500 miles away dust was flying fro all directions. It's environment looks as though it was a dessert, nothing was left. No houses, no buildings, no plant life, no human life, not even animal life was left. It was just an empty field of dirt.

Seconds later the ground starts to sink down like a sink hole, soon it reveals a hand. The hand remains motionless for a few seconds until it's fingers started to twitch. The hand then started to move around. As the hand the hand was moving the hold was getting bigger and deeper. Right across from the hole another hand pops up from the ground. The hole then quickly starts expanding enough to reveal both arms. Then with all there might the pull themselves from under the ground.

*In slow dramatic motion* "BBBwwwaaahhh!" Hank shouts coming out from the ground. He manages to pull himself out half way. Blood was dripping from his for head, traveling down his arms, back, chest, and his rock hard solid abs.

Hank was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath. Then with what little energy he had left he pulls his legs out and leaps out of the hole, which was about 7 ft deep an 5 ft wide. He lands on his feet, but quickly falls on one knee. "Hugh" "Hugh" "What happend..."Hugh" I thought that I.."

Hank stops talking and notices that all of Rainy Street and all of Arlen was gone.

"Oh my Buddha." Hank thought to himself, looking around, seeing nothing, but an endless void of waste land. "How could this happen, how could this..."


Hank stops thinking, hearing that voice it sounds familer to him. Hank sits down, crosses his legs. He puts his hand together and then closes his eyes. He begins to clear his mind and body, trying to locate the aura from that voice.

"Hello...This is Hank Hill...Master Samurai, Samurai, Samurai... Can you tell me who you are...?" Hank asks

"Hank... Please... Help me-me-me.." The mysterious voice replies weakly. Hearing that voice Hank's hanks began to shake nervously, know who it might be.

"Pe-ggy?" Hank asks

"Hank... I can't see.." The mysterious voice replies

"Peggy!" Hank yells he immediately opens his eyes and he scrambles to get on his feet. He was quickly able to detect where the voice was coming from, it was about 10 feet away from where he came out of the ground. Despite his injury's he sprints over to find Peggy. Once he finds the spot he tries to dig her out, but the ground was too hard for him to pull out, it was like pulling out concrete with your bare hands.

"Ha...n...k." Peggy said weakly as her voice starts to fade away. Hank could hear her all to well in his mind.

"Peggy please just try to hang on, I'll get you out!" Hank shouts to the ground hoping that she will hear him, he hears no response. "Come on Peggy, please say something, anything?" Still he could not hear a response.

Desperate he pounds his right fist to the ground, hoping to soften the ground. It works, but it tears a little bit of skin off his knuckles, but he didn't care he knew that time was not on his side if he does not get to Peggy on time she could suffocate and die a slow death. He couldn't carry the burden of losing his one true love, not like this.

So with all his might he pounds his fists to the ground trying to make the dirt soft enough for him to dig her out. As he was pounding on the ground, blood was spilling from his knuckles, but he could care less about himself. He needed to save his wife. Hank mutters a few words, before he increases his pounding speed.

"Peggy...Peggy...Please be ok...Please!"

So Hank pounds away at the ground hoping to get to Peggy in time will he succeed?