, how long can this deal last."

"You right, I am sick I have cancer and I am dying. But my son Sammy here, would protect the child even long after I am gone. And about the money, I have more money than my husband. I come from a wealthy family and I was an only child. My husband can't touch any of it. Plus I already put everything on Samuel name and he gets a certain amount of money every month from my lawyer. And that does not include his trust fund. And I know what you thinking that he is under age and his father would control it. No, I left instruction that my husband would never touch my money or my son money. Everything is handles through a lawyer until Sammy turn 18 years old. I would give enough money for your grandmother to survive for years, and if when Sammy turn 18 and they need more, I know he won't have a problem to support them. But I do ask for the evidence. I want to put in a safe place, because like I said you are really dangerous to my husband." She said and she waited to see what decision Lilly decide on.

"Alright deal, this is between us three and my grandmother. No one would ever find out about this. I promise I would stay away. I know you might think I am the worst mother but I don't want anything to happen to her. I just can't look at her. She reminds me of him and I don't think I am over that."

"I understand, and don't worry; I promise that Natalie would be taken care for the rest of her life." My mother said and I look at Natalie and she smile at me. I smile right back at her and then I kiss her forehead.

End of Flashback

"So that exactly what happen and why we had to keep everything a secret. But some how he found out about Lilly and the baby and he has spent years looking for her. After a while he gave up, and Natalie here was going to reveal the evidence, so he could go to jail and we would be free of him, but I couldn't do it and something came up and I use it to blackmail him and get myself out the army. He was furious but I needed to be here and I told him not to mess with me or his career is over. He doesn't talk to me, but I know him, he is keeping an eye on me until he gets what he wants." Sam said now staring through the window. This was too much for the both of them. I have a feeling that this was the first time that Sam spoke about that and the first time Natalie hearing it. Sam kept his back toward us, especially Natalie. He look at shame to look at her, I am guessing he felt bad on how they made a deal about her life, but if they didn't she would had suffer more or worst dead. Natalie was in the couch crying and I know Sam had tears in his eyes too, but he still wouldn't move to comfort her. So I got up and sat next to her and wrap my arms around her. While she sob. Sam turns his head and we lock eyes and he smiles while his tears when down his eyes. Then he excused himself and went to the bathroom. My heart broke for the both of them. For Natalie for the way she came to this world and being separated from her family, and most of all for Sam, because he had to deal with so much bullshit as such young aged. And I still get the feeling that we haven't even scratch the surfaces. Natalie kept sobbing and I pick her up and sat her in my lap. I whisper nice things in her ear and rub her back until she calm down a little. Sam still not back from the bathroom and am guessing he trying to calm himself down and go to whatever place he needs too, so he could stay in control. Natalie stop crying and I put my hand under her chin and made her look at me. I clean her tears with my thumb and then pass my thumb through the bruises in her cheek and last I pass my thumb through her lips, while she stared at me. After I was done she reach up and gave me a soft, gentle kiss and I kiss her right back. It was amazing, the feel of her lips on mines. And at the moment I knew that Natalie was the one and I would marry the girl someday. After the kiss she smiles at me and said thank you. Sam came back and I was freaking out a little because of the position that we were. But Sam just smile and took the sit that I was in. After we all calm down, Natalie explain the story about David and how he being stalking her for years and at first she didn't want to say anything to Sam because of his family, but then Sam was in Afghanistan and it wasn't so much he could do from there.

"I am sorry to interrupt. What did you mean about Sam family? Sam is you married?" I asked and I notice how Sam and Natalie both tense. Both of they eyes were wide open and scare. I was shock of the intensity of they blue eyes and how many emotions was passing through them. Natalie looks guilty for saying something and scares that I would not understand, and Sam when from shock to scare, to angry, to a little relief.

"Um" Natalie started but Sam cut her off.

"Look, Spike I trust you and after explaining this to you today, you could just imagine how much. But I will ask you, no I will beg you, not to ask the question again or try to find out. Please, there are some things I can't talk about. Even Natalie doesn't know the entire truth. All I have to say is that people lives are at risk and is really important that I stay away from some situations." Sam said and got up again and stared through the window.

"I am sorry Sam; I didn't mean to upset you, it just that it caught me by surprise. Don't worry; I would never mention that again. But I hope one day you trust us enough to explain it, because we really are here for you and we want you to be happy." I said and Natalie grabs my hand and squeezes it.

"Spike this is not about trust is about people lives and they safety. And I would do anything in my power to make sure they don't get hurt. But thank you, maybe one day I will explain it to you. Hey I have a feeling that I would need your help with this, anyway. But not now, too many emotions in less than a week and I honestly can't handle it right now." Sam said and we heard him clearing the lump on his throat that had form from all the tears that were coming down his eyes.

"Sam I understand, don't worried about me. Look how about we watch a movie or something, too many touchy feelings in one day." I said and Sam laughs while Natalie giggles. And I put the situation in the back of my mind. Sam needed a friend and that what I was going to give him. While watching the movie, my mind went back to Sam and how much he needs someone to love him. Then I remember about him meeting Jules today and how it never happened. Shit Katherine is going to kill me. But she would understand that we had a situation and we had to leave. Anyway Jules would be perfect for Sam. She is a very private person and she doesn't talk about the father of her kids but I know deep down she also hiding something and she also is as sad as Sam. Those two are really lonely, and they being through a lot as such young age that no one knows. And I think that would make them treasure each other and respect each other more. And I would love to see them happy, if only one day they get to meet. Jules is coming back to work in a week, so no matter what happen those two would meet that day, I could put money on it. "And if something those happen and they can't meet I would kidnap her and then him and throw them in a room. Enough is enough and I want them happy, so God make it happen." I said to myself and almost laugh about my mental outburst. Then I notice that Natalie felt as sleep and I look at Sam and he was staring at us. I blush and was a little afraid to ask what he was thinking.

"It ok Spike, I do approve of you two. I really like you and trust you and I think you would be perfect for her."

"Thank you, that means a lot to me. I wasn't sure I should have brought it up today but I couldn't help myself. I really do like her. And I really do care about you Sam. You are like another brother to me and I want you to be happy."

"Thank you for everything. And trust me when I said that you have no idea how much I respect you right now. And don't worry one day I will be happy." Sam said and motion to pick up Natalie and carry her to his room. I felt empty when he took her out my arms, but that his sister and I know he needs to take care of her. He said his goodnight and closes the door behind him. And I went to the guestroom and felt as sleep; it has being a long week.

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