Last story season on Samurai Hank {In Cartoons4Ever words not mine}

"What the hell?" Hank said. The ninjas surrounded him in a circle. Suddenly a ninja came from behind and palm strucked Hank in the back. He turned around as if nothing happened.

"Hey you Mr. that was uncalled for!" Hank said.

"You will learn young padawan, that this was for the better. You have been hit by the five step paralysis punch." The monk said.

"You sound like something off of a Jackie Chan movie." Hank said. He took five steps and fell to the ground.

"Hey, what the hell did you do to me?" Hank said. The ninjas picked him up and ran away.

"Will they accept this man?" One of the ninjas said.

"He seems very hardworking. And he has lots of potential." One of the other ninjas said.


"H...Hank?" Peggy said. "I can barely recognize you." Hank was wearing a white robe, with a katana strapped to his back. He grew his hair out and tied it in a bunch. He got rid of his American glasses and changed it to Japenese, square and black glasses. He even wore socks with sandals.

"Woah! That's sick!" Bobby said.

"Bobby, I am upset that you turned out like this. But don't worry, I shall teach you the ways of the samurai." Hank said. Bobby had realized that his father was actually cool, and decided it wouldn't hurt to make him proud again.

"But dad, it took you a year to learn. What if it takes me that long?" Bobby said.

"If you have a dragon seal, you will have all the knowledge of a samurai." Hank said. "I have one. The monks gave it to me after I was done with my training. But people who have dragon seals can give them to other people. When I give you it, you will become a master samurai."

*Uses whistle* "I call upon you, Guardora!" Hank cried out

let's go get you a dragon seal." Hank and Bobby walked to the driveway. He told bobby to sit in Indian style. He drew a circle around Bobby with chalk, and place candles around it. Bobby took his shirt off to recieve his seal. Hank placed one hand on his back and used the other to perform hand signs.

"Ino, Tori, Sato, Makar, frotok, corri, didar, laza, pegar, tarx, xeno, mooey, agra, quata, gaga, tarzan, poo, pee, taco, mono, BLARGRAKKOMAZA!" After finishing his hand signs, Hank gave Bobby the dragon seal.

"Agh!" Bobby cried out in pain, causing him to pass-out.

"Hank, you need to work so we can support our family! We barely survived without you." Peggy said. Hank grabbed something out of his pocket. It was a small pouch filled with glowing sand. Hank poured it into his hand and blew it into Peggy's face. After breathing in the sand, she completely forgot what she was saying.

"You will support me as a samurai and forget who I was before." Hank said, brainwashing Peggy.

"Buck! End your business or face the consequences!" Hank cried out.

"Never..." Buck aimed his gun at Hank and shot at him. But Hank deflected it using his katana.

"Hahaha!" Hank laughed like an anime character. "You may have taken my sword out, but I still have my dagger!" He threw his dagger at Buck, impaling him in the chest.

"Aaahhhh!" Buck cried out. "I've got a migraine!" He had a ringing in his ears.

"Fine, you win! Just leave me alone." Buck said. Hank grabbed his katana and went over to Strickland Propane.

*Uses whistle* "I call upon you Guardora!" Hank cried out. Guardora flew over Strickland Propane and blew it up using his atomic breath.

"Good morning my little samurai." Hank said. Bobby rubbed his eyes and got out of bed.

"Here is your garment and katana." He said, as he gave it to Bobby.

"Woa, awesome!" Bobby said. "So what do I do now?"

"You test your powers Bobby. Just don't use it for evil." Bobby put on his outfit and went to school.

"Remember when you called me a samurloser?" Bobby said, placing his sword to Joseph's neck.

"Stop it Bobby!" Joseph said, throwing him to the ground. Bobby got up and lifted Joseph off his feet, using only one hand.

"Have at it!" Bobby cried out, throwing Joseph across the hall. He then proceeded to fire lasers out of his katana, as the rapid strikes caused explosions. The explosions caught the whole school on fire. Joseph dodged his attacks and escaped from the back door, running through the field.

"You won't get away that easily Joseph!" Bobby cried out, as he teleported outside. "Fireball!" Bobby cried, as his katana shot balls of fire at Joseph. Several fireballs hit him, knocking him off his feet.

"Lightning Blaze!" Bobby cried out, as he stabbed his katana into the ground, creating a massive electric earthquake underneath Joseph. It suddenly exploded, hitting him with 80,000 kilowatts, disintegrating Joseph.

"Now then..." Bobby said. "It's time to test my powers..."

"Hank... Our little boy's on the news!" Peggy said. "He's destroying the school!"

"Oh no... He joined the dark side!" Hank said.

"What are we going to do?"

"Hhmmm... I could take his soul out and purify it... But sadly I have failed at being a samurai master!"


"So I have dishonored my people. I must do the honorable thing..." Hank grabbed his katana and fell to his knees.

"H-hank? What are you doing?" Peggy said.

"Goodbye Peggy... Dale... Bill... Boomhaur... Ladybird... And even you Bobby..." Hank stabbed and gutted himself. He fell to the ground.

"Agh! Hank!" Peggy cried out. Meanwhile, Bobby was on an unstoppable path. He was flying through the air, with spikey long hair and a lightning aura.

"P... Peggy?" Hank said. "I didn't gut myself right." Peggy did an epic face palm. Bobby shot a huge blast from his mouth, wiping out Arlen...


Several minutes after Bobby had shot the huge blast the dust begins to clear, Bobby descents from the air until his feet touch the ground. He looks around seeing the destruction that he had caused. There was nothing, everything has been disintegrate. No trace of life was left in Arlen.

"All right!" Bobby shouts in joy. In his excitement he starts to skip around in circles like a little girl. Then he starts to to sing.

"Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou!"

"Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou!"

"Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou!"

"Skip to my Lou, my darlin!"

Bobby continues skipping and singing "Skip to my Lou" for an hour an a half until suddenly he senses something, he looks around trying to figure out where it was coming from. It takes about a minute for him to locate the aura energy, it was 500 miles away.

"Hmm, It seems that someone is still alive." Bobby said to himself, grinning while scratching inside his ear with his finger until he pulls out a chunk of ear wax. He rolls it up into a ball then flicks it. "Well I guess I should take a looky Lou."

He puts his Katana back in his sword case, strapped to his back. He puts his hands together then he starts to make hand signs with lightning speed.

"Expansion Jitsu!" Bobby yells, soon his whole stomach expands into a huge ball, his arms and legs were sucked into his body only his head was sticking out. "Onward!"

And just like that he starts bouncing up and down like a sit 'n' bounce, along the way he starts to sing again.

"Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to my Lou!"

"Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to my Lou!"

"Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to my Lou!"

"Bounce, to my * long fart noise*"

Bobby stops singing for a moment, realizing what he had done. He blushes in embarrassment, not from the fart but...

"God dang it, I pooped in my pants!" Bobby yells at himself. Angry with his wet, fart, poop he increases his bouncing speed deciding to let out his frustration by killing the survivor. "Oh when I get my hands on them they will taste my dragon fury!"

So Bobby is bouncing towards the aura energy he sensed, What will he find?

PS: Sorry that my part was short, I promise I will make my story longer and more dramatic.