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Two days had passed since the incident with Elena. Bonnie and Caroline walked into Mystic Falls Grill; Caroline was supposed to be meeting Tyler in thirty minutes so she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see how her friend was doing. They slid in to a booth and waited patiently for the waiter to come take their order. Caroline observed her friend acutely, she looked rested and carefree. Maybe Bonnie was over it after all, Caroline wasn't sure if she would have taken everything in stride like Bonnie had.

"Stop staring," Bonnie said.

"Sorry, it's just that you look so calm and content."

"Those two days really helped."

"Where did you go?"

"That's classified business," she laughed as the waiter approached their table, pouring them each a class of water and took their orders.

"So, umm, we haven't heard from Elena and believe me I don't care enough to ask, but Stefan seemed worried and I'm going to ask you anyway," Caroline paused, "Have you heard from Damon?"

No she had not heard from Damon and truth be told she was a little pissed off. Jerk didn't have the decency to attempt to apologize? She was suddenly fuming.

"No," she replied simply.

"Strange, that is unlike Damon to just disappear."

"Really Care? I think that's right up his alley."

While the girls were talking, Liam walked into the bar and Bonnie felt a chill down her spine. She turned towards the entrance and noticed the blond boy, but there was something different, something she couldn't quite put her finger on. He saw her and smiled, closing the distance between them.

"Hi, I'm Liam," he said extending his hand to Caroline. She frowned at him slightly then smiled.

"Caroline Forbes."

"I know who you are; we have Modern Global Studies together."

"Hadn't noticed," she replied curtly. She inhaled deeply and noticed the faith smell of blood. However, it didn't smell like human blood.

"Yeah, well I'm just a regular human being," he chuckled then turned his attention to Bonnie, "I'm sorry about what happened the last time we were together."

"Forgiven and forgotten," she replied.

"May I join you?"


He sat beside her, across from Caroline. The way Caroline was staring at him, made Bonnie wonder if she had felt something off about Liam as well.

"I have to go meet Tyler now," Caroline said, rising from her seat, "Keep safe Bon."

Bonnie waved goodbye to her friend. She faced Liam as he started to make conversation.

"How have you been?" Liam asked.

"Good," she replied sticking a fry into her mouth.

"Thought about any colleges for Fall yet?"


"I can't help but feel like you don't want to talk."

Bonnie shrugged then realized that maybe she was being a little too rude to him. He rose up from the booth and she touched his hand to tell him to stay. When her hand made contact with him, she got a chill sensation and images began to form in front of her eyes. Images of a beautiful blonde girl crying, an immobile body on the floor and blood, lots and lots of blood.

"What!" Bonnie moved as she fell backward into her seat.

"huh?" he asked.

"Nothing, I have to go. I'm really tired and I have to go."

Bonnie pushed pass him and ran out the door to her car. She opened the door, sat in the car then took out her cellphone. For the first time in three days she dialed Damon Salvatore's number.

Damon was a wreck. His skin was flaking, his eyes were bloodshot and he didn't know how he was still alive. I t had been three days since he was in this dungeon. Three days of pure torture. She would slice his skin and watch hum bleed before the wound closed itself. While she did this, she kept chanting, "Is this familiar Damon? Is it? Is it?" Damon had gone hours without blood before but never days. He groaned slightly when she returned once more.

"Tonight is your last night Damon," Leia said while she poured kerosene around the room. "And because it's your last night, I will tell you what you have yet to figure out."

Damon was in no mood to hear about her story or tales of revenge. In fact, he was ready to die. He was welcoming death. He had lived his fair share of life. However, there was something holding him back or rather someone that he wasn't ready to lose. Even though he knew he had already lost her.

"Fifteen years ago, I was a small ten year old girl with a mother who loved her dearly. I had a four year old half-brother who was obsessed with the supernatural. My mother met a man who was enough to replace the memory of my father and I was ecstatic. He was so good to me, better than my father had been. One night, I came home and heard screams coming from her bedroom. I saw you Damon, I saw you drinking from her, draining her of her blood!" she shouted as she drove a stake into his chest. Damon groaned in agony. He didn't remember her mother, fuck, he didn't remember her.

"You were invited into my home by my brother, Liam, you've met him before, he was dating your friend, the witch, Bonnie Bennett?" Damon lunged forward, "Or is it more than friends? I've been watching you Damon, for a long, long time."

Damon eyes rolled over when she removed the stake and placed it to his genitals.

"You then took my step father, Marcosias and tortured him for THREE DAYS!"

At the mention of the name, the memories came flooding back to Damon. He was searching for the witches Talisman to free Katherine when met the warlock named Marcosias. He had approached him nicely, asking him to locate the talisman, when that didn't work he used forced. He never got what he wanted but it was still worth it. His blood was especially delicious.

"Do you remember now Damon? Do you remember how you broke a family apart?" Leila plunged the knife into his pelvis. Damon couldn't hold back the screech that erupted from his mouth. "You destroyed everything of value and purpose to me! EVERYTHING! You have to die, Damon, you have to."

Fuck. Once again Bonnie's call had gone straight to voice mail This had to be the fifth time that she had called Damon. Something was up because Bonnie knew Damon, she knew that after the second call, he would have answered, if only to tell her to stop calling. She changed the number and dialed Stefan instead.

"Hey, Bon," he picked up after the first ring.

"I think there's something wrong with Damon."

"Oh don't we all know it," Stefan said.

"No, I mean, he's in trouble, well actually, I don't know if he's in trouble, but he was with a girl once and she's in trouble? I don't know," she mumbled to Stefan.

"Bonnie, what are you saying?"

"The blonde girl, I touched Liam and I saw the blonde girl, and blood."

"I thought your psychic visions were done for."

"No time to explain Stefan, meet me in like twenty minutes."


"I'm not sure yet, but I'm about to find out, I'll text you."

Bonnie hung up the phone call and watched as Liam exited The Grille. He went to his car and pulled out of the parking lot. Bonnie had no idea why but she felt like he was the solution to her problem. Call it witches intuition but she knew that Liam was leading her to a Mr. Damon Salvatore.

"What's the most tortuous way for a vampire to die, Damon?" Leia asked as she paced back and forth.

Damon had been in and out of consciousness during the last bits of her speech. Somehow Marcosias related the information of his death to Liam and promised to exact revenge. After both parents death, they moved in with Liam's mother who was human and knew nothing of the supernatural world. Weird that Bonnie hadn't sense even a little bit of supernatural presence in the boy.

Leia moved towards the door, Liam is supposed to arrive in a few minutes. She was finally ready to be rid of this bastard. How could a face so beautiful hold a heart so cruel? She wondered as she paced the length of the room. She was feeling powerful; she was finally able to get her revenge on Damon Salvatore. She must admit though, he was a pretty good lay. She wanted for the opportune moment and strike, she was proud.

"You know, Damon, you spend so much time pushing people away that you are left alone," Leia said quietly, Damon merely swayed his head to the side. "If you weren't such an awful person, you would have probably had someone come rescue you, but you've been missing for three days and your friends don't care."

She moved away from the door and to the table, "Actually let's see if you have any messages, mhm."

She took his cell off the table and powered it on. She saw a couple of missed calls and text messages.

"Let's read them out loud, while we wait for the grand finale, yes?" she smirked.

(Three Days Ago)

Stefan: Where are you?

Elena: I'm sorry Damon, I meant what I said, but I love Stefan and I have to fight for him.

Caroline: Dick move.


Bonnie: Where are you?

Bonnie: Are you not going to answer? Damon it's an emergency.

Bonnie: You cannot be mad at ME!

Stefan: Bonnie thinks you're hurt or something, you may be a shit brother but you are still family, answer me.

Leia closed the cell, "I stand corrected, apparently you do have people who care."

Damon groaned and if he could, he would have smiled. He had people who cared about him but for some reason he still felt like he didn't deserve it, he didn't deserve to be Stefan's brother or Elena's friend. Maybe deep down inside he felt like he didn't deserve to be Bonnie's boyfriend either and that's why he kissed Elena. Ruin it before it even has a chance right?

"This Bonnie chick has been calling you a lot today," Leia frowned. She took up her cell and dialed Liam, something was wrong.

Bonnie slowed as the car she was trailing pulled up into a vacant parking lot. Liam stepped out of the car and got something out of the trunk. Bonnie observed as he pulled a book out of the back. The book looked familiar. Then she heard his cell ring and he answered it. She used this opportunity to text Stefan her coordinates and told him to meet her as soon possible. Bonnie watched as Liam became visibly upset at the person on the other end. He then stormed into the warehouse.

Bonnie let the engine die and got out of the car. She followed Liam up through the path, keeping a safe distance. Walking through the doors, she had a whiff of what smelled like blood. Liam paused before a door and knocked softly. The door opened and that's when Bonnie saw her, the blond girl. He gave her the book, because the light shone directly Bonnie was able to identify it. It was a Grimoire.

"About fucking time you got here," Leia frowned.

"Whatever, where is he?"

"Where he always is, idiot."

"Why are you so grumpy?" Liam asked as he walked pass his sister.

"I just want to get this done quickly before something goes wrong."

"Nothing will go wrong."

They walked into the room facing Damon, who's wounds were healing very slowly. Damon groaned over in pain and Liam was enjoying the sight. This bastard took his father from him. It wasn't easy masking his powers from the Bennett witch, but she was vulnerable and unsuspecting of anything. The witch was more powerful than him and if they could combine their powers, they would be unstoppable. So, no he would never give up on Bonnie and once this pest is out of his life, he can devote his time to getting her back.

"Damon Salvatore, my how the mighty have fallen," Liam laughed.

His only response was a guttural growl from Damon. Damon couldn't and definitely wouldn't make it another day. There was no way he can survive this long after being so beaten and bruised without blood. Damon Salvatore was going to die tonight either way.

Bonnie gasped as she heard Damon's name. She dialed Stefan quickly and got no reply. What was she going to do? She stood up and leaned against the wall. Liam was a warlock, how did she not know? He wasn't even full blooded! Bonnie knew by the sounds coming from the room, that Damon wouldn't make it. Where is Stefan when you need him? She growled to herself.

Bonnie paced back and forth, she didn't have much time. She needed to think this through; there was only one of her and two them. How could she save Damon without hurting anyone? Why did things have to be so difficult? She raked through her mind to think of any quick spell that she knew which didn't require much energy or work. She had gotten stronger in these couple of months but she wants a spell that won't hurt them.

She turned around quickly to see Stefan, standing behind her.

"He's here, I can sense him," Stefan said softly.

"Yeah, he's in there being tortured and I'm pretty sure that they are going to kill him."

"Bonnie, we have to help him,"

"I know that but can we have a strategy first?"

"Ok, let's discuss strategy."

Damon faintly heard voices talking but they didn't sound like Leia or Liam. They were hushed tones. He was passing in and out of consciousness. He was incapable of reciting anything that he had been told within the last hour. He groaned aloud and watched through hooded eyes as Liam performed a spell. Spells made him think of Bonnie, he wished he had the opportunity to apologize, to explain himself to her. Damon fell back and closed his eyes. He's not a very remorseful person but he would have liked to apologize to Caroline and Jeremy as well. Maybe it was the fact that he was at death's door that was speaking to him but he wanted to redeem himself. Damon felt his conscious slipping once again and heard a voice that he recognized, the voice was low and steady, "Hang in there brother, we are coming for you."

Bonnie walked into the room and swayed her hands in front of her, making the grimoire fly across the room.

"What the fuck?" shouted Liam.

He spun around to find Bonnie Bennett standing at the door chanting a spell he knew all too well. He put his hands up in a defensive mode trying to counteract it when something flashed pass him and unto Damon.

"NO!" Liam shouted, as Stefan broke Leia's neck.

Bonnie watched as the young warlock got angry. He started chanting in an ancient language which Bonnie did not recognize.

"Stefan! Leave now!" Bonnie yelled.

She watched as Stefan broke the chains and held Damon against him. She pointed at the door and Stefan nodded. He walked to the door, being careful with Damon on his back. Bonnie turned to Liam who had finished chanting. She didn't want to hurt him and she wished Stefan hadn't killed his sister.

"What are you doing Bonnie?" Liam shouted, "you've ruined everything!"

"How did I not know you were a warlock?"

"Because you're a terrible witch," he spat.

She moved her hand and threw him into the wall. "No I'm not."

"Why did you save him Bonnie? He hurt you! He's the reason your grams is gone and your mom's a vampire."

"How do you know that?"

"I've done my research; I know that you guys were dating too! Such a shame, he cheated, the doppelganger is better looking though, so I can see why he did," He laughed.

"creynis lethars molics triandes," Bonnie said, a spell she learned which paralyzed his body.

She went over to his body, and stared into his wide eyes. Damon almost back to his full strength after drinking from a two humans that Stefan compelled and drinking a couple blood bags, stood in front of Bonnie.

"Damon!" Bonnie screamed before he plunged a wooden stake into Liam's chest.

However, the stake exploded and Bonnie quickly recognized the spell that Liam had casted earlier, "DAMON RUN!" she shouted.

Damon spun around quickly as he saw Bonnie move in front of him just as a few wooden stakes made its way to Damon. She tried to redirect the stakes and destroy some of them. She was able to get almost all of them except one. The one that was currently lodged into Bonnie's chest a few inches below her heart. Everything faded to black.

Oh, no I do not hook up, up I go slow, so if you want me I don't come cheap, keep your hand in my hand and your heart on your sleeve