Chapter One: Crouching Tiger

The sky above MegaKat City was painted a brilliant bray of pinks, blues, and oranges, while the few remaining stars blinked dimly as they slowly disappeared behind the golden arms of the sun. The clock on top of city hall chimed 1...2...3...4... 5 times, announcing the time to the sleeping kats. There was almost no movement, except for the crumpling sound from a sheet of news paper that skipped across the road, over a closing manhole lid. The sound of swashing sewer waters could barely be heard along with the sound of another manhole top being opened. A green lizard-kat emerged from the sewers, his fur mixed with scales gleamed in the early morning light. His forever yellow eyes scanned the white building in front of him. With a hiss and a smile, that showed most, if not all, of his sharp; pearl; fangs, as he advanced toward MegaKat Biochemical Lab.

"It ssshould be here, sssomewhere…." The reptilian kat whispered to himself as he studied the many bottles that contended a some sort of strange purple liquid. "Ahhh, here it iss." he hissed quietly as he extended his arm and grabbed one. "Katalyssst 19." He sneered as he healed the bottle in front of his face. His evil sneaker vanished quickly as he saw two figures threw the liquid.

"Up a little early, ehh Dr. Viper?" The smaller of the two taunted.

"The SssWAT Katsss!" Dr. Viper hissed in anger as he brought the vile of katalyst 19 down, but suddenly relaxed. "No matter."

"What are you up to, this time Viper?" The bigger one demanded.

He was answered with a low growl and a pair of deadly glowing yellow eyes coming from the corner of the room.

"What the…" he trailed off as a big mutated tiger emerged from the shadows that once consumed it from vision. It was a little bigger in both height and width than a normal sized tiger, and was green in color with darker green stripes. Its legs we're long and muscular, built for both power and speed and jaws strong enough to crush a rhino's back legs is half.