Monday morning the BAU team reports to work. Hotch and Straus are still in the hospital but everyone else gathers around the conference room table. Morgan leans forward.

"First of all, I have a message from Director Ryder complimenting this team on a job well done. He is having commendations written up for all of us." He can tell from the look on everyone's face it doesn't really mean much to anyone. "Secondly, Hotch should be out of the hospital today. If his morning check up goes well I'll be heading down there to pick him up." Cheers meet that news. "And lastly, Straus will be in the hospital at least until tomorrow, maybe longer. She was close to death. Her body had started to shut down and she wouldn't have made it if Wardlove had managed to take her as his ticket to freedom." He looks at Emily. "You'll get a special commendation for saving her."

Emily rolls her eyes. "Great. Dorothy got ruby slippers for squashing the wicked witch and I get a piece of paper for saving her evil sister."

Everyone chuckles at the comparison. "Also, Wardlove has not shut up. Turns out Rush used the Freedom of Information act to get as many trial transcripts as he could. Any time a defendant's lawyer pointed out initial errors in the profile, he made a note of the case. That's why these abductions and ambushes were like past cases. It's just all completely screwed up." Morgan waits a moment then continues. "Now, since I am temporarily in charge, I say get your reports on this damn thing turned in and get the heck out of Dodge. Working 48 plus hours straight tells me you've earned the day off."

Everyone agrees with that. But before the team breaks up, Emily and JJ exchange a look. JJ stands. "Uh, before you all go? Emily and I need to tell you all something. We've sort of been keeping a secret from you guys and, well, after the events of this weekend we know we need to be truthful because things are going to have to change a little."

Morgan glances at Emily, who smiles. Reid smiles proudly at JJ. Garcia and Rossi see the looks and get very suspicious.

"You see, Emily was late to work the other day because she was taking a step towards our next child." Garcia's jaw drops. Rossi just grins. "And in the next few days she will be going through her first insemination."

Garcia squeals with delight. "YES! I'm going to be an aunty again! And I just may forgive you both for that fact that Derek and Reid both seem to know this is happening!"

JJ smiles. "Sorry, Pen. That's why we wanted to say something. Turns out Emily confided in Morgan and I talked to Reid. We didn't want word getting back to you or Rossi by accident."

Rossi looks at Emily. "You're being awfully quiet. Dare I ask why?"

"Two reasons: 1) I can't have coffee," Emily explains. "And B) I can't have painkillers. And I really fucking hurt right now."

Those around the table chuckle.

"Well, you know if you hadn't saved Straus you might have been okay, Em," Reid points out.

"You're right. I should have held out for the ruby slippers," Emily cracks.

Garcia leans across the table towards Emily. "So does this mean we'll have another little team member in about 9 months or so?"

Emily shakes her head. "Probably not. It usually doesn't take the first time. It's as if the body has to be convinced to have the baby. It will probably be a few months before I actually get pregnant. That should give JJ time to finish her profiler qualification. As of today, I am officially a media liaison."

Rossi's jaw hits the table. "You? But you hate the press more than me!"

Emily laughs. "You got that right. Hopefully JJ can still handle most of those chores. But on cases, I'll have to stay out of the fight and in the police station. That means going as the media liaison so the team doesn't have to break up. It's worth the frustration of dealing with reporters to keep us together. At least to me."

Rossi takes her hand and squeezes it. "To me too, kid."

Soon the meeting breaks up so everyone can get their reports in. Around 11 JJ walks up to Emily's desk.

"You ready to go home?"

"Definitely," Emily tells her. "I really want to give the Jacuzzi a try again. If I can keep my burns out of the water this time it might work for my back at least. Then it will just be my neck that's stiff."

"Well, come on then, Agent Gimpy. Let's get you home and well. You need to get knocked up and carry my baby."

Emily laughs. "Gee, you make it all sound so sexy, Jen."

JJ nods. "It's all that media training."

"Riiiight," Emily says with a chuckle.

"And maybe on the drive we can finalize the plans for Henry's first birthday. So far your ideas have been a bit over the top."

"Like what?" Emily asks indignantly.

"Oh, let's see…hot air balloon rides, a circus, a rock band playing, bounce houses…plural. Should I keep going?"

Emily blushes. "Um…guess not. Okay, we'll keep it tame…this year."

JJ just laughs at her wife. The two women say goodbye to Reid and head out for the day. Reid watches them go and makes a decision. He glances around but sees Rossi is up in his office. Since Morgan is already gone he pretty much has their area of the bullpen to himself. He picks up his phone and dials a number. After two rings his call is answered.

"Gideon? I have the afternoon off. How does lunch sound?" He smiles at the response. "Great. I'll meet you there at 1. See you later."

Reid hangs up the phone. Despite the bad that happened over the course of the investigation maybe, just maybe, something very, very good will come out of it.