The way Kanda looked at Allen wasn't a normal sight to him. Allen wasn't very comfortable under the piercing gaze but he subconsciously admitted that he did like the way Kanda looked at him. Unknowingly, Allen began to lean into Kanda, finally letting his words settle into his mind.

Kanda might have been confused when Allen wrapped his arms around him, but he was absolutely perplexed when Allen pushed his lips against Kanda's.

This kiss compared to the one they shared earlier was worlds better. It seem that while they were having fun, both sets of lips must have shapeshifted so now they fit perfectly together. The gentle kiss was slowly but surely turning into something purely made of lust. The chasteness of the kiss was slowly slipping away as both men pull each other closer. One of Kanda's hands settled on Allen's hips and the other cupping the side of his face. Allen just had his wrapped around Kanda's shoulders.

Someone, neither knew, flicked out their tongue and began to nibble. The kiss was now just a squabble of teeth, tongue, and lips. Their human need for oxygen began to come in play so the two had to pull apart. Kanda rested his head against Allen's. They both were panting heavily and had a giddy grin upon their faces.

"So what are your thoughts on the subject now?" Kanda said as he pulled Allen further into his embrace.

Allen wasn't quite sure on what to say. The kiss muddled his mind and everything seemed to be a little jumbled. So, Allen told Kanda what he had been trying to keep to himself the whole night. Obviously, he couldn't say it to his face so he mumbled it very quietly into Kanda's jacket.

"What was that?" Kanda inquired.

"Awl rowle ryou," Allen said a little bit louder.

"Hmm... I can't let this go until you tell me what your thoughts are."

Allen then looked up into Kanda's eyes and said to him with a faint blush:


The sight before him was something that he had never even thought about. While he was dilly dallying with that female, Allen was getting all cozy with Kanda. From a distance, he could clearly see the way Allen was blushing as he pulled himself into Kanda's arms. He could see how confused but happy was when Kanda was kissed by Allen. His heart clenched as he watched Allen and Kanda's bodies fit perfectly together. When he was with him it was always awkward whenever they touched. When Allen confessed his love to Kanda, he just about die right on the spot. He has never felt this reject since... well he hasn't been rejected so this is a first.

"Hey Allen! What are you doing out this late?" Lavi said finally revealing himself to the others.

"What the hell are you doing here so late?" Kanda snapped at Lavi, releasing his hold on Allen's thin frame.

"I just wanted to see my little love. Isn't that what a boyfriend is supposed to do? Visit his dearest love when he's feeling lonely."

"No one asked you come and I wasn't really all that lonely in the first place. As of right now you have become an eyesore. Also, if I was lonely even just a little you wouldn't be able to comfort me considering you already have a new friend to play with anyway," Allen said, finally speaking up. While he was telling off Lavi, he started closer until he was completely in front of Allen was completely in front of Lavi, he pulled out Crown Clown.

"Allen what are you doing with that?" Kanda asked with a slightly sadistic smirk that sat on his face gleefully.

"Oh, you should know what I'm doing with this, Kanda. It's quite easy to understand the properties of this device," Allen replied, shooting back one of his equally sadistic grins.

And with that, Lavi's scream echo through the night air.

By the time that the two of them reached their lovely home, neither of them really knew how to pretend like nothing just hapepned to the idiotic red head. Instead the two of them just collapsed onto the couch and laughed maniacally. They felt like they had been laughing with each other for hours but it was only minutes that passed by. When their giggling finally came to a stop, the two just sat on the couch and stared deeply into each others eyes.

"Is what you told me true? Do you really love me?" Kanda asked, with gleams of hope and fear in his eyes.

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it... Dumbass" Allen muttered under his breath, desperately trying to hide the blush that was definitely glowing in the dim light of the house. " I'm not that cruel to say it and not mean it..."

"I'm glad that you love me. It seems like it's been forever since there was someone who actually cares. The last guy-" Kanda started.

"UHMP! I don't want to hear about the last guy or girl or majestic fox that you dated. All I want to hear from your lips is the sweet sound of your voice telling me that you feel the same. Please tell me you have the same feelings that I do so that I can actually be happy. I can't risk staying here if you aren't willing to give me all of you," Allen pleaded, nearly sitting in Kanda's lap all the while he gave his little spiel. His usual white hair was now nearly translucent and had a silvery yet golden glow to it and blew in a non-existent wind. Allen's normally grey eyes seemed to glow silver in the moonlight that twinkled in from the large wall made of glass. According to Kanda , this Allen that was seated firmly in his lap was the most beautiful that he has ever laid eyes upon. The mere sight of him made Kanda's insides all tingly and warm with the deepest affection that he has felt in a long time.

"I do... I love you, Allen Walker. I love the way you smile even when you're hurting. I love how you run into my arms whenever you're feeling bad. I love how you sing in the bath when you think I'm not paying attention. I even love your random outburst of maniacal laughter whenever you get of the phone talking to Cross or after you get pass another level on you computer games. Everything that I do know, want to know, and will know about you is unbearably loveable and that is what makes me want you so much."

By this time, both Allen and Kanda had deep cherry blushes on their face. Allen was still sitting on Kanda's lap with Kanda holding him by his waist ever so gently. Neither Kanda nor Allen could bring themselves to look into the eyes of the other because if they did there would be no turning back … no turning back to the goofy, troublesome yet comfortable companionship that was now teetering between 'just friends' and the 'the world's greatest love'.

"I... I..." Allen began. " I love you, too Kanda ... no, Yuu. I love your hair, especially after bath time when the scent of your shampoo is the strongest. I love the way you train your body everyday to keep it in fit condition, even when you are fighting off a fever. I love how your eyebrows furrow together whenever I'm kicking your ass in poker. Also, I love when your face finally relaxes when you fall asleep and let the tension leave your body. Your little imperfection make you perfect in my eyes and you are the only thing, only person that I need in my life to keep me happy."

Allen's hair seemed to continue to be swept up in an imaginary breeze but as he spilled his heart all out to Kanda, it seems as if the breeze turn into a windstorm of sorts. Allen was glowing, almost literally in the light of the living room.

Kanda had somehow coaxed Allen to look in the navy pools of night that were his eyes and gently pulled his face steadily closer to his own. As their lips met in a fearsome kiss the imaginary wind swept the hair of the two lovers into a flurry of whips across their skin. Once again when their lips met it was not merely a touching of lips. It was their own special way of conveying all their love to each other without having to use something verbal. Their special way of saying that no matter the challenger, there will never be anyone who can separate them.

The kiss deepened when Kanda slyly licked and nipped at Allen's lips, begging to enter the moist cave. Allen was all too willing to allow the wandering muscle inside his mouth and explore. He almost outright moaned when Kanda's tongue finally began to prod at his own. The hot, moist intensity of the kiss way making Allen a little light headed and he sadly had to pull back.

The two now sat on the couch, slouched against one another and panting. Allen had his arms firmly lock around the strong, broad shoulder of Kanda and Kanda had his wrapped around the slim hips that belonged to Allen. The living room seemed a little too warm for what they were used to and decided that any further activity shall be carried out and finished in the bedroom.

Kanda had Allen securely in his arms and walked them to his... no their bedroom. Once inside the newly claimed couples room, Kanda gently laid Allen down onto the bed and crawled up his body until they were face to face. Kanda was planning on dragging this out for as long as his patience and tolerance can hold out. He was planning on slowly going in for another kiss but Allen beat him to it.

The kiss that Allen had started was one of pure lust. Though there was no tongue involved, it still seemed to make the bulge that was forming in their trousers to grow even larger. Kanda pulled back from the kiss to nip at Allen's neck and claim him as his own. He then trailed his lips back up the slim neck and fragile jaw line to the red-tipped ear of his Moyashi. Kanda nipped and licked at the sensitive cartilage and blew onto the now wet skin.

"Allen... who is the one making your head spin in a dizzying cloud of lust? Who is the one to have your body? Who is the only one that gets to love you this way and any other? Who is yours?" Kanda whispered into Allen's ear making the red spread all down his entire body.

"You... Yuu is the one to make me feel like this,"Allen whispered back, voice so full of lust that it almost sounds winded. Kanda brought his face back to Allen's and their mouths were back on each others once again.

The temperature in the room continue to rise with the increase activity of the bodies that lie on the bed. The many love bites that Kanda left on Allen's body were still wet and sensitive to the air going across the raised skin. Kanda's ninja like fingers somehow managed to unbutton Allen's button down shirt and was gently removing it as he sucked on the part of his neck that met the shoulder.

Allen whimpered out in pleasurable bliss when Kanda nipped his way down to a rosy nipple. However, nipping was not the only torture the sensitive nub was put through. Kanda had thoroughly nipped, sucked, pinched, chilled, and licked the nubs until they were completely red and perky. Every part of Allen's body was lit on fire. From his rosy cheeks to his nether region, there seemed to be a forest fire that was set upon his skin wherever Kanda touched.

"Kanda... ha... please... more..." Allen pleaded through wet eyelashes. His eyes were glazed over with lust and it seemed that Kanda was fully understand just how bad he wanted this precious little bundle white hair. No... It's a burning need to be completely surrounded in Allen.

Kanda obviously being the closet creep that he is plans to humiliate Allen in a loving way. So he slowly pulls Allen's jeans and underwear away from his body while slowly licking and nipping his way down Allen's porcelain skin.

"Why are taking so long...?" Allen pants while arching his chest into Kanda's teasing mouth. Kanda paid no mind to the whimpers and pleas that fell out of Allen's mouth. He continued to nip and suck his way down the long strip of pale skin called a stomach.

Allen did not enjoy being ignored. That fact that he had the man he has been wanting and looking for all his life has him extremely needy. With the neediness came impatience and that was never a good mindset to have him in while in an aroused state. Kanda was drawing small circles around his navel and dip his tongue in. That's was where Allen had to draw the line.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Kanda as he was suddenly flipped over. The source of his uprooting was the pale, adorable man with white hair. Allen was now seated in Kanda's lap completely naked and he intended on staying there until he got his way.

"When I say you are to hurry up, love, you have to hurry so this doesn't happen. Since we are already in this predicament, I think I shall be taking over from this point on," Allen said in between pants. He then leaned down into the beautiful sculpted chest of Kanda and nipped his way up to his mouth.

They were once again wrapped up in a heated kiss and were slowly falling back into primal need. The Moyashi had taken claim over Kanda's mouth this time and was enjoying every second of it. They pulled back for air.

"Yeah. I'm gonna enjoy being taken from up here. Makes me feel in control without doing anything. Hmmm... Don't you agree?" Allen commented as he stripped Kanda of both his jeans and boxers and threw them to a random corner in the room. Kanda nearly moan at the notion of Allen taking his cock while riding him.

Allen had taken his rightful place back on Kanda's legs just below his prize. He was hungrily looking at his new prize and slowly leaned down to lick the head. Allen had take the head of Kanda's cock into his mouth and gently started to suck. Kanda was having the time of his life with Allen's moist, hot mouth wrapped around him. Allen had taken all of Kanda's cock into his mouth and was now deep throating and him.

"Allen… Moyashi… Sto-... Comi-... Ngh…" Kanda said between baited breath. He could feel the pressure building up inside of him and he wanted to be inside of Allen before he exploded. The only problem is that Allen wouldn't stop sucking. he was just about to explode into Allen's mouth when he actually pulled off.

"Nope, you don't get to cum yet," Allen sighed as he scooted his body further up Kanda's. He was now settled over Kanda's manhood and was sensually grinding his own manhood into his.

"Where's the lube?" Allen breathed out as he continued to grind his pelvis into Kanda's. Kanda was temporarily unable to talk from the sexiness that Allen's seemed to ooze out if his pores. He almost didn't hear Allen's request until he stopped panting for a moment.

"The side table..." Kanda managed to pant out. Allen had shifted off of Kanda's lower half for a second to retrieve the bottle of lube and was once again settled back over his crotch.

"Hmmmm…. Minty? Never found you as the sugary type," Allen said as he started to stretched himself for what was to come in the next few minutes. He slicked up his other hand and stroked the minty lube onto Kanda's manhood. The tingly sensation was starting to get to both of them and Kanda urged Allen to hurry.

Allen was soon done prepping himself and was positioning himself over Kanda's joystick when Kanda panted out those sweet words.

"I love you, Aren…"

With those words, Allen sank down onto the stiff cock and began to adjust to the further stretching. He moan out at the painful pleasure and began to move up and down on his new toy. Kanda was merely enjoying the view of Allen bouncing up and down on his shaft, cheeks flushed, and tears in his sparking silver eyes.

Kanda had flipped them over so Allen was back under him and slowed down the quick pace that Allen had set for their love making. The tight, wet heat that was Allen was drive him crazy and Kanda couldn't keep a slow pace for very long. Halfway through, Kanda began to pound relentlessly into Allen's hole and was beginning to feel his climax approaching.

Although he didn't know it, Allen was nearing his end as well and he was getting there fast. His cheeks seemed to be in a permanent hue of fire engine red and they seemed to glow in the dark. The peaks of their climax almost seemed to be joined and both of their rockets shot out into the aerospace above and crash landing onto Allen's chest and stomach.

Kanda pulled out of Allen and flopped over to his side. Allen immediately curled up into the warm chest of Kanda and snuggled his face into the crook of his neck and shoulder. The new couple layed there soundless excluding their heavy panting and the bedside clock ticking away.

"I hope to whatever deity that this was not a beautiful dream and I wake up from a coma tomorrow," Allen gently whispered after his breathing was back to normal. He snuggled closer to Kanda and sighed.

"I can't agree more," Kanda replied with slight chuckle. He threw his arms around Allen's petite body and snuggle close together for the night. The two dozed lightly and finally fell asleep to the gentle drumbeats of each others hearts.

Sorry that it took me six billion years to upload this. I had a little difficulty staying focused and actually writing this part of this story. Schools about to start and I still have to work on chapter to of Demon in My Piano. MY brain is to skitsy to have all this stuff going on at once. And I still haven't read my summering reading books. LoL I'm such a rebel