JennyBlu:This is my second fanfiction so go easy on me. I was having a huge writer's block on my first story 'In Honor of the Light'. I was just in the mood of writing a mystery story so this is what I came up with. I must warn you that this fanfic will have fluff! My sister helped me with the plot, GenieLuv. I must thank her for that. Look at me rambling, on with the story =).


Chapter 1

The small girl stepped into the dark room. The door creaked slowly, making the girl grow nervous and scared to see what revealed inside the dark. Her young blue orbs lay upon two shadowy figures. One was on the wooden floor, laying still as if it was in a slumber. The other figure was standing on top of the body. It appeared that it was holding a sword that was drenched in blood. The moonlight reflected the red liquid, revealing that it was coming from the body that was laid on the wooded ground. She gave out a little squeak as the blood slithered down to her feet. The figure slightly turned its head towards the girl, showing amusement to the sounds of trembling whimpers. She flinched and grew afraid of the intruder. The figure than held up its sword to its face. She grew more afraid and cried softly. She saw the figure lick the tainted sword, tasting the blood of the victim. She saw that he was grinning, enjoying the savor of murder. The amber eyes of sin made her shiver in fright. He took a loud step-

"Ahhh!" the young woman shirked. She huffed for air, touching her face down to her body to make sure that she was now in reality. The woman was now back in her room, leaving her nightmare behind. She let out a sigh of relief as she brushed her azure hair back. That was the third time this week that she had that peculiar nightmare. She clenched her blanket, frighten of the horror she had experienced. She had enough of this. She grew tired of screaming and sweating over a ridiculous dream that she had every time.

This nightmare would always replay in her mind ever since she was a child at the age of ten. It haunted her brain for years, giving her no explanation for these visions. But it was as if it were real to her, like a memory of some sort. In truth, she had no memories of her past. Normally a child would start remembering at the age of three, but to her she began at the age of ten. It was as if more than half of her childhood had disappeared, making her origins a mystery.

She recalled the day she started to remember. Oh yes, the feeling of the flakes hitting her delicate skin. The sound of snow crunching under her small body as she moved to get up was the first sound she remembered. Her first smell was the cold air around the atmosphere and her first taste was the blood that was slipping down her soft, pink lips. She fluttered her oceanic eyes as she absorbed her surroundings. She was in the middle of the forest that was blanketed by white coverings. Then her legs suffered in pain, following her head and the rest of her body system. It just grew dark after that but she felt something catch her before she impacted to the cold ground. A voice rang to her ears before she fully fell to another coma.

"Aqua," the voice whispered softly.

Ever since then, she adopted the name Aqua. It just made her care takers think that that was her real alias. It was the first word she said and she kept repeating it to herself. But why did she hear that? Why did the voice utter 'Aqua'? Why was she in the forest sleeping? Why was she bleeding? There are just so many questions that are left unanswered.

She clicked her tongue, shoving all her thoughts aside. She didn't want to hurt her little pretty brain of hers. She knew she couldn't answer her poll even if she tried. She sighed, giving up and stating that it was no use to recall that certain memory.

She flipped her covers off her body, revealing herself in a black shirt that dangerously reached to her upper thighs, almost revealing her dark blue panties. If she bended down she would then expose her underwear but she didn't care, it was her apartment; she could walk naked for all she cared. Aqua slipped out of her bed and touched the cold, dark oak wood below her sensitive feet.

She stretched her tensed muscles, waking them to start the day. She stared at the sunrise, revealing an orange-pinkish horizon that took her breath away. She felt the warm rays hit her skin, making her feel more alive. She began her day with a quick shower. The warm sensation of the steam exhilarated her skin. The warm water cleansed her body, washing the sweat and dirt off. She turned off the faucet and warped herself around a white towel.

She brushed her teeth and wiped the foggy mirror that was above the sink. She took a glance to her reflection. There was a young woman with blue short hair who had beautiful azure eyes with curly thick lashes and pink fluffy lips that looked kissable. But she didn't know that, she just saw a reflection of herself which wasn't a big deal to her. She saw herself every day.

She quickly stepped out of the bathroom and stepped in her room. She was grateful that the bathroom was connected to her bedroom. She didn't like stepping out of her room every time she had to use the laboratory. It was better to be closer; less travel. She felt the coldness quiver up her body, forcing her to shiver. It appeared that the window to the balcony was slightly opened due to the strong winds of autumn. She quickly closed it and this time she made sure to lock it.

She slipped out of her towel and walked to her closet. She picked out a white long sleeve and a cute red short skirt. She added black thigh high socks and a black long-line cardigan. As soon as she finished dressing up, she skipped out of her room to head to the kitchen. She quickly opened her refrigerator to grab the carton of orange juice. She took out a glass from her cabinets and poured the liquid inside.

She then shuffled toward the furniture side of the kitchen which was where the living room was. She sat down on her white couch in a proud expression. She liked her apartment; it was small and simple. The walls were made out of red bricks and the dark oak shined the floor. She decorated the living room with a white loveseat and a chaise lounge with a glass coffee table in the middle. The kitchen was just right there with its lovely granite island. Every room was just five steps away from each other. What she loved the most was that she had a perfect view of the town.

But it wasn't the look of the apartment that made her proud, it was how she lived. She had a great job, she lived by herself, and she was well supported financially. She always fended alone and she didn't ask for help. That was one of her favorite traits; she didn't mind being isolated from people. It was best to worry for oneself. That just showed how strong she was to sustain her life.

She continued to drink her juice in peace until she heard the daily news appear on the screen.


"The third one this week," Aqua shivered as she placed her juice down. She had been hearing the news recently this week and the last five days there has been a killing spree in Transverse Town. If there had been a murder, it wouldn't be paid much attention to but these last three murders were odd. They were all found in a dumpster in some random alley. But it couldn't be the same killer, could it? Was the murderer trying to grab attention? That would be stupid.

The vibration of her phone flashed her into reality. She grabbed her phone in her pocket and flipped it to reveal the screen. It was text message from her friend Ventus.

RECEIVED MSG: Ven: Breakfast at Sunrise Cafe?

The blue haired giggled. She texted him back, agreeing with their meeting. She flipped over the couch and ran to the coat hanger to get her long black double breasted coat. She slipped her feet in a pair of black ankle boots and jingled her keys that were on the small desk near the exit. She left, leaving the television on.


The autumn breeze hit her face as she was walking down the street. The trees were finally shedding their colorful coats and the temperature had decreased. She felt happy that it was soon about to be winter season. It would mean that it would snow and the environment would be dressed in white. It was a beautiful season which would be under the white spell for awhile.

It just reminded her about that day she woke up and how thankful she was for being alive again. She thought to herself that she was in a coma forever but when she finally opened her eyes, she was living again. If only she had met that stranger.

She crossed the street and hurried inside the café. She opened the door which caused the bell to ring. The place was in a circular shape and the room was colored in Persian orange, a famous color for interior design. The little small tables were black and the chairs had a French taste to it. The floors were well waxed, gleaming in rich, clean wood. Each table had a small lamp dangling on top but they weren't on.

She was relieved that it wasn't packed today; it usually was. Her blue orbs wandered around the place to search for her dear friend. It didn't take her long to spot him; he had the spikiest hair that outmatched the others. The guy was sporting a fern green sleeve that was rolled to his elbows and black jeans. His clothing was much fitted to his body, making him desirable to the girls.

She decided to surprise him since he didn't notice she was there due to the fact that he was turned away from the door. She tip toed behind him and smiled while he was reading the Transverse Daily. She breathed in through her nose and her hands fell on his eyes.

"Guess who~?" she cooed to his right ear.

"Aren't we a little too old for games?" he sighed, her hands making it difficult to rotate his face to hers. She chuckled, finally letting go of his vision. She took off her jacket and hanged it on her seat that was right across from the blonde boy. It was clear that he already ordered for himself. A cup of coffee was placed right in front of him.

"And my drink?" she sat down, curving her brow.

"Oh I'm sorry, do I have to order for the baby too?" he joked.

"Such a gentleman," she rolled her eyes.

She had a better look at her friend now. It was like they're eyes reflected each other; he had the same oceanic eyes as her. His golden blonde hair was spiked everywhere and she was curious on how he kept it that way. His golden bangs that hanged over his orbs made his face even and it defined his jaw line.

Ventus was like a brother to her. Ever since she moved to Transverse Town, he had always welcomed her; always kind and always caring. With his personality he had the whole package. She would call him handsome but his kind nature made him look cute.

"Hi guys!" the waitress greeted them. Aqua laid her azure eyes on a girl with brown hair that was spiked out on each side but she had two strands that grew to her shoulders. Her bright green eyes were so soft and her peach-colored skin grew bright as the rays reached her.

"How are you doing Olette?" Aqua greeted back.

"Oh you know the same with business," she waved, "So what can I get you?"

"A caramel latte with a chocolate chip muffin," she ordered.

"I'll get a coffee cake," Ven added to the list. Olette nodded and left them to make their orders. Ventus then went back to reading the newspaper.

"What'cha reading there?" she wondered, taking the newspaper from his hands.


She looked at the page that was more important than her. She read the title, "THIRD VICTIM, WHO'S NEXT?" She groaned and grew tired on how everyone was rambling about these killings. It angered her that the police force still hadn't found the killer, let alone any suspects. They were just not trying hard enough.

"Did you hear about it in the news?" the boy wondered. "They said that a witness saw a man, fully dressed in black, strangling the victim. They're calling him 'The Man in Black'."

She rolled her eyes, "Like the nursery rhyme?"

"Yeah the one that goes like this-"

"Aren't we a little too old for rhymes too?" she stopped him by placing her palm to shut his mouth.

"Fine, don't hear my beautiful voice," he scoffed as he removed her soft hand on his face.

"Ven, we don't want to hear a cat dying in the early morning," she insulted him.

The waitress came back with their orders in a quick manner. "Here you go one latte and muffin, and a coffee cake for you. Make sure you eat slowly now, we don't want you to get a tummy ache," Olette ruffled Ven's hair, causing more spikes to form.

"Ha-ha, very funny," Ventus sarcastically joked. He was the youngest out of the both of them. The blue haired girl and the waitress started to laugh at his cute little pouty face. Suddenly Olette paused, showing shock in her eyes. She was staring at something on the table. Ven and Aqua than followed the direction she was staring at. It appeared that she was frowning at the newspaper that Ven was surveying.

"What's wrong?" Aqua questioned the distraught waitress.

"It's just that…." Olette stopped; it looked like she was having trouble with finishing the sentence.

"Come on Olette, you can tell us," Ven comforted her to keep on going.

"Last night I got a call," she began, "And it was from Hayner. He told me that he was the one that witnessed the attack from last night."

"What, what did he see!" Ventus pondered.

"Well," she gulped, "He told me that the guy was dressed in all black but he literally meant all black."

"Huh?" Aqua hinted.

"He told me it was like a skin tight suit or something and the guy covered his whole face with a black helmet," she clearly stated.

"Did he see who the victim was?" the blonde chewed his food.

"He told me that it was Seifer."

Ventus literally choked on his cake. Both Aqua and Ven stared at Olette to explain more about last night. Olette cleared her throat to break it down to them.

"Hayner told me that before the incident, he went to eat with Pence at 'Juicy Transverse Burgers' and he met with Seifer and his gang. They had a little altercation with each other so the owner kicked Seifer's gang out. Later on, Hayner left and while he was walking home, he heard someone screaming in an alley. He went to go check it out and he saw the Man in Black choking the air out of Seifer."

"This wasn't on the news or the newspaper," Aqua spoke out. She couldn't believe that it was Seifer who was murdered!

"They just updated right now," Olette declared. "Hayner ran to the police station and he told them everything."

"Whoa, I feel so sorry for Fuu and Rai," the blonde uttered.

"Yeah, thank goodness Hayner is alright," Aqua added.

"I'm worried about him," she sighed, "I've been trying to call him since then and he doesn't answer."

"Maybe he's still being questioned at the station," the blue haired girl thought.

"I hope so," Olette whispered. The waitress left to go back to work. Aqua and Ven sat there in shock; it was such an outrage that they knew one of the victims that were targeted this week. It hit them so unexpectedly, especially when one of their friends witnessed the scene. Aqua drank her latte to clear her dry throat.

"Oh man, this is why I tell you to lock your doors," Ventus pointed out.

"I always lock my doors," she told him.

"Good, you don't want a psycho in black tights coming through your door," the blonde sipped his coffee. They continued to eat their breakfast in peace. Aqua couldn't help but wonder who the next victim was. She now had to stay in high alert whenever she walked alone around town.

After their little get-together, Ventus decided to walk Aqua to her job. After knowing about Seifer's fate, he didn't want to risk Aqua to be in that situation. He made it such a big deal but Aqua couldn't help that he was right. She didn't want to walk all the way down all by herself, especially when she was wearing a skirt. Ven scowled her for that.

"I mean it's almost the end of fall and you're wearing a skirt when it's damn windy outside!"

"Sorry 'Dad' for being stylish," she grumbled. He always had to play the overprotective friend that she never had. But it was sometimes a good thing; he made her see how sinful the world is. As they continued to walk for another ten blocks, Aqua decided to change the subject.

"I had that dream again," she murmured to him.

"You seriously need to go to a therapist," he eyed her. She had told him about her dreams and what were they about. It was nice to have someone to talk to her about these things. If there was one thing that Ventus was useful at, he was a very good listener.

"And what, tell me that I'm crazy," she laughed.

"Well they could help interpret them," he retorted. "So did your dream go further?"

"No, it will always stop to the part when the guy takes his first step towards me," she responded with a tired tone. Throughout the years, her dreams revealed themselves piece by piece. She knew sooner or later that her vision would continue on. She desperately wanted to know what happened next but it was a mystery when it would continue. All she knew was that she would always have those dreams. She wanted to know who they were and why was there a murder. Her patience was running out.

"I really just want to go to sleep in peace but then again I want to know what happened!" she groaned in annoyance.

"Why won't you just take sleeping pills," he suggested.

"Didn't you just hear me, I want to know what happens at the end," she poked his bright head.

"Why, it's just a nightmare."

"How can I put this," she tapped her finger to her lips, "It's like a murder book; you want to know who's the killer and in order to do that you have to read till the end."

"Nah, I just skip to the end," he yawned.

"But that's no fun," she pouted, "Besides; this might help me regain some memories."

His face softened after that. He let out a gentle smile which made Aqua fluster a bit. He was teasing her; he always innocently grinned at her like that. It made her feel embarrassed. She gave him a small shove in the shoulder and continued to walk. They continued giving each other small pushes until they reached a fancy flower shop.

"Well I guess I'll see you later Ven," she chirped.

"Yeah say hi to Aerith for me," he waved good-bye to his dear friend. "Oh and be careful walking at night!"

As soon as he disappeared in the crowd, she went inside to start her job. As she came in, the whole shop was filled with different types of plants. The fresh smell intoxicated her nose and the cool air made her feel welcomed. Every flower was on display, but the most prize procession was the rarest of them all. There it stood in the middle on a white marble pillar where the lighting made it flourish in beauty, the red Kadupul rose.

This flower is so rare due to the fact that it had a short life span. This flower would blooms before midnight. Its rich red color looked breathtaking and how its petals below the rose spiked out like a star. The owner of the shop, Aerith, would always water it every day and made sure it had enough sunlight. It seemed that she was the only one that would breed these types of flowers, making them very expensive.

"There you are!" Aerith hollered. Aqua hung her black coat on the hanger and skipped towards the cash register where her boss was spotted. She was a nice girl, not to mention her physical delicacy. Her eyes were the brightest emeralds and her brunette bangs framed her long face. She would always wear that pink ribbon that drew back her hair in a swirly braid. She was dressed in dusty pink sheer strap dress that was an appropriate length and light brown boots.

"Hey Aerith," Aqua smiled. Her boss was such a kind girl. She was very outgoing and so happy with her chirpy voice. Aerith radiantly smiled which warmed Aqua's heart. No matter what, you can never stay mad at her.

"Let's start watering the plants shall we," Aerith walked around the counter and grabbed two watering buckets. She handed her one and commenced to nourish the thirsty flowers on the right. Aqua followed her.

"So did you hear the news?" she wondered.

Aqua did a face-palm and dragged her hand down her face. She was developing a migraine whenever she had to discuss the horrid event. Why was everyone so interested in murder?

"I'll take that as a yes," the brunette laughed.

The sun was already setting down the horizon. It seemed so fast to Aqua that it was already the end of the day. They had a decent amount of customers today and the flowers were perfectly groomed. Aerith continued to talk about The Man in Black which annoyed the crap of her. Aqua's ears were listening to Aerith sing the little rhyme and she literally drilled it to her brain.

"Scary man, don't be mad

If you leave I won't be bad

I'll go to sleep, so watch me dream

And I'll never ever cry a scream

But if I wake and squeak a crack

I'll see your face, The Man in Black"

It made Aqua shiver a bit whenever she heard that song. But it was just a little rhyme that made little children sleep. There was no Man in Black, except for the killer that took in the identity as him. Now that made her have chills; seeing a psycho kill people black tights. Not a very pretty sight to see.

Aqua grabbed her coat and bid a farewell to Aerith. She was always that last one to lock up since she had to wait for her boyfriend to pick her up. As Aqua stepped out, she felt that the cold night was about to begin. She put her hands in her pockets and strolled down the sidewalk. It was going to be a long way back to her apartment.

The young man grunted in pain as he was being choked. The man raised his body against the wall, still having a strong grip on his throat. The night sky hid them in the dark shadows of the alleyway. The victim was struggling to detach the strong hands on his neck but it seemed he was no match to the attacker.

"It seems I have a rat to deal with," the assaulter growled.

"I-I'm… s-sorry," the boy tried to breathe out. He couldn't handle the pressure; his lungs were running out of air. The man soon let him go and dropped him on the dirty, wet concrete. The young man's lungs reached for air but coughed. The man then growled and pulled the victim by the hair. He rammed him to the brick wall once again and grew impatient.

"Hayner is it?" the attacker questioned.

"Y-yeah?" the blonde gulped. The predator grew disgusted at the sight of his prey. He was a young boy with spiky, disheveled blonde hair and brown terrified eyes. His neck was starting to bruise up and he was whimpering like a little kid. His eyes were pleading for mercy and that disgusted him even more.

"Geez, you're no fun," he sighed, "I might as well kill you now."

"NO!" Hayner begged, "Please don't!"

"Oh, so what are you suggesting huh?" the man smacked his face to answer.

"I-I don't-"

"Sure you do," he pulled his blonde hair, causing him to hiss. "Look dude, if you don't answer then I'll just make this quick."

"Please don't kill me!" he cried, "PLEASE!"

Suddenly, a ringtone vibrated in the pockets of the trembling target. The attacker groaned in annoyance and slipped his hand in his jean pockets. He grabbed the cell phone and wondered who interrupted him from slaughtering the kid. To his delight, it was a girl.

"Ohhh~, who's Olette?"

"Don't you dare!-"

"Whoops," he flipped open the phone. He stayed silent until she spoke to the speaker.

"Hello? Hayner?" she spoke softly.


"It's me, Olette... Come on Hayner; pick up your damn phone!"


"….look, call me back. I want to know what happened to you in the police station," she urged. "Please, I want to know how you're holding up."



"Well what do ya' know, you got something worth the entertainment," the attacker gloated.

"Leave her out of this!" the blonde fumed.

"Hey I got a deal for you," the man released his grip on the blonde hair. Hayner then yelped as he landed hard on the ground once again. "I'll let you live and watch you suffer when I kill this Olette girl."


"Hey, you can watch it all over the news too. Maybe that'll teach you not to snitch," the man laughed. The blonde clutched on the man's black boots, trying his best to keep him from hurting his friend. The guy kicked him deck on the face causing him to fall into a knockout.

"I'll just keep your phone," the attacker wiggled the device. As the man stepped into the dim light, his appearance was revealed. He was dressed in a skin tight suit that had red lining. His black helmet had black glass that covered his face. His muscles moved as he walked off in the blackness, remaining unseen. He was headed for the girl, to kill her to make the little runt suffer. You couldn't see a smile form on his face, but he let out an evil snicker as he walked out and left the young man unconscious.

The young woman was cleaning up her café. After a hard day's work, she ended it by fixing the place for the next day. She had finished washing all the dishes and counting the money that she had earned throughout the day. She gave out a tired huff as she started to wipe all the round tables. She clenched the drenched towel to scrub the wooden board. She wanted to finish as soon as she can to talk to Hayner. The first time he answered her millionth call, he didn't even bother to answer. She had to lecture him for keeping her worried the whole day.

She finally reached the last desk but a sudden knock startled her. She her immediately glanced the glass entrance to see who was stupid to knock. The sign read closed and the guy didn't even bother to look at it. The lights were really dim so it was clue that the place was not in service for the rest of the night.

The guy kept knocking for the woman to answer him. She grew a little anxious as she stepped closer to be visible to the man outside. He was wearing black trench coat that hid his whole body and it appeared that he covered his face with a black hood.

"It's closed," she informed him, loud enough to hear through the other side. The creep just kept knocking, making her feel very uncomfortable. She really didn't want to open the door for him so she just headed a little bit closer to the exit.

"IT-IS-CLOSED," she pointed to the sign that was hung on the glass door. The mysterious guy just continued to knock as if he didn't hear her clearly. Now she got frustrated; he was doing this on purpose. She decided to unlock the door and tell him face-to-face this time; big mistake.

"Hey creep! Didn't you just hear me its close-"

She gasped as he pulled his hood down, revealing a tinted glass helmet that mirrored her horrid reflection. He instantly grabbed her skinny neck. She cried as he roughly pushed her inside the café, causing the little bell above to ring. She kept screaming, praying for someone to hear her in trouble.

"Your cries are really provoking," he emitted. "Sorry to bring your hopes down but no one is going to rescue you."

"I'll scream l-louder!" she threatened.

"Jeez, you are so pathetic. When someone tells you that it's no use, it doesn't mean to be rude to your killer. You have to play the victim; it makes it fun for me to kill you."

"Please don't kill me!" Olette pleaded for mercy.

"That's what your 'boyfriend' said," he sang. Her eyes widened, confused of what he meant by the term 'boyfriend'. The man raised his free hand, holding a green cell phone that had a yellow 'X' keychain attached to it.

"It couldn't be," she whined, "That's-"


"It's HAYNER!" she shouted. He tightened his grip, insulted that she yelled back at him. She grunted as it was getting impossible to breathe.

"Sorry, I'm not really good with names," he joked.

"What did you do to him!"

"Oh nothing," he cackled, "He just wants me to kill you instead of him."

"No…" she wept, "you're lying!"

"Hah, he begged for mercy like a little bitch. He was no fun so might as well kill someone that is close to him," he laughed, "or was close to him."

"NOOOOOO, PLEASE!" she whimpered.

"Let's turn off the lights, shall we?" The lights of the café shut off, with screams of pain overspread the air. No one could hear the cries of the girl that was being tortured in the dark, and the laughs of the mad man enjoying her suffer.

The moon was placed in its position; in the middle of the atmosphere. The winds had grown stronger throughout the walk back to her apartment. It was getting late now and she couldn't wait to open the door to her warm apartment. She didn't like it when she had to walk alone but soon she would meet up with her friend. Whenever Aqua walked home, she would always spot Olette closing up the café. Then they would walk with each other and it would make them feel safer when they were together.

Aqua crossed the street, walking faster to reach the café. She was expecting her friend to lock the doors as she arrived there, but there was a twist. Aqua stopped as she didn't catch her friend in front of the door. The lights of the café were off and the closed sign was already up. It was weird that Olette wasn't here waiting for Aqua. Usually when she finished cleaning the place, she would wait inside for her blue headed friend or if she wanted to go home early she would call Aqua telling her that she wouldn't be at the café.

'Maybe she wanted to leave to talk to Hayner,' Aqua thought. Yeah that could be it; maybe she rushed to Hayner's place to check on him. She did say he wasn't answering his phone so it would be like Olette to go see if he was alright.

'Man, I really don't want to walk alone,' she sighed. As she shuffled slowly to continue her walk, she heard a crashing noise inside the café. Her blue orbs turned to see what was going on, but it was too dark. She walked closer to the windows and squinted. It was still unclear for her vision to catch a glimpse inside.

"Olette?" she uttered. Maybe Olette was still inside, waiting for Aqua. It was too cold out to stay outside. Aqua walked to the entrance, hesitating to push inside. She had a strange feeling in her stomach, as if something was wrong with this picture. Her gut was telling her to just keep walking and never look back but her curiosity was straining her to check it out. She ignored her instincts and pushed forward.

To her surprise, it was unlocked; that screamed danger. Olette would never leave her place open like that, no one would. As she opened the door gently, the glass hit the golden ringer which made Aqua shut her eyes. She was trying to be discrete and the damn dinger called her out. She cautiously stepped in deeper and looked around; everything seemed to be in check.

"Olette?" she called softly, "are you in here?" Her steps echoed whenever her small heels tapped on the floor. She finished absorbing the area and it was clear; Olette was not here.

"I guess she just forgot to lock the door," Aqua implied. She turned towards the door, ready to lock it and leave, but she heard another noise. It wasn't a crash, it was like a groan. She dropped her fingers from the lock and twisted her head. Her eyes were wandering around to check where it was coming from. The painful groans were coming from behind the counter. She stalked to the register, taking cautious to what she would find behind the counter.

The cried were getting louder, causing Aqua to breathe heavily with every step. She swallowed hard and took a peek on what was behind the small barrier. Her blue eyes widened as she panted silently. Olette was on the floor, spilling out a pool of blood. Her skin had small cuts and bruises. She coughed out more blood and heaved heavily for oxygen.

"Olette!" her friend screamed in horror. She scurried around the counter and fell beside her hurt companion. She checked her pulse to see if her heart was stable. She puffed out air when she heard her heartbeats. She stood up and felt her fingers be drenched in the girl's blood.

"A-A…q-qua," the girl stuttered.

"Oh my gosh Olette, I'm gonna go get help-"

"Look out!"

Aqua turned to see a guy coated in all black. He tilted his head, shining his glassy helmet to her. She backed away in a heartbeat but slammed her back to the hard, Persian orange wall. It was him, it was the killer that everyone was fussing over about, and the murderer that threw Seifer in the dumpster, the man that harmed Olette.

"She had bad customer service," he joked, "Are you any better?"

He placed his elbow on the counter and leaned his head on his hand. The other hand was tapping fingers on the surface. He was eyeing her very closely. It was as if he was looking at her impatiently; he wanted her to do or say something. Even if she couldn't see his murderous eyes, she knew that he was checking her out. She looked for an escape plan and she found a knife that was on another counter. She wanted to grab it but he knew what was going on.

He hopped over the counter and towered over her. He was pretty tall and his hard chest pressed onto her. She felt his masculine body suffocate her, making her feel tight.

"Hey did anyone tell you not to wear a skirt, it's really damn windy," he grabbed her face as she fought back. The man caught her fluster a bright pink on her cheeks. He could feel her tense up as he stroked her face down to her neck.

"Ah, puberty does so much," he mewed. She tried to push back but his heavy built would lean in deeper. She was in a very uncomfortable situation but she had to fight back. She looked in the corner of her eyes and saw that the knife was really close to her. She slowly reached for the weapon, trying not to alert the guy. She had to distract him before he caught her on the act.

"Why did you do this to Olette?" she questioned.

"I'm over her," he continued to brush her pale soft skin, "let's talk about you."

She glared at him with her stunning eyes. She wanted answers if she was going to play this little game.

"Oh, don't be jealous now," he grinned, "it was just a one-night stand."

Her hand grew closer to the knife; she had to stall him more.

"Why are you killing people?" she pondered.

He breathed in before he answered. "I'm looking for someone that's lost, can you help me?"

'Almost there…" her hand slithered to the blade, grabbing it firmly.

"I'll pay you back~," he fingered her pillow-like lips. She had enough; she pulled the knife out from the handle and drilled its sharp point in his flesh. He let go of his grasp and pulled back in an instant. He covered his wound but red liquid dripped on the floor. He hissed in pain as he leaned on the counter for support.

Aqua took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed her phone. She dialed 911 and backed away to the other side of the place. She stilled had the bloody knife in her hands, wielding it up in case the guy did something funny.

She then heard him evilly snicker underneath his helmet. He found it funny that he was stabbed and bleeding to death? This guy was a psycho!

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't expect that," he applauded her, "you're better than I thought."

She started to talk on the phone, "Hello officer… send a squad and ambulance to the Sunrise Café immediately, the Man in Black is here."

"I really hate that they already labeled me," he scoffed. He started to limp over the counter, still bleeding and putting pressure on the wound. She backed away a little more but stopped as he was heading towards the exit. As he pulled the glass door, he turned around to face her one more time.

"Call me," he waved and rushed out of the room. She stood there, not knowing what to do. She now realized what had happened; her friend was dying slowly on the floor, leaking blood, she had just faced the killer, and now she was holding the bloody knife that had wounded the escaped assaulter. She had finally let go of the blade and broken down. She slid to the ground, shaking to the sight of the scene. The young woman was a rattled that she had survived. What if she didn't think fast enough, would she have died like the others? Would she have been the fourth victim?

She was heaving in air and out, as if it was her last breath. Her tainted, trembling hands traveled to her chest, moving up and down to the rhythm of her rapid panting. At last, she had let out a dreadful shriek as the sirens sounded the air to cover her cries.

SO WAS IT GOOD OR WHAT? I am really into those mystery types of stories! Well if have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =D