AN: How's it shaking guys? Prodigy Platter here. I'm pretty new in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfic world since I started out writing Persona and Kingdom Hearts fanfics but anyway, I present to you A Monster Of A Life. Ever wondered what these duel monsters think when they are in a duel? Or when they are just lounging around when they're not in one? Or are you curious what relationships then have with each other? Or what their personalities actually are? Well, look no further because here it is!

A Monster Of A Life
By Prodigy Platter

1:Polymerization is Copulating?

"Elemental HERO Burstinatrix!" Jaden called out and summoned the red Elemental in attack position, her eyes looking at the opponents' monster. A smirk occupied her lips. The monster she was facing was the Giant Orc with zero defense points. It fell into defense position when it attacked the defensive Elemental HERO Clayman and now it was her turn to avenge the poor destroyed Elemental, readying her bursting fire to incinerate the weak monster.

"Are you ready Burstinatrix?" Elemental HERO Avian called from her side. She nodded fiercly, itching to destroy. Avian smirked and spread his white glorious wings too.

But the Battle Phase never came. They looked at Jaden with questioning faces. Their questions were then answered when Jaden showed the opponent the card in his hand. Polymerization. A swirl then appeared between the two Elementals, dragging them into the middle.

"Burtinatrix," her fellow Elemental said as they were about to be sucked in, "Sparkman said we look like we copulated and you concieved the Flame Wingman." The comment made Burstinatrix's face flare up from embarrassment, the small ember in her hand growing into a fire as tall as herself.

"He said what?" she screamed as they were about to be fused with each other. Avian never really got the chance to reply as they were fully absorbed by the spell card.

Burstinatrix never really liked the feeling of Polymerization. The feeling of being sucked into the vortex and morphing with others just didn't settle fine in her mind. They had to share one body so teamwork was a definite essential. In addition to that, Sparkman's little comment just made her think about it more.

The more she thought about it, the more it made sense. She was, in a way, copulating with her trusted friend Avian and it just ruined their platonic relationship with each other. How would she cooperate with Avian if all these thoughts occupied her head. Burstinatrix groaned in frustration.

But still, it was her job and to let Jaden win this duel, she would have to suck it up and be a man, well, woman in this case. With Avian, they started morphing into the famous Elemental HERO Flame Wingman.

"I summon the Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!" Jaden screamed his lungs out and they, being Avian and Burstinatrix in one body, emerged from the swirling vortex.

"You looked a bit rattled Burstinatrix. What does copulating mean anyway?" Avian asked from the inside of Flame Wingman's body. He had control of the arm that did not have the dragon's head. Swinging it to test his maneuverability, he was contented and look at the defense positioned monster.

"Erm... Nothing," Burstinatrix simply replied, not daring to look at the Winged Elemental right beside her. She moved the dragon's head around, feelings its flexibility and power. This was to get used to the controls of the shared body but mostly to use an excuse to not look at Avian. Her face was burning red hot from the comment.

"When I get my hands on that excuse for a spark plug," she muttered darkly, confusing Avian.

"Let's do this Flame Wingman, attack with Skydive Scorcher!" Both Elementals complied with the request and flew high up the arena. They could see everything from the high position but the sight was short lived as Avian dived down with his one wing a hundred miles per hour. Burstinatrix kick started the fire inside the dragon's mouth and aimed at the ugly monster. Then, the duo of monsters destroyed the Giant Orc with a flame so hot, it could melt anything.

"And that's not all! Flame Wingman, show 'em your superpower!" The Flame Wingman nodded and aimed at the defenseless duelist. Burstinatrix charged up and release a hot wave of fire right at the duelists face, incinerating his face and not to mention his Life Points.

The steady decrease of Life Points was heard until they head a beep, signalling that the meter was down to zero. Both Elementals inside the body smiled and nodded, contented by their work.

"Good job Burstinatrix!" Avian congratulated her with a thumbs up. "Now, how about we copulate? Wait, what does it even mean?" the winged Elemental couldn't help but ask.

Burstinatrix's face lit up once more. Suddenly, the Flame Wingman defused and the unsuspecting and clueless Avian was slapped hard by the burning hot Burstinatrix.

"Don't say that!" she screamed at the winged Elemental before disappearing into the deck, flustered by Avian's words.

Avian was frozen, then turned to the duelist standing right behind him. He stared at Jaden and Jaden stared back, both obviously confused at what just happened. Not believing his eyes when the Flame Wingman defused by itself and Burstinatrix slapping the other half of the fusion monster, he turned to Syrus, who was staring at Avian too with his mouth ajar.

"Hey Sy, did Avian just asked to copulate with Burstinatrix?"

"I think so..."

"Erm... Sy," Jaden asked once more to the small duelist, "what does copulating mean?"

Poor Syrus could only stare at Jaden with disbelief.

AN: How was it? I haven't really tried my comedic skills but I hope this satisfied your giggles a little bit. As you can see, I gave Burstinatrix a sort of a tsundere type personality and Avian a clueless innocent kind personality. I also tapped into Sparkman's behaviour but I'll elaborate more in the next chapter or so about him.

Yes, I did put Jaden and Alexis as characters since well... Hm... I think I'll just let this story explain why its Jaden and Alexis ;)

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Well, that's Chapter 1 of A Monster Of A Life!

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