"Ridge, I need to see you now," Insisted Katie.

Ridge was startled to hear Katie's voice. They had both agreed they would not be in contact with each other. "I'm still at work. You know where to find me"

"Is Brooke there?" Katie asked urgently.

"No she's at the house" Ridge paused, "Katie, we both agreed,"

Katie cut him off, "I know what we agreed. But I need to see you."

The line went dead.

Katie barged into the Forrester office without knocking. Ridge stood up immediately, "Katie, what's going on?"

"Ridge, we screwed up big time."

"What?" Ridge said, clearly confused, he didn't know what she meant.

"I'm pregnant. And we both know the father isn't my husband!"

"How?" whispered Ridge "We were so careful!"

"Not careful enough!" Katie snapped

This is my fault, thought Ridge. He had known Katie was vulnerable after another fight with Bill. When she came to his house in search of comfort from her sister, Ridge was the only one there to console Katie. To make it even worse, Steffy was at Spencer Publications, most likely in the CEO's office. "No one can know."

"Ridge, if people find out, this will destroy both of our relationships!"

"That's why no one will," Ridge stated. "Get an abortion."

"No!" Katie yelled! "I'm not killing our innocent little child!"

"A child that will ruin people's lives." Ridge said. "Do it for yourself. You know the risks of carrying a baby with your condition."

"Ridge I love this baby and," Katie braced herself, "I love you,"

Ridge loved her too. He had always admired her from a distance, knowing they could never be together. After their night together, he knew he was wrapped around her finger, maybe even more tightly than he was around Brooke's or Taylor's.

"Katie, if you won't get an abortion, you'll have to convince Bill it's his," Ridge told her.

"Piece of cake,' replied Katie, "the not so easy part is pretending I don't have feelings for you. Admit it Ridge! I can feel the love between us and I know you'll love this baby too. Just give us a chance!"

Ridge shook his head, "I can't break up a marriage."

"Not like you've never done it before!"

"Brooke would never forgive you Katie!"

Katie's confidence wavered. She couldn't lose her sister, she loved her too much. "Okay," Katie sighed "But I don't know how much longer I can keep this game up."

Ridge kissed her gently, "You can do it. You're the strongest person I know. Do it for me and your baby."

With that, Katie turned away and walked out of Forrester Creations.