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A/N: Set during Goblet of Fire. If anyone has , ideas of classes they should write lists in or ideas for what should be in the lists, PM me :) I will start with: History of Magic, Divination, Transfiguration, and end with Potions (save the best for last).

The Golden Trio was bored in History of Magic. Correction, Harry and Ron were bored, and Hermione was finding it hard to take notes. That was saying something as she never had that problem in other classes. Harry tapped his quill on the table and then pulled out another piece of parchment:

Ten Things To Do when Bored in History of Magic.

He shoved it over to Ron who looked at it and grinned.

1. Play fantasy Quidditch.

2. Write notes to other members of the Qudditch Team.

3. Think about what you want to eat for lunch.

4. Sneak in something from Breakfast and eat it for lunch.

He passed the note to Harry who snickered. Hermoione shot him a glare. He raised his eyebrows and read the list grinning. Hermione rolled her eyes at the two boys.

5. Write up a list of ways to annoy Hermione!

6. REALLY annoy Hermione!

7. Draw better diagrams (Better than Wood's were) of Quidditch moves

8. Write an "Intelligent things you want to say to Krum" paper to carry around with you at ALL TIMES just in case...

9. Design dress robes for the upcoming Yule Ball

10. Write a book entitled: How To Play Qudditch With Your Dragon

Ron burst out laughing when he read the list. Unfortunately, Professor Binns noticed. He floated over to Ron's desk and made him read it aloud. Hermione did a complicated spell on her notes so that the words turned into gibberish if anyone other than she was reading her notes. When Binns added insult to injury by taking five points away from Griffyndor, she glared at the boys and said, "I told you so!" before marching out of the room.