" Stupid Lavi... Stupid Lenalee... everything is just ridiculously and utterly and completely fucking stupid..." Allen huffed as he launched his backpack across the room. "If only I had predicted this kind of incident before it happened... maybe it was kind of obvious with the way they were acting lately... NO WONDER LAVI DIDN'T WANT TO MEET UP TODAY!"

"What the hell are you fretting about this time, baka Moyashi," called Kanda who just happened to be sitting on the couch casually watching anime,

"How can you ask me such a question to my face when you know damn well that I'm ticked off. You are uncommonly mean and it's giving me a headache," replied Allen.

"Well, I told you when you moved into this crappy apartment with me that I plan on making your life a living hell," Kanda called, now finally facing Allen. "Plus, I kinda figured you ticked off when you came in and didn't go straight for the kitchen."

"UGH! At times like these I wish I could eat your soul but I'm not a ginger," Allen sighed, finally deciding that some cake and bacon will make everything a little better than what they were at the moment.

"Don't eat all the bacon," shouted Kanda from the couch. "Knowing you, you'll eat everything in the house and not have a ache or pain about it... if you exclude the hole you just burned in your pocket."

Stupid Kanda... always have to make me feel like a fat ass whenever I get depressed... I just can't help it.

[A/N: Well dear reader, if you haven't noticed our precious Allen happened to walk in on his ex-boyfriend, Lavi, and his ex-best friend, Lenalee, doing the nasty. They didn't noticed that Allen walked in for they were to enwrapped with each other to notice. Now back to little Allen eating...]

Allen had finished his cake and bacon when he realized that there was some pressing matter that had to be dealt with when he had the most time...

"Alright Kanda... I'm going out for a bit. Is there anything that you really need while I'm out? And I mean like you absolutely have to have it today or you'll die," inquired Allen asked as he gathered his belongings.

"Yeah, I do. Bring back soba or don't come back at all."

"I'll see you later then, babe." And with that, Allen left. What Allen didn't know about his little comment is that it affected Kanda more than it should have,.

Damn Moyashi! Always being unnecessarily adorable... Why me? Dear Kami, why me?

Allen was calmly walking to Lavi's house when he had a rather Kanda like thought...

The baka usagi will never know what caught him... It'll be just like Tyki all over again only this time a girl has been put into the equation.

With his plan already decided, Allen stopped walking to Lavi's house and started to walk in the other direction. He was headed to see the most dreaded man in the world for help. Oh, there will be hell to pay...

"Lavi, I kinda feel bad for having to sneak around Allen like this," Lenalee said as she snuggled closer to said rabbit.

"It's not like I want to do this either. It's just that my feeling for you are just too strong for me to stay with Allen," Lavi said wrapping his arms around Lenalee. "Don't get me wrong, I love the kid. I just love you more than I love Allen."

"Lavi, that is so sweet of to say," Lena said as she kissed his cheek.

"You are the only one."

As they looked into each other's eyes, a sense of overwhelming doom was lurking in the background.

"Let's go to bed my sweet," Lavi said as he picked up Lenalee bridal style.

"I feel like a princess."

"Well let me the knight in shining armour who turns the princess into a sex fiend," Lavi said as he marched off to their bedroom for a night of endless romping.

Allen had arrived at a place that he swore that he would never set foot in ever in the rest of his eternities. Here Allen stood outside his past masters house: Cross Marian.

Allen lifted his hand to knock on the door when he remembered whose house this was. He put his hand down and lifted his foot instead. In one swift movement the door was kicked down by the little half pint [Allen: I'm not small] and was shattered across the floor.

"Master! I'm not in the mood right now! Get your ass down here right now or I castrate you with an old rusty spoon," Allen said with a tone that said that things much worse will be done if his master didn't hurry.

"Ah, I see you came to pay my debt for me. Aren't you just a kind brat?" Cross said through the door of one of many bedrooms. There was couple bangs and a loud feminine moan.

"I came here 'cause I need some of your equipment. I don't have the time or patience to pay off your shitload of a debt," Allen retorted, purposefully ignoring the horrid sounds.

"Take what you need. Just hurry up and leave. You're messin' me up."

With that Allen walked into his favorite room of the entire house: THE ARTILLERY. Within the walls of this glorious room, there lays enough technology and information that there would be no need for any type of security, for it wouldn't stand the hacking power of these pieces of art. But this wasn't what Allen was looking for. No, these masterpieces wouldn't satisfy his needs at all. What he needed was the Crown Clown. The mere thought of Crown Clown would make Allen shiver.

As Allen went deeper into the depths of Cross' basement, he realized much fun he was going to have with his most precious and his most deadly invention yet.

And here I thought I wasn't going to have to bring you out again... I'll make sure that you are properly used afterwards... If only Kanda wasn't there then I could keep you with me at all times...

Allen emerged from Cross' basement with a large suitcase in hand and the most sinful of grins that one would mistake him for the devil.

Prepare Lavi and Lenalee because there won't be many more chances that you will get to see each other again...

"Allen get the hell out of my house. There's another woman coming over and I don't need an ugly brat like you to ruin my day or the minds of my women," Cross shouted into the Moyashi face.

"Don't worry, I was just leaving now. And I won't be back until my objective has been completed," Allen replied leaving a trail of evil aura in his wake.

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to live with a deviant little fucker like him all this time... Well of course I'm Cross Marian and I can handle any brat that comes my way.

With the way Allen was walking home, you would have thought that he was just simply angry about something but this was something that not even a hug or ice cream could make up for it. Usually it would be him and Lavi strolling along to his house to do 'rather indecent things', as Kanda would put it. Now, things were just eerily silent and somewhat cold. That's cause Lavi is always feeling on me and blabbing about something stupid...No I can't start thinking about those times when things were just a lie...

Allen continued on his way without bothering to hide his aura that was filled with a mixture of hatred, sorrow, and loneliness. Unknown to him, the people around him attempted to run away without being noticeable. They didn't want to be consumed with whatever was bothering Allen.

Allen arrived home pissed off more than he intended. He slammed the door upon entry. What he saw after entering the living room was something that he never intended on seeing in this lifetime.

There on the couch was Kanda with his hair loose and shirt halfway buttoned. His hair hallowed around his lithe body as if it were a sheet of the finest silk. Under his shirt, you could see that he didn't waste time whenever he went to the gym and his muscles spanned out across his entire form. Kanda's ever present frown was erased with a face of pure innocence and comfort.

Allen unknowingly walked over to the front of the couch and sat down in front of Kanda's face, suitcase containing the Crown Clown lying next to the doorway. Up close Allen could clearly see the way Kanda's face was sculpted. Chiseled and squared, he was still quite attractive even in his slumber.

Allen got up from marveling at Kanda and went to grab a blanket since it would be a little chilly in the living room. As Allen came back to the couch with the blanket, Allen came up with a wicked idea. It was just whether or not his life was worth risking if he did initiate this amusing ruse. Deciding that he didn't give two shits, Allen thought that he was going to go through with his plan.

Once again, Allen approached the couch, blanket in hand and sat down in front of Kanda. Instead of sleeping on the floor like he thought he should, he lied right next to the tall samurai on the couch and snuggled into his chest. This actually doesn't feel that bad... how come I never did this with Lavi...? Oh right we were too busy doing... Allen blushed at the memories that he recalled. He shook his head to rid them from his mind and further snuggled into Kanda's broad chest. He closed his eyes, slowed his breathing , and fell into a peaceful slumber.

Unbeknownst to the white haired man, Kanda was only half asleep when Allen crawled up to him to sleep...

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