Robust Red

It's finally his time to shine, and he will not give up no matter what happens. Having left his entire onion and all his friends with it, there's no way he could possibly accept

defeat now. If he came back empty-handed, all the other reds would slowly die of hunger, not being able to reproduce due to lack of food. It had been going on like that

for a long time, really. The reds were just too few in number, and whenever they grouped up to find food they would be swarmed by massive herds of the Others. But

today is different. This lonely Red would not allow for anyone else to die, so he decided to sneak away in the dead of night to find where all the pellets where hidden. It

wasn't always like this. The reds used to dominate the land, and whoever challenged them would likely have their entire species annihilated. If it weren't for the day

that strange man came here, they would still be on top. But the man did come, that much is undeniable. He came, mass bred all the Pikmin, and left them to die. Of

course the man had no idea at the time how much he was upsetting the balance, but that doesn't change anything. When he left, the Red Pikmin population was so

enormous that it was impossible to control. The Others would constantly sneak into their onion camps and drag off the Pikmin one by one to feed on, with no way to

stop them. but that was in the past. Now the Red must face the truth, no matter how hard it is to accept. After exploring the entire surrounding area of the onion camp

without finding anything, he almost gave up, but remembering all his starving friends dispelled that thought as soon as it came up. How could he possibly give up now

when the Pikmin back home were putting all their energy into staying alive in such poor conditions? Who knows? Right around the next turn there could be a whole

patch of pellet flowers or even a dead body of one of the others. All he needed to do was find a single area with enough pellet points to get the remaining Pikmin back

to full strength, and they could easily launch a counter attack on the Others. It was really that simple, so there was no way he could possibly give up. He would give

the flower on his head... no... his whole life before giving up on this task. After all, he is the Robust Red.

A/N: This is the first short-story fanfiction I have ever written, so any Reviews or PM's about it are greatly appreciated.