Better to say "My Boyfriend"

(A/N: Attempting a series of drabbles for the egoistic brat of the house. Eh, I always have a soft spot for little kawaii tsundere punks like Varil anyways. Please note that I don't have the strongest of memories, so I might not have the dialogues exactly like in the game, thus I seek forgiveness in advance.)

"Aren't you satisfied with that? Is it better to say than 'my boyfriend'?"

Those two questions had been echoing in my head for the longest time, with each and every step I took after that day when she said that. We were at the Gold Guild that time, when she had agreed to accompany me to face my father. As embarrassing as this sound, I'm glad she did, because I would have never accomplished such a heavy task alone. She stood there beside me, backing me up as I questioned my father. Her presence pushed me to be much braver than I can imagine, though perhaps it's the fact that she's a girl. ...Or that she's the only friend I have. Or both. But definitely not as a 'girlfriend'.

Pratty. Ha, I remember how amused I was when she introduced herself, such a stupid name. It fits her though, because she even looks stupid. After the short amount of time talking to her and that brash Guardian Beast floating around her, it dawned on me that her stupidity is the most recognizable quirk she displayed.

"And do you always speak before thinking? It won't be long before my master is stronger than you," her Guardian Beast piped up in her defence the second her face contorted into a rather vulnerable glint after one of my infamous verbal attacks. Rasho is the beast's name, if I remember it right. Back then, I shrugged off that warning as if it's the most insignificant matter exist in the events of my life, but now... Heh. It must be fate responding to that warning by arranging our very first battle with each other at the harbour. I guess I was impatient to show off my skills with the best newly-crafted spear ever made in my guild at the time that caused me to be so hasty.

While I was raising my lance to make the first move, that was it. That was the time when I first saw a different shade of this idiot in front of me. Perhaps it was how imbalanced her stance is yet so self-assured, or perhaps it was how she equipped that drill around her fist with pride and modesty all at the same time, or maybe...just maybe, of how her eyes glistened in response of a commencing battle. There is no insecurities like before, nor are there fear or diffidence. There is absolutely none of that; I can't even detect the smallest speck of doubt in her fixed gaze.

What's more is she didn't look like an idiot at all right at that moment.
That got me off-balanced.

Her Guardian Beast stood back, only reacting to her orders, and when she did ordered, he answered to it effectively. It surprised me in the middle of the fight to have witnessed such a team, it's almost like they're connected. Not perfectly, but enough to startle me. I was caught in surprise when the sound of her novice drill clashing against my flawless lance brought me up to reality. Then, the horrible noise of shattering. She freaking broke my perfectly-crafted spear...using such a cruddy weapon.

I was so utterly befuddled by the sight of my weapon breaking into pieces; I only stood there staring at my hand and the crushing shaft.
Just who is this idiot?

Rasho hollered out a victory cry, while this odd girl who defeated me only fell on her knees, wiped a trail of sweat on her forehead and sighed contently. I was chained to the ground for a moment, but thankfully Nigelle brought me back to my senses by resting his hand on my shoulder, indicating comfort. I shrugged off his hand, angry and confused of how impossible it is for this amateur to beat me...yet, it just happened.

Pratty didn't scoffed at me or rubbing her victory in my face, like Sanary who's standing close by, but merely just stared at me with such sympathized eyes, it pisses me off more. That's the moment when my mind was made up; to have this idiot as my rival.

(A/N: Well now. This is actually a full-blown huge one-shot originally, but my fingers won't stop typing so it Thus, I have to cut the whole thing in pieces so it can be like these series of drabbles. It's still unfinished, and I never meant to post it in fanfiction in the first place, but I just re-read the whole thing after...almost 2 years of ignoring its existence, and it gave me the squee. So... what the heck.)