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One morning, Nigelle just randomly informed me of an old saying that if you want to know how a girl will act once she's married; observe her mother. I was so taken aback by this sudden information that I scoffed at the butler.

Why would I be interested in observing how a girl behaves once she's married? There's no reason for me to be curious at all. I didn't realize, at the time, that I had subconsciously taken the advice into consideration at the back of my mind.

It seems as if fate really loves to watch me squirm because a few days after that, my sources reported to me that there's a strange man floated by at the docks. Upon arriving, I noticed Sanary and Razzy were already there, helping a red-haired woman pulling up the man on our dry metallic land. Just when I was in earshot of what they're discussing, Razzy suddenly shouted.

"Oh, Big Sis! You're finally here!"

I whirled around, and indeed, the idiot of the town has finally arrived.
...Not that I was glad she's there or anything.

"Oh, Mother and Sanary are here too," Pratty uttered almost blankly, and that one simple sentence rendered me silent. My eyes must have widened a bit, because I was staring into the nothingness of air, trying to process that one sentence.

Slowly, my head turned to the only woman in the group; this gentle-looking lady with semi-long red hair and a very reserved expression. Her eyes are closed in a soft way that almost seemed dangerous. I stared dumbly at her, totally blocking any sounds from entering my ears while Pratty and Sanary are discussing with each other on what's going on.

"Your mom's trying to find out what happened to him," Sanary's words entered my head somehow, even with my ears blocking the sounds. I was completely speechless as I stared at the woman, who's trying to question the amnesiac of his well-being. Nigelle's strange old saying echoed in my head exactly the way he had said it, and though the logical part of my mind refused to believe such a stupid saying since there's no proof or explanation whatsoever that freely determines a person's way of acting is similar to their parents, I just can't stop staring at the woman.

One thought whispered in my mind silently, 'Is Pratty going to be just like that when she's married?'

A split second after that whisper was heard inside the void of my brilliant mind, I violently shook my head. Why would I think such a thing? I don't care how Pratty is going to turn out when she's married, or who she'll marry for that matter-

The buzz in my thought suddenly paused in alarm...and then beginning to charge right back to a more rigorous gear. Who WILL she marry? She mentioned a lot about Sakuro... Rasho is an even scarier thought. Another violent shook of the head. What was I thinking?

"Oh, Pratty, you're here right when I need you. Can you carry this young man to our house? He needs rest and a good meal to regain his strength," requested the woman. I snapped out of my thought just in time to hear Pratty's optimistic, "You got it!" I instantly turned my attention to the man who got washed here, still dripping wet and weak, but of course larger and heavier than Pratty. Why would this woman ordered her small scrawny daughter to lug this guy all the way to the other side of Wystern itself, their house is literally at the furthest corner from the port.

"I can handle it." A deep voice responded out of the blue.

Ah right, her Guardian Beast. I had almost forgotten about him. Seeing that there's no point in me being there anymore, I was about to be on my way off when...

"Hey, you over there, help us!"

I paused my steps, "Who? Me?" The red-haired woman had her attention right at me and just smiled ever so gently, "Yes, you. This is a man's job." I hesitated, and for that short second, I casted a glance to Pratty, who looked at me with those usual stupid eyes, and then I noticed Rasho frowning. My eyes were fixated into that frown, and then he freaking glared at me. Quite surprised by this sudden murderous glance, my hesitation sounded pretty clear, "Umm... But..."

"Oh boy, you don't want to get into an argument with me over this.."

Pratty's mother suddenly whispered in an almost deadly tone, which broke my defences instantly by that mere dangerous slant of her eyes directed right towards me. "Uhh... Yeah...okay." That has been the best choice of my entire life, and I'm forever grateful I agreed.

"Boy, you are one stupid human if you ever cross Amariss," Rasho had whispered to me while the three of us were carrying the man. I turned to him with my eyebrows creasing in confusion, still utterly shocked by what just happened actually. How did I immediately agreed to that woman's request so easily, and she just used one threatening look. A very threatening look. Pratty caught my shock rather quickly and smiled, "Ahaha.. I'm sorry if my mother scared you, Varil."

Of course, I frowned at her baseless assumption and stood my ground, "I was not scared. I had merely accepted her request."
I was just startled because Pratty's face just overlapped with her mother's when Amariss threatened me. Now I can easily believe how Pratty would turn out once she became somebody's wife.

"Psh, you just 'accepted' her request because I had promptly signalled you to GO with it."

Rasho sneered. Oh, so that death glare was meant to save me from a woman's mysterious wrath. How generous of him.

Since the man's clothes are still wet and soggy, it didn't take long for my own shirt to get wet with his arm slung over my shoulders. Pratty got his other arm, but since she didn't look like she can take all that weight herself, Rasho's at her side assisting her. "I hope he's okay..." she had uttered softly and turned her head sideways to glance at the half-unconscious man. I cornered my eyes, and I could see how clear her face is...and how close she is. With the god-forsaken guy's head in between our distance, that is.

"Varil, are you okay? You look a little spaced out."

I grunted as a response, no way I'd tell her that I just thought of how she acted like when she's married. Pratty tilted her head slightly with a frown, but lead the way to her house anyway, where the others were waiting since they took a head-start towards there.

Upon stepping inside the modest house she and her mother lived in, I had to wonder for a moment if everything's worth it. If helping this man is worth it, if even getting involved with all the craziness this idiot attract is worth it.

"Pratty, would you mind fetching some dry clothes for this man?" The red-haired woman asked her daughter. My head immediately spun towards Pratty, who's pretty soaked herself from having to carry a soggy man all the way from the docks to her house. Said Pratty was busy stretching her arm from carrying the man for so long, so she just calmly looked up to her mother and smiled.

"Yes, mother." Seeing her being so respectful of her maternal figure kind of pierced something inside me in all the wrong directions. Just when that's happening internally, her serene voice woke me up.

"Varil, you're pretty soggy too.. Come on up, I'll fetch you a towel."

...Did she just invited me inside her room? Alone? Together? With her? ...What.

Despite her invitation that just froze my brain, my body complied to her wishes...well, my wishes as well, and strutted up the staircase with her and entered the open door of where Pratty has grown up in. The girl just briskly went up to the corner of the room and pulled a towel that was hanging there. She threw the towel to me without even explaining much and went off outside of her room in a quick pace.

"Um..." After catching the towel, I spun around to follow her with my eyes, trying desperately to catch even a slight bit of her attention.

Pratty had disappeared into another room, leaving the door open and allowing me to take a look inside after a short stride there. The silver-haired craftknight is trying to reach something above a cupboard she's currently leaning on, and my eyebrows immediately shot up high by her figure that was graciously revealed to me.

Since she's stretching herself like that, I could clearly see her abdomen curves down smoothly before extending out the curve of her backside. Despite myself, I found my eyes immediately locked to her rump. Somehow, just by the sight of it, I found myself swallowing my spit.

She had apparently heard me approached the door and turned around to face me, "Say Varil, can you get that thing for me?" It took me a short moment to shook myself awake and remind myself that she's trying to reach something from the top shelf of the cupboard there.

Having no idea what that 'thing' is, I just stepped in beside her and reached up to the compartment. In that short moment, the corner of my eyes caught how she looked up at me from my side. Pratty is actually pretty small in size when I place myself standing beside her, now that I notice. My fingers easily slid inside the little space up there where I can pull the whole luggage compartment down. Catching the thing with both of my hands, I realized it's like a small box, apparently filled with old clothes inside.

"Thanks." She smiled, now checking the folds of clothes inside the box I'm holding. It wasn't too hard to guess that all these clothes belonged to her late father, Shintetsu. Pratty pulled out a pair that she thought would fit the man who was washed ashore earlier, and throws it on her shoulder. Her eyes lifted up to face me after that, probably just about to ask me to put the box back up, but Pratty is never dry with surprises.

"Varil, I gave you a towel to dry yourself. Come on, do you really want me to do it instead?" I can hear the laughter in her voice as she joked, but it seemed as if she's actually serious about it. I got a bit flustered when I see her arms reaching out to the towel I've hanged around my neck, then gently dries my face using it. I wished so hard that the heat I felt on my face was not a sign that I'm blushing.

Pratty didn't seem to notice though as she moved up to dry my hair next using the towel. I can smell her scent in that towel and this had certainly made me heat up the more she rubbed my hair. Suddenly, Pratty screeched. It surprised me so much, I stepped back from her with wide eyes.

"What?!" I immediately questioned. The panic inside me drastically went down the drain when I realized the sight before me was a blushing Pratty. My jaw dropped without me even realizing this, and we were both silent for a long while. I was confused, but so deeply entranced by how rattled she looked, it's actually quite a pleasant sight to see.

"V-Varil, I'm sorry! I used my own personal towel to dry you off just now! I'm so sorry! I didn't realized I gave you mine..!" By the tone of her voice, she obviously expected me to be furious of her bumbling mistake. While inwardly, I was actually feeling rather...invoked. Excited, appealed...and aroused, even. Shaking my head sideways, I decided to outwardly respond to Pratty by only glaring at her and reached up to place back the box in its compartment.

"..I'm sorry..." She whispered guiltily with her head down. I turned to look at her, and just by the sight of her looking so embarrassed and ashamed like that is seriously triggering frightening wishes from the back of my mind to just pin her down. "It's fine, Pratty. It's just a towel." It's her personal towel, I remind myself inwardly. I'm very happy to know that the same towel she used to dry herself off from showering is the same one she used to wipe my face just now.

"...Varil, you're grinning.. A-and you're scaring me.."

...This girl. I took in a long inhale to calm myself from getting lost in my loathful desire from simply alarming her, before finally moving away from her and urged her to quickly do her task in giving the clothes to the man downstairs. Pratty nodded in an unfocused manner by the urgency of my voice before quickly scampered off downstairs.

I stood still there quietly, taking my time to simply breathe and taking control of myself. Wiping a hand down my face, I can still remember the sight of the curves of her body, the soft tone of her voice, the sweet scent of her towel, the gentleness of her touch, the warmth of her hands through the fabric of her towel. This all leads to one logical conclusion:

I am actually infatuated with that idiot.

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