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There is no battle at the end of this, as in the original series that was Episode 2's job, and baring the introduction, I'm sticking to that format for a bit. So after removing the beginning, end, and all non-Shinji scenes from Episode 1 of Evangelion, and making Shinji a bit less spineless, there isn't much left, sorry.

Episode 1; 'A Slight Divergence'

The gunship that had crashed beside him was stepped on by the... Thing, then exploded.
He wasn't ready.
The car skidded to a halt beside him, as the creature took down yet more VTOLs.
He couldn't be ready for this, ever.
The driver flung the passenger's side door open.
That was what he'd have to fight?
After it was clear that Shinji wasn't moving, the driver yelled to him "Are you awake there? Get in!" Looking at her, Shinji saw that it was the woman he was supposed to be meeting.
She nodded at him, before speaking again. "Ah, good. Sorry I'm late! Now get in!"
Scrambling into the car, Shinji kept his eyes on the monstrosity's feet as the driver whipped her car around them. Shinji turned to her, and struggled to pull a question together. After a minute, he'd recovered enough to speak. "I... What was that?"
She didn't turn, just focused on driving. "An Angel. If you excuse me, I'll explain later, right now I'm more concerned with surviving."

They got away fairly quickly, and after a short while the driver stopped to get a better view of the battle as the Angel walked away from them. Pulling out binoculars, leaning over Shinji and out of the passenger's side window. "What? They're recalling the Gunships..."
Shinji looked up at her. "You think they're going to call in something big?"
"Yes, an N2 weapon, get down!" She said, almost shouted, forcing Shinji down as a column of light erupted in the distance, past the ridge the angel had just walked over.

The smoke cleared, as Shinji and the woman sent to collect him climbed out of her ruined car. "So, are we safe enough from the remains of that 'Angel' for you to tell me what's going on?"
She turned to him. "It's not dead yet. We don't know much about them, but that won't kill one."
Taking her glasses off, smiled slightly. "It'll delay it at best. But all we need is a delay. Now help me push this back onto its wheels would you?"
Together they pushed the car from on its side to upright, before she turned to him again, dusting off her hands. "Thanks for that. It would have been a lot harder to do alone."
Shinji smiled weakly. "You wouldn't be in this mess if you didn't have to pick me up, so no problem. Also, you kinda just saved my life, so thank you Miss Katsuragi."
Katsuragi returned smile. "Welcome. And it's Misato. You wanted to know about the angels?"

Shinji listened intently to what Misato had to say about the angels, until they had to scavenge a battery to keep the car going. That then led to an... Interesting conversation between the two of them.
Misato turned to him, snarling. "If this runs out, I'll..."
"Don't continue, you'll probably say something that you'll regret." Shinji quickly cut in, before continuing; "Besides, people need those."
Misato spoke slowly, and aggressively. "I'm a UN official, taking you to NERV, the organisation that has to save everyone's asses. I think I'm allowed to take some batteries!"
Shini softly dismissed the comment. "Legally, maybe. Morally, not really."
"Not really?" Misato gestured angrily at the lone car battery behind her. "If this one runs out, having taken another might have saved people's lives!"
Shinji smiled slightly at her. "Yes, and if this one runs out, we can steal another."
"It's not stealing!" Misato snarled quietly back.
"Yes it is." Shinji replied calmly.

Shinji slowly gathered his thoughts in the silence that followed, only interrupted once by Misato making a phone call. Misato hadn't said much about the angels. What she had said sounded like the plot to some science fiction book or something. Humanity accidentally awakens aliens, creates world-wide cover up and then prepares for aliens to return, aliens return to attack humanity fifteen years later. Pretty simple. Shinji wouldn't be surprised to find out that it too was a cover-up for something else, and NERV didn't seem to trust it's own staff with the truth, a point supported by how he had been collected.

"I still don't see what this has to do with me." Shinji had said to Misato after she'd finished explaining it to him.
"I don't either." She'd replied. "It's not like command has told me anything other than to go and collect you." Shinji was sure that he'd find out soon enough. He also hoped he'd find out what NERV planned to fight the angels with, because Misato hadn't elaborated on that point, and with that thing walking towards Tokyo 3, the issue seemed rather pressing.

The single battery that Shinji had allowed Misato to steal held out long enough for them to reach Tokyo 3, where something like a cable car was waiting to take them deep underground into...
"What... What is that?" Shinji was stunned by the aerial view of a massive dome-shaped cave. A cave big enough to have a lake in it. How the hell did they light it?
"The Geofront. At the centre is NERV headquarters, the bastion against the foes of humanity." Misato smiled at him. "Say, on the subject of NERV, did you receive an ID card?"
"Yes. Right here." He presented it to Misato.
She went over it, and was quiet for a while, before eventually talking to Shinji again.. "You don't say much, do you?"
"Only what I feel is necessary."
Misato put her hands behind her neck, leaned back, and rolled her eyes at him. "Great, just what we need, another Rei,"
Shinji turned back to face her. "I'm sorry, what do you mean?"
"Rei. She's our current pilot. The First Child."
"Pilot? First Child?"
Misato went to say something, but then caught herself. "Ah... Never mind, you'll be told of everything you need to know when we arrive."

When they did arrive, the first thing that Misato did was get them both lost.
She'd been talking about how she was new here and was still having trouble finding her way round when Shinji finally realised that it would be probably be kindest to tell her that they were going round in circles rather than let her find out for herself. "I don't mean to be rude, but this looks awfully similar to a spot we passed several minutes ago."
Misato sighed at him. "It would, wouldn't it? You're trying to tell me that it's the same place, right?"
Shinji bowed his head slightly. "No, I'm just implying that it looks a bit familiar..."

Not long later they came to an elevator that Misato was sure would lead them where they needed to go. It stopped shortly after they had gotten in, and a tall blond woman had entered. Shinji largely ignored her, as she and Misato seemed to know each other and have things to discuss, but when he heard her say "This is the boy then?" Shinji couldn't stop himself from interrupting them.
"No, no I am not 'The Boy', but I am in fact a boy, and may even be the one you are referring to, however if that is the case then you should probably know, and therefore use, my name."
The woman sighed. "Just like your father. Fine then, I presume you are Shinji?"
Shinji nodded. "Yes I am, Mrs...?"
The woman sniffed. "Doctor. Dr. Ritsuko Akagi."
He extended his hand. "Pleased to meet you Dr. Akagi."
She shook it. "I take it back Shinji, you're warmer than your father, at least."
He sighed at her. "I like to think so. But my patience wares thin after surviving an alien attack, being brought here, getting lost, and being treated as though I don't exist by someone I don't even know."
Akagi smiled slightly. "That would be Angel attack. And I think your father has some big reveal planned, you'll find everything out soon enough now you have someone who actually knows where they're going."
Shinji heard Misato mutter something like "Thanks a bunch, Rits." under her breath.

It wasn't long before they reached a dark chamber. "Big reveal, huh?" Shinji said to himself as the door closed behind them. He'd quietly listened to what Misato had talked to Dr. Akagi about, but hadn't been able to make much out. Something about activation, presumably of a weapon to kill the thing impersonating Godzilla out there, something made more likely by the fact that Misato said something about it being a bit late for it to fail now.
The lights in the chamber came on. It was massive, and sitting in the liquid to the side of the bridge that he was standing on, Shinji saw an equally massive head, and the shadow of the body that it was attached to. "Quite impressive father." He said aloud. "But you should know that blue is more of my colour."
The response came to him in an electronic version his father's cold, level voice."The Evangelions were not designed for your personal amusement."
Shinji turned to look up at the source of the sound. Gendo Ikari was standing in what seemed to be an observation deck overlooking the bay that the Evangelion was sitting in. "What, can't I make a joke without it being taken at face value? More importantly, that's the weapon that you made to fight the alien out there? A giant Robot?"
Akagi stepped in. "Angel, not alien, and the Evangelions are not robots. However, it would not be incorrect to call them cyborgs. They are humanity's ultimate weapon, synthetic humanoids."
"Cyborg? You mean that there's something organic in there?"
Akagi sighed. "Organic is a bit of a misnomer, but it does have biological components, yes."
Gendo cut though the conversation. "Enough of this. We're moving out."
"Not just yet. Why did you bring me here?" Shinji replied.
Gendo smiled ever so slightly. "Isn't it obvious? To pilot it."
Shinji was stunned. "I... Give me time..."
Gendo frowned. "We don't have time."
The reply was stuttered. "Just... Just a minute."

Gendo stopped speaking out over the cage below him. "Fuyutsuki. The spare's taking too long. Give me a line to Rei."
A screen cut to a view of his second in command. "Surely she can't pilot as she is?"
Gendo sneered. "She isn't dead yet."
Shinji stared up at him, "What do you mean, she isn't dead yet!?"
But Gendo just ignored him as the link to Fuyutsuki ended, the video being replaced with black screen with 'sound only' on it in red.
"Rei." He said softly.
"Yes." The audio feed replied.
"The spare is inadequate. We'll need you to pilot."
Once again, a blank yes replied.

Shinji kept looking up at Gendo after he had cut in, but now Gendo had cut the speakers so he couldn't hear anything. Their current pilot, Misato had called her. Well at least he knew what she'd meant now. But she wasn't dead yet, what was that supposed to mean?
Shinji soon found out. Some sort of medical bed was wheeled out with... "You..." Shinji heard himself say softly, as the Girl he'd seen on his way to meet Misato passed him, and started to get off the bed, stopping to shiver in pain.
"Blackmail, is it?" Shinji turned to call up to his father. "Fine. I'll play your game."
He walked up to where the girl was getting off the bed, and slowly put her back on to it. "I've met you before. I wonder if you remember."
But she couldn't speak to reply. She might not even be able to hear him.
Turning back to his father, Shinji continued. "Go on then, set it up, I'm ready."
Akagi spoke into an intercom, which apparently could pick up sound from anywhere in the room. "Configure Unit 01 for a new pilot. Get ready for some tests before the Angel arrives and..."
For the second time in his life, Shinji felt the earth beneath him shake.
Gendo looked towards the roof of the chamber. "It must know where we are..."

Sitting in the entry plug, the apparently breathable lcl washed over him. He'd have minutes, if not seconds, to deal with the angel when he got to the surface. Feeling the warm, thick, fluid flow into his lungs, Shinji relaxed and thought about what he'd have to do. He didn't even know how to pilot the thing, and he was already being forced to use it to fight the thing out there with it. 'Hey' Shinji felt the sound, rather than heard it. 'I did say you'd be a slayer of monsters. Or something.'
Shinji looked around. "I... Did someone just say something?"
One of the techs in the control room looked around. "I was just reading off some feeds..."
Shinji nodded. "Yes, but did anyone say something directed towards me specifically? Like, directed to me and me alone?"
Misato and the Techs glanced at each other for a bit, before the building shook again, making Shinji rapidly dismiss his previous statement.
"You know what, never mind. Just get me out there and fighting."

They'd told him some basics on movement and combat before he launched, as they had a few empty moments before the angel reached the city to begin it's attacks afresh. Shinji was wondering why they described it as launch as the Eva that he was in slowly moved towards something ominously referred to as the launching rails. A few seconds later, he found out as he was propelled to his fate at tremendous speed. He arrived at the surface just as the alien rounded a corner, and turned to face him.

Remember what they said.
Remember how to fight.
Remember that you can't afford to fail.

And remember, always, that life is worth fighting for.