Finally it was the last class of the day. Double Potions with the Slytherins. Harry and Ron sat at their usual seat with Hermione. Snape came out of his study and whipped his black robes around himself. He began the class by giving instructions and sneering at Harry and Neville. "Begin." He said waving his wand at the board where his instructions appeared.

"Bloody hell! This is hard!" Ron groaned.

"Well, if you had read the chapter before class, you would've realized why we need to prepare the plants in the specific way!" Hermione hissed. Neville knocked over his cauldron by accident. Hermione jumped up to help fix it.

"Great." Ron muttered as Snape came over to their group.

"Again, Logbottom?" He muttered glaring at him. "No, Miss Granger, do not try and fix it, that is why he never learns anything in this class!" Hermione turned red.

"But - would you rather have Neville blow up the room or Hermione help him?" Ron spoke up. "Give her a break, geez, Snape!" He snapped. Everyone gasped.

"Professor Snape." Harry muttered.

"What did you say to me, Weasley?" Snape asked, his face an inch away from Ron's. Ron glared daggers at Snape. "Detention, Weasley."

"Fine, Snape." Ron muttered.

"And twenty points from Griffyndor!" The Griffyndor fourth years groaned. Snape whipped around and faced the class. "Continue with your work! NOW!" Ron and Harry looked at each other. Ron was fuming.

Harry pulled out a sheet of parchment and slowly wrote:


He smiled at Ron and let him take a crack at it. Ron bent over the parchment writing furiously.

1. Curse his bloody large nose off!

2. Curse his hair so it reeks worse!

3. Make our potion blow up in his FACE!

4. Break his wand!


6. Force-feed him poison

Ron shoved the page to Harry who chewed on his quill and then began writing.

7. Somehow force him back to the Whomping Willow

Harry paused. He overheard Malfoy laughing at Griffyndor losing so many points. Suddenly he remembered a vivid memory from the beginning of the year involving Malfoy.

8. Get Moody to turn him into a ferret.

Harry and Ron looked at each other and grinned.

9. Turn Snape into a horned toad.

10. Bounce him around his dungeon.

Snape was patrolling the classroom. Harry continued working on his potion while keeping an eye on Ron. Ron dove into Hermione's bag and rummaged around in her books. He found a transfiguration book and was surprised to see her neat writing in the margins of chapters they hadn't even covered. Ron gripped his wand and pointed it at Snape. Harry followed suit.

"On three." Harry said.

"One...two...three!" They aimed their wands and said the spell at the same time. Snape whipped around and opened his mouth to yell at Harry and Ron before disappearing into his robes.

"WHERE IS PROFESSOR SNAPE?" Hermione shrieked. A loud disgrunted croaking noise answered her question as a horned toad hopped over to the boys' table and croaked loudly at them.

"TAKE THIS, SNAPE!" Ron yelled. He stood up on the table and aimed his wand at Snape. Malfoy and the other Slytherins's jaws hit the ground as they watched their head of house who bounced around the dungeon. The Griffyndors cheered and laughed.

"Where's Hermione?" Harry asked. Ron groaned looking around and seeing Hermione gone. Suddenly the doors of the dungeon burst open. Professor McGonnogall pointed her wand at the toad. Professor Snape resumed his human form. He changed at Ron but bounced back at Harry's Protego spell.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" Professor McGonnogall yelled. "HOW DARE YOU! I can't believe someone from MY HOUSE would do this! You ought to be ashamed! You will start detention! IMMEDIATELY!" She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down the hallway still yelling at him.

Much later, Ron came back to his dormitory, his arms tired from cleaning the closets and odd places in the castle without magic. "That was intense, mate." Harry said.

"Yeah - I paid big time - but you have to admit -"

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Harry and Ron cheered as they high-fived. Though they probably would never repeat the antics of that day, they would never forget it for a long time.