She was my neighbor when I grew up. She was nothing special to me. Then after Emma was dropped on my door step I took her for granted. She was my best friend and I didn't tell her it enough. But one day I woke and noticed something different. It was always there. Her loving smile that made her eyes winkle. Her amazing laugh that made joy comes to all who heard.

I was in love with her.

"Turk, man, I need your help."


"I want to ask this girl out."

"Why do you and Danny both come to me for this kind of advice. You two always get the girls."

"I get the one night stands."


"This girl is the forever type girl. The girl that makes you forget all other girls, The one that you want to spend every night with."

"What has gotten into you and Danny?"

"Well I can't speak for Danny but it is Riley."


"Oh… oh what?"

"See I think that is what has gotten into Danny too."