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Chapter 51

Sam and Jules Villa

"I was so scared yesterday." Sam said.

"Me too. I know I have being with her through everything but it is scary each time." Jules said.

"It has to be worst for you because we lost our first baby." Sam said and hugs her to him. It was already 7 am and the kids had sneak back to the main house with Katherine.

"It is and I try not to thinking about it. I know our first girl didn't die because something I did. So I could relax a little about that. But I am glad you were here. It means so much to me that you were here with us." Jules said and started crying.

"I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay I promise you that." Sam said and kisses her on her rosy lips. Then the kiss became more intense and next thing Jules knew she was on her back and Sam was entering her.

"Oh Sam, yes." Jules moan and Sam thrust hard and slow and build a pleasure so intense that they couldn't even described what was going on. The love that they were showing each other was beyond this world.

"Oh God Sam." Jules scream when she came so hard and intense and then Sam follows. He collapse on her and they try to catch they breathe.

"This was out this world." Sam said when he was able to talk.

"It was amazing. We never had sex like this." Jules said and kiss his neck.

"Don't. I don't think I could make round two rights now." Sam said and Jules giggles and kiss him again. He groans and flips them over and he hugs her to him.

"Let me up, it time to get ready." Jules said.

"No I don't want too." Sam pouted.

"Sammy up, I am hungry."

"Hungry, but we just had amazing sex." Sam said and smirks. She slaps his chest.

"Not the kind of hunger." Jules said and got up and he watches her naked body in front of him while he groans from wanting her again.

Main house

"Good morning can I help you?" Greg said when he opens the door.

"Hi, I am looking for Charlie."

"And you are?" Greg asked warily.

"I am Marina." She said and stuck her hand out for him to shake. He stared at her and she blush self-consciously.

"So you did come." Greg said more to himself than her.

"Why wouldn't I." Marina answers his question. She was frowning at him.

"Come in, she might be still sleeping. It is early yet." Greg said letting her in and trying not to think how beautiful she was.

"Oh sorry I was supposed to be here yesterday but work didn't allow it. What your name by the way?"

"I am Greg." He said and she stared at him.

"So you are Greg." She said more to herself than him.

"Are we really going to do this?" Greg asked.

"Sorry, it has being a while. Plus I still have work on my mind."

"You're not mad because of the set up." Greg asked.

"Not at all." Marianna said and looks at Greg from head to toes and her eyes turn dark with desire and Greg blush.

"Oh." He said stunned. He never had a woman so confident with herself. "Um so work?"

"Oh yeah I have to figure out something, but for some reason I can't put my finger on it." Marianna said thinking back at the problem she had all week with her company.

"You want another opinion." Greg said.


"Let take the dining room, everyone is still in bed. We have some quiet time for now."

"I like that." Marina said and Greg stood there staring at her because he caught the double meaning to it.

"Me too." Greg said and helps her with her bags.

And hour later Sam and Jules walk in to the main house and notice that everyone was huddling around the dining room doors.

"What is going on?" Sam whispers.

"Marina came." Charlie said.

"Ok, why are we staring?" Jules asked.

"Because Greg and she are getting along." Ed said shock.

"Let me see." Jules said and notice how Greg and Marina were close to each other looking at some paper on the table.

"Oh whoa, he smiling and blushing." Jules said and everyone nod.

"You did good Charlie." Sophie said.

"They look so cute." Shelby said and all the girls nod.

"Mom we are hungry." Jeremiah twins whine.

"One minute." Jeremiah wife said and the kids groan.

"Oh look he pushes her hair over her ear." Justin wife said and all of the ladies said aw. And Greg and Marina turn around startle and then they blush when they realize everyone was watching them.

"Um, what are you guys doing?" Greg asked and try to glare at them but it was too late they caught him.

"Um." Spike said.

"Don't be rude introduce yourself." Greg snaps at everyone.

"Yes sir." They all mumble and try to hold on the laughter while Greg groans. Then they all introduce themselves and then sat down to eat at the table.

"Sam is good to meet your family." Marina said and looks at Jules and the kids.

"Thank you, I am glad you could make it." Sam said and with that they continue asking her question and trying to get to know her.

After breakfast the kids went to the game room while the couple try to find some alone time with each other. By the time they made their way back to lunch everyone was relax or wire from their morning activities.

"I am starving." Jules said while serving herself some food from the buffet.

"Since when do you eat this much." Sam said looking at her plate and everyone stop. They turn around slowly to face him.

"What did you said?" Jules asked slowly.

"Lately you being really hungry and eating a lot." Sam said and everyone shudder just at the thought that this was not going to end well.

"Are you calling me fat?" Jules asked again and he fails to hear the anger in her voice.

"Um." Sam said and notices that she was angry and everyone took a step back.

"Sam did you just call me fat." Jules said again.

"No he didn't." Spike said.

"Mind your own business." Jules snap.

"Jules sweetheart your ass is fat but…" Sam started.

"Did you say my ass is fat? Well because I am fat this fat ass won't be sleeping with you again." Jules snap again.

"Fat…" Sam started again but right there Justin wife walk in from the bathroom facing Sam.

"You calling me fat." Justin wife said and started crying while holding her swollen belly.

"No baby he is not calling you fat. He is calling Jules fat." Justin tries to smooth his wife.

"You calling me fat too." Jules snap at Justin.

"You guys think I am fat." Justin wife continue crying.

"No…" Justin started but looks lost and worried.

"Leave her." Jules said and grab her and all the guys notice how the women stood on one side and the men were all standing by themselves. They didn't even notice when everyone move.

"I didn't call anyone fat." Sam said and all the kids walk in, and notice the tension.

"Um what happen?" Samantha asked.

"A miss understanding. Your mother thinks I called her fat." Sam said.

"Uh Oh." Matthew said.

"You got the right buddy." Michael said and every guy shake they head.

"I don't think she is fat or anyone here. You are not fat." Sam said but instead of looking at Justin wife he look at Samantha.

"Did you call me fat?" Her lower lip trembles.

"Sam shut up you making it worst." Jamie snaps.

"I didn't baby, come here." He said but it was too late, she was already on the other side with her mother. Sam looks at them and headed to the door.

"Where are you going?" Justin snaps.

"Shopping." Sam said and walks out.

"Wait for me." Spike said and he and Lou ran out with him, follow by the rest.

"Hey Dad can we come too?" Clark asked looking between the women and the men.

"Sure buddy let go." Ed said and all the kids except for the girls went too. Greg was the last one inside and when he watch all of them leave he turn around to face the women. Then he turns to look at Marina and she was glaring at him.

"But I just met you." Greg said and it took everything on the women not to laugh. "Wait for me." Greg said and walks out. When everyone was gone the women burst out laughing.

"It works like a charm every time." Jonathan wife said.

"Wait we're confuse?" Sophie said looking at the Callaghan women.

"Sit down we would explain everything." Jeremiah wife said and with that everyone sat down and the ladies started explaining it.

At the beach

"Damn the mall is full and I am hungry." Jamie said.

"They caught us again." Jonathan said.

"Well I could never tell when they serious or not." Sam said.

"Me either." Jeremiah said.

"What are you guys talking about?" Ed asked.

"That we got play." Jamie said.

"Why?" Spike asked.

"They want the house to themselves." Jonathan said.

"And like always Sam stick his big foot in his mouth." Justin said and glares at him.

"At least you don't have to buy 4 present." Sam said.

"Hey I have 5." Wordy said and everyone groan.

"Ok, let go shopping and meet at the restaurant in the beach in an hour and then you guys explain why they want us out the house so bad." Greg said and they all agree.

And hour later all the guys were sitting at the beach with fried fish and French fries.

"Ok, I can't take it anymore, why did we get played?" Ed asked after he took a drink from his beer.

"Because they are having massage, pedicure and manicure." Jonathan said.

"How do you know?" Lou asked.

"Well we didn't figure it out until a couple of years back before Sam left." Jeremiah said.

"Yeah every time we go back they are all soft and cute and rosy." Justin said.

"Why they just don't say they want to be pampered?" Spike asked.

"Because they also get a present this way." Jamie groans.

"Are you guys sure is that, or they are really mad?" Ed asked thinking about Sophie.

"That the thing we never know, we just cover our bases." Jonathan said and they all shake they head.

"Well this time they are getting pamper." Michael said.

"How do you know?" Lou asked.

"Because the team let us know that some people walk in the house with massage boards and everything." Sam said.

"What team?" Greg asked.

"Well you didn't think the generals were going to let us be on vacation without back up after everything that happened." Sam said and looks at everyone except the Callaghan brothers and Michael.

"Um yeah." Wordy said.

"No, after what happen, they are watching our every move. Plus it would let us enjoy it better." Sam said.

"Is it always like this?" Ed asked.

"No, after a while they back off. Half the time we don't notice." Jonathan said.

"Yeah, they just making sure it is over." Michael said.

"Since when have they being here?" Greg asked.

"Before we got here. They scope the place out already. They do security check on the perimeter, the cars and etc." Sam said.

"That is too much." Ed said.

"We are used to it. Plus Michael, Charlie and I do it every night. We check for bugs." Sam said.

"You guys are real paranoid." Spike said.

"You have no idea." Michael said and they all laugh.

"Do the women know?" Wordy asked.

"No. Well just Jules and Charlie. Even though there is nothing to worry about you know how the women get and I don't want them to worry about anything." Sam said.

"So your wives don't know?" Ed asked.

"No, and I don't want mine to find out she is pregnant." Justin said and everyone agree.

"Ok, so what happen now?" Spike asked.

"We go back home in an hour and beg for forgiveness." Sam said.

"But we didn't do anything wrong." Lou said.

"We didn't. Sam did." Justin said still glaring at him.

"I didn't call her fat. I was saying something about fat when she walks in and stood in front of me." Sam said and sighs. He didn't call Justin wife fat. Not even Jules; he was just wondering why she was taking so much food on her plate.

"Whatever, you lucky you pay for the trip or I would make you pay for the gift too." Justin said and glares again.

"Stop glaring at me. You call Jules fat." Sam said.

"No I didn't." Justin said.

"Stop it. We are not kids. And stop saying the word fat. They might hear us all the way to the house and I don't want to sleep in the couch." Jamie snap and all the guys agree.

"Daddy, did you really call mommy fat?" Matthew asked and all the grown men groan.

"No Matthew, go play again." Sam said and watches how he ran to his cousin and friend to play.

"You really need to make this better Sam." Jonathan said.

"I will." Sam said and sighs again, hoping that Jules wasn't too mad at him.

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