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It is not set in the SW universe at all, but rather on a ranch in Austin, Texas. This story is set in present day. It will feature your beloved characters in a whole new light and in unexpected places. But one thing is for sure – the chemistry you love between Han and Leia will not be changed one bit. Give this story a chance and let me know what you think.

"I hate it here," Luke grumbled. He was sitting on the porch of his very large ranch style house that sat on the small hill above the farm that the Skywalkers' had just moved into a week ago. His mom was still unpacking everything and his father was out campaigning for Governor. That's why they had moved to Austin, Texas in the first place – he had a better chance to succeed politically here. Annie Skywalker had gone from Mayor of Savannah, Georgia and now hoped to be Governor here. He was always talking about Presidential dreams, but they always laughed at him. He was a typical climber, an over-achiever, and he expected his children to do the same.

Luke was moody. A typical 18 year old boy with a full ride to the University of Texas at Austin in Physics. He was smart, and would start after the summer. He and his twin sister had just finished high school in Georgia.

"It's not so bad Luke, the weather is nice," Leia came and sat on the porch with her brother. It was a warm day, in the nineties, but the humidity here wasn't as bad as in the south. She was wearing a white cotton sundress that dipped low in a sweet-heart neckline. Her long brown hair hung loose down her back. She was young, and very pretty.

"I miss everyone," Luke sighed. He had left friends behind, and they had left other family too. Everyone was down South, and this ranch was so new and foreign. Neither of them had the slightest clue about taking care of horses or chickens or pigs, all of which they now owned.

"So do I, but this will be good for Dad, and us too…" she smiled. Luke knew Leia had her own passion for politics. She took everything Dad did very seriously; making sure they all presented themselves well. One day, she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

"When will this damned ranch hand get here?" Luke mused. He stood up and kicked some leaves off the front porch. It was truly a beautiful house. A porch swing was to their left, the entire place was white and had wood floors and large windows. They both had their own rooms, and their property spanned 13 acres. The stables were at the bottom of the small hill. Four horses. Their mother said they would each get one to name, but Luke didn't much want anything to do with them. Leia did, but she was afraid to go near them.

"I don't know, mom said she met someone in town who said the guy needed a job badly. He didn't seem to come highly recommended, but you know how mom is with lost souls like that," Leia smiled. She stood up and smoothed her dress. She wanted to go exploring the farm. As usual, Luke didn't seem to have an interest. He seemed off in his own little world most of the time, a little angsty, letting his dirty blonde hair grow a little bit too long.

A small silver beat up truck with a horse trailer driving up their winding, long road to the house interrupted both of their thoughts.

"Must be him," she said, excitedly. She was hoping that maybe he was young too, and that they could have one friend in this place. It was hard to meet people when they weren't in school, and they both had three months until they went to college.

"I'm not sticking around for this…" Luke grumbled and ambled back inside. Leia stayed on the porch, watching as the car slowly drove up the dirt road, kicking a cloud of brown behind it. When it finally pulled up to the house, it took a while for the guy to get out of the car. But when he did, Leia's heart skipped a beat.

He was tall, slightly older looking. Not 18 but not much older than late twenties. His shaggy brown hair fell into his eyes and his gorgeous, but not overly muscular body was clad in tighter dark washed denim and a red and white checked shirt that was unbuttoned a few buttons. His cowboy boots made a nice sound as he walked towards her with a disarming half smile. Leia couldn't move. He was a Southern girls' wet dream. Sex on a stick. He was…perfect.

Did mom even see this guy? She mused. He met her on the porch, and stuck out a slightly dirty hand.

"I'm Han James."

"Um, Han? That's your name. That's interesting," was all Leia could manage to stutter out. He didn't seem too phased.

"I don't know my parents, so I can't ask them or blame them miss, what's your name?" he took back his hand. She thought she might faint. And she was never struck silly like this.

"Leia Skywalker," she said.

"And that's not an interesting name?" he laughed a bit. So did she, "Look, you can call me Solo if you want…"

"Why's that?"

"Because that's how I ride, Solo. And everyone in town knows me by that. Is Mrs. Skywalker home? She's the one who hired me. If you didn't figure it out by now I'm your new go-to guy," he smiled. She opened the door and poked her head inside, calling for her mom. She returned to him, glad she had a few more seconds alone with him.

"When did you move in? You have no other help?" he looked around the large farm. It was a daunting place. She shook her head.

"Shit…those poor horses, looks like I will be starting today after all," he shoved his hands into his pockets. Leia was so curious about him. Here was this amazingly hot guy that was going to be working on their farm…every day. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. She didn't care what Luke said, she was damned happy they moved.

Her mom walked out onto the porch. She looked a lot like Leia, but older, with shorter brown hair and a sweet smile. She had her apron on and wiped her hands on it before she shook Han's.

"You must be the new ranch hand, I'm so happy to meet you. Looks like you met my daughter, Leia," she smiled at the now blushing girl.

"Sweet thing," Han nodded to her mom in recognition of her. Leia nearly turned crimson, but tried to look off in the distance. The last thing she wanted was her mom firing the poor guy because she couldn't stop giggling around him like a pre-teen.

"The horses could use some food I'm sure. We've been trying our best, but we didn't have animals before. My husband stocked the barn for you. I trust you know what to do and I'll leave you to it. Dinner's in an hour and we'd love to have you," she smiled and walked back inside. Leia was thankful that was quick.

"Is she a good cook?" Han asked, he walked back down the porch steps and to his car. Leia followed on bare feet.

"The best,"

"Good, I could use a good meal," he mumbled. He went around to the horse trailer and opened it up, motioning for Leia to come around and see. She followed and inside was a beautiful gray horse. Han petted its nose softly.

"That is Falcon, she's my baby," he smiled at the horse who seemed very affectionate with him, "She's all I have and she goes everywhere with me. I know there's extra room in your barn…could I keep her there?"

Leia nodded. She was sure it would be fine. She would say yes to practically anything this man asked her to do, and the thought made her red again. She stepped back as Han took her out of the trailer and saddled her. She watched his fingers doing the intricate work, getting her set up to ride. They were both quiet, and she could tell he was thinking and concentrating hard. When he was finally down, he hopped up on his horse and looked a sight to see. Her real life cowboy. She never thought she would be so smitten with any guy. She wasn't the type of girl to go mushy and googly for the first male life she encountered.

But here she was practically in a puddle in the Texas heat.

"I'll see you at dinner?" he said simply and she nodded. He kicked Falcon on the side and she galloped off towards the stables. She watched him ride down there and then ran back into the house, looking for Luke.

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