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"Leia, really?" Han groaned as she frantically started to get dressed, "Last time you got all worried about Luke…nothing was wrong!"

"Han, you really don't understand do you? Luke and I are twins and I swear sometimes we have this…connection…and I feel it…he's in trouble," her voiced was more than tinged with panic and he begrudgingly started to put on his clothes as well. Leia threw her hair up and started for the door, and in the commotion Chewy was wide awake and barking—it was like he could sense there was something wrong too.

"Can it bud! We'll be right back…seeing as this is a bunch of bullshit…"Han grumbled under his breath, but not low enough. Leia turned to him with a looked that practically screamed not to mess with her.

"This is my brother!"

"I know sweetheart, your 18 year old, very adult brother is perfectly entitled to do adult-things…like we should be doing…"


Leia swatted him hard on his muscular shoulder but it didn't do anything but annoy him as they both walked to his truck. He took the wheel and she didn't bother to buckle herself in as they sped off onto the gravel road leading up to the house.

"Do you ever think with anything besides what is in your pants? I should have known better…"Leia talked mostly to herself, her arms crossed as she stared at the dark trees flying by the window as the sped towards the main road of the town.

"Yes…and I wanted to show you that…but we can't have one nice moment alone without you dragging me out on some supposed emergency…we have a lot to talk about after all," Han said, his voice losing its edge and becoming more serious; which Leia acutely picked up on.

"What, I wasn't good enough? Well then fine…you can go back to your goddamn plastic whores!"

"And she swears like a sailor too," Han started to laugh. In fact, he had been so pissed off at her that the relief of tension was nice, seeing as he had not seen her worked up like this before, not even when Falcon had thrown her into the dirt. He kept laughing and laughing, making Leia red in the face.

"What, you think this is funny?" she yelled at him but he kept up his laughter as they drove into town.

"SHIT!" he suddenly yelled, quickly pulling his truck to the side of the road and jumping out and Leia looked around, thoroughly confused until she saw what, or rather who, Han was sprinting towards.

Luke's face was covered in blood and he was very nearly doubled over as he was holding onto the same red-head they had seen him with at the bar the other night.

"He got jumped, they took everything…" the girl told Leia as she ran up. She didn't know how she was so calm…as she looked at her twin she just completely lost it and took him in her arms.

"Who did this to you? I'll kick their ass!" Han questioned Luke, he was riled up from his mini-fight with Leia, and also a little bit humbled that she had been right after all. And since he was starting to really care for Leia, her brother fell under that care as well.

"I don't want to talk about it," the blonde boy grumbled, pushing out of Leia's arms and walking towards the car, wiping the blood from his nose on his plaid shirtsleeve.

"Luke, knock it off!" the girl yelled after him but he didn't respond and she looked unfazed as he jumped into the cab of the truck.

"Are you Mara?" Leia asked tentatively and the girl nodded. She had long, wavy, messy red hair and was athletic looking. She wore a very no-nonsense look on her face as she stuck out her hand for Leia to shake. The gesture was firm and the girls exchanged small smiles as Luke continued to pout in the car.

"Mara Jade, Luke's girlfriend…or maybe not anymore if he continues to act like a baby. Anyway, we were at the Spur when this group of guys started talking shit about your Dad. He called you, I think, and then got in a fight with them…we were obviously outnumbered but at least they had enough sense to not hit a girl. I don't care, though…" she smirked, rubbing her now black and blue knuckles on her left hand.

"Do you need a ride home?" Han asked her and she shook her head.

"I live close…I'll walk, thanks though," she said vaguely and walked off into the dark down the street as Han and Leia made their way back to the truck, climbing in and taking off back towards the ranch.

"What the hell is your problem?" Leia asked her brother after a few moments of silence. At her second cursing, Han gave a snort.

"I don't want to talk about it." That was all Luke said apart from that they took his phone, and his wallet.

"Well you are going to have to tell Dad!"

"When hell freezes over," Luke groaned, putting his hand up to his nose to stop it from bleeding again after Han threatened him not to get a single drop on his baby.

"Well what are you going to do?"

"I don't know!" he yelled at her, and the sound reverberated around the silent car. Han pulled up his truck by the back house and put it into park. Luke was the first out, walking quickly towards the house. Leia made to go after him, put Han put his hand firmly around her forearm and pulled her back.

"Hey, you and I aren't done…" Han told her, but she took her arm away from him.

"I have to deal with Luke."

"You aren't his mother. Let him cool off. So what? He got in a fight, do you know how many fights I have been in?"

"More than I want to know?"

"Funny, princess…look, you were a good sister going to help him, and I admit this wasn't a waste of time, but he has his own life and you have yours. If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to avoid talking to me at all…" his face softened and he gave her a playful wink. Leia had to admit he was right, and that Luke had been a rather well-timed excuse for her to not confront the fact that they had just had sex.

"Come on inside, I won't try anything," he added and took her hand gently this time. She nodded and they got out of the truck and walked together towards the back house. He opened up the door and turned on just one lamp so the bedroom was softly illuminated. Chewy stirred, but wasn't all too interested and went back to twitching in his doggy dreams.

Han lead her to the bed and got under the covers, fully clothed, pulling her in with him and covering them both up with a blanket. She snuggled into him and had to admit that it was a nice feeling. They laid like that for a few moments before Han spoke.

" So Leia…"

"Just let me down easy Han," she told him, trying to brace herself for the inevitable. She knew the man holding her was just trying to make her first time good, and trying to be a gentleman, but she also knew she must have seemed so childish and inexperienced.

"You think that is what this is about?" he asked incredulously and she rolled over to look up at him.

"Yeah," she blushed and he pushed a strand of hair out of her face.

"Leia, you are incredible. I know I am not the easiest guy to get along with. Hell, I know I'm trouble and I know you have every right to think that those girls we saw in the bar the other night are my type but what just happened with us was not a mistake to me. I take it very seriously. You were amazing," he told her honestly. It wasn't like him to open up like that, but something compelled him to. He knew everything about their pairing screamed disaster, and yet they fit so well. When they had made love it felt right, he had never felt that way with any other girl before. Before it had just been for pleasure, but this time, his heart had made its way into the equation.

"Han…it was amazing, I'm just scared. I mean you don't owe me anything, and after all…I'm leaving soon…"

"I do owe you, everything. I may look it, but I'm not the type to fuck around…I am not going to be with some other girl come tomorrow. In fact, I hope to be with you tomorrow, and I really want to talk about this whole moving away thing," Han told her, stifling a yawn and pulling her closer. He had no idea what had gotten into him, but he really didn't care.

"But I am going to move away."

"And that is what I don't like, because I should have thought about it before we did this but I couldn't help myself. You are too beautiful, and too damn…just Leia! I don't know…"

She couldn't help but smile as she pressed her head against his chest. She had to admit it felt right too, but never would she have thought she would have lost her virginity to her ranch hand a mere two months before she would move away to college and never see him again. It just wasn't something Leia would do.

But maybe I am not that Leia anymore, she mused to herself.

"I am not going to say I am going to walk around and act whipped…but I like you Leia, and I think we have something here…and trust me, I am not planning on hurting you. I know your Daddy has a gun," Han smirked at her and she kissed him softly.

"I'm pretty sure he actually has two," Leia grinned cheekily and he pushed her away from him. She grabbed one of his pillows and started to pelt him with it and he fought back, wrestling with her until she was beneath him again and they kissed and playfully fought and laughed until they fell asleep.