This starts up about a month after Emily gets back to work. They've just solved their third team case all while Emily and JJ secretly juggle their studies as they prepare for Emily's chance at carrying a child. Enjoy!

Oh, and since I finally looked back and did the math, at some point Henry will turn 1 since in my universe he had to be a February baby. :o)

Emily stares at the question in frustration. "I tell the idiot that no comment means no comment so get the mike out of my face before I shove it down your throat," she mumbles.

JJ looks up from where she is studying profiles of serial rapists. She chuckles. "Ten bucks says that's not the right answer."

Emily glares at her. "It's just all so dumb! I mean, really, 'How do you politely reiterate no comment?' Why the hell would I politely reiterate it? Seriously!"

JJ bites her lip. "I'm beginning to think this isn't such a good idea after all. I'm not sure we should unleash you on the media."

"Oh, hush up," Emily mutters and starts to write out her real answer.

Emily had been back to work for less than a month. They had managed to solve two cases out of town before this one. The whole team was tired and verging on cranky. Add in the courses these two were taking and they were starting to get snippy with each other for reasons only Hotch understood.

JJ watches her wife a moment then goes back to work. Her studies were going to take longer than Emily's but the three weeks they had been working on their job swap plan had already been a lesson in patience. As they sit in their hotel room after another successful case JJ wonders if Emily being a media liaison could actually be the worst thing for the team. JJ glances up at her wife.

"Emily? Are you sure you want to do this? I mean…you hate talking to the media," JJ points out.

Emily looks up at her wife and sighs. "Yes. No. I don't know." She flops back on the bed. "Jen, I hate talking to the media. But if it means keeping the team together, keeping us together, then I just have to suck it up and deal. I'm sorry I'm such a grumpy student."

JJ smiles. "I'll just blame the hormones."

"I'm not taking hormones. I'm doing it the mild natural way, remember? At least this time," Emily reminds her.

JJ chuckles. "I know, babe. I was kidding. Geez, your sense of humor sucks when you study. You must have been a laugh riot at Yale."

Emily slowly looks up and glares at JJ. JJ bites back a laugh and goes back to her own studies. Emily stares at her a moment then stands.

"I need a drink."

JJ looks up swiftly. "You're going to drink while studying?" She says disapprovingly.

"Oh, good grief! You are such a goody-goody sometimes!" Emily says with irritation. "I meant a fucking soda. Or is that not acceptable either?"

JJ rolls her eyes. "Oh for fuck's sake, go get an attitude adjustment while you're at it," she replies with equal irritation.

"FINE! I think I will!" Emily stabs her feet into her sneakers and grabs a hand towel. Already in sweats and a tee she decides she better go work off some aggression before she says something to her wife she might regret. She stomps towards the door and rips it open. She is nearly into the hall when she stops. She takes a deep breath and turns around. "Jen?"

"What?" JJ growls.

"I love you."

JJ looks up and manages a smile. "I love you, too."

Emily nods and lets the door close behind her. JJ shakes her head. They had sworn they would never leave without saying they loved each other, no matter how angry they are. JJ was glad Emily had remembered…because the blonde had forgotten.

"Jen, don't let this plan ruin your marriage. It's just not worth it," she counsels herself.

Down in the workout room, Emily sets the treadmill on a high setting and starts off in a jog. As she runs, she lets her mind wander. When they get back to Virginia the next day she is heading straight to the doctor's office for egg retrieval. Had the case not been solved she would have missed her chance this month. She knows that's part of her frustration. What if they get snowed in? What if the flight gets delayed? What if there's a car accident and she can't get to the office in time?

"So many fucking what if's," Emily thinks. "What if it doesn't work? What if we do it several times and it just doesn't work? What if the doctor was wrong and there's a problem in me from the abortion? What if—"


Emily jumps as she realizes Morgan is standing beside her. She pauses the treadmill. "What?"

He looks at her with concern. "Emily, you're crying. Are you okay?"

Emily raises a hand to her cheek. She'd had no idea. "Oh." She leans forward onto the command pad of the treadmill. "Morgan…Derek, can I tell you a secret? And I mean really a secret. Not even Garcia can know."

He nods. "Yes, Em. Anything."

She stares at her clenched hands. "Tomorrow I go to a fertility clinic to get my eggs harvested. We're going to try to have another baby." She looks up at him. "I'm going to carry it we hope."

A 1000-watt smile lights up his face. "Emily! That's awesome! I'm so happy for you!"

She smiles. "Thanks. But suddenly I'm scared shitless. I'm snapping at Jen. I'm screwing up my studies. It's just getting to me, I guess."

He frowns. "Studies? What studies?"

She blushes and sighs. Only Hotch knew about the job plan. "Well, if I get pregnant I can't exactly be out in the field on cases. So, Jen came up with this plan for us to cross-train our jobs so the team doesn't have to break up. She's taking the profilers courses and I'm doing the media liaison training. And can I just tell you, there is some stupid stuff they want liaison's to learn."

Morgan chuckles. "I'll bet. I'm really happy for you, Em. For both of you. So, um, who's going to be the daddy?"

Emily winces and grins at the same time. "You're going to think we're insane."

Morgan chuckles. "Already think that. So who?"


Morgan's eyes get wider than Emily would have thought possible. "WHAT? Really?"

Emily nods. "When Jen mentioned it to her family at New Years, Mark and Shelby went home and discussed it. They offered before we even thought to consider the father. They have Abby and with another little one on the way their family is set. They want Jen and I to be as happy as they are."

"Is Mark going to be a father figure to your kid, too?" Morgan asks.

"Nope, he'll be an uncle and only an uncle. There'll be some legal stuff but I'll let my attorney's deal with that," Emily says with a smile. She stares at her best friend a minute. "You do know you'll be the godfather, right?"

Morgan smiles and nods. "I know. I can't wait."

Emily stares at her hands again. "Derek…I'm terrified," she admits softly.

He steps up and pulls her into a hug. "Emily, you are already a fantastic mother. I can only imagine that will be enhanced by more kids in the Prentiss home. And if you need anything, at any time, you call me. I'm here for you. Okay?"

Emily nods. "Thanks, Derek. I know."

"And if it's a boy and you want to name him after me, I have no problem with that," he adds with a wink.

Emily chuckles. "My kid should be so lucky."

Derek nods and gets on the treadmill beside Emily. She starts hers up again as he gets going on his. Together they run, each of them wondering what the next child to join the team will look like.