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Let the games begin!

As he slumped, defeated, in the old armchair, the superhero contemplated his latest mistake over a glass of scotch. He swirled the little ice cubes around in the amber liquid, thinking about how he offended Pepper this time. He supposed she really was just looking out for his health, but honestly, did she think he couldn't handle himself?

Earlier that morning, Pepper had taken it upon herself to rid Stark Tower of every remaining drop of alcohol. She claimed it made him moody and hard(er) to get along with, so she poured every bit of it down the drain. At least, she thought she had gotten all of it. From a secret stash, Tony had rescued a few bottles, and set diligently to finishing them off in one setting. Pepper warned him that one day, when something did go wrong and the world needed saving, he would be "sitting drunk on his lazy ass" (that was a direct quote) and wouldn't be able to find his suit. It just so happened, on this particular evening, that she was right.

A deafening crash shook Tony from his stupor, making him slosh the drink onto his shirtfront. "What the-?" he wondered aloud, not finishing his statement of surprise. In from the shattered window strode a tall, dark, and handsome figure, who Tony instantly recognized. Loki, sworn enemy to the Avengers, out for world-dominating revenge on his big brother. Sometimes Tony wondered why Fury had even called them together; couldn't the gods solve their own family issues?

"Um, can I help you?" Tony asked sarcastically, earning a sneer from his enemy. The green-eyed man pointed a fierce-looking staff in his direction, having all the power to kill him in an instant. Yet, he hesitated, though his gaze lost no ferocity. Tony's golden-brown eyes were pinched shut in anticipation of sudden death, when the god lowered the weapon. Tony was puzzled, but still as cocky as usual.

"Well, that was unexpected." he said dryly, in no position to provoke the other. He always had loved the chance to tempt danger.

"I had hoped for a bit more…fight…from the 'infamous Iron Man'." Loki intoned. His voice was like black silk, smooth, cool, and dark. "No suit?" He sounded disappointed, as if he didn't want to fight the other unless he could make a game of it.

"Just jeans, I'm afraid. I wasn't expecting company." joked Tony, gesturing drunkenly to his alcohol-stained attire. He was silence by an icy glare. "Why are you even here?"

"If I told you, that would spoil the fun, now wouldn't it?" Loki practically purred. He draped himself gracefully across the length of a leather couch, propping boot-clad feet upon the expensive furniture. Tony didn't seem to notice; he was too startled by the other's sudden change of tone.

"Seriously," said a rather testy Tony, "what do you want?"

"Touchy, touchy…I only wanted to congratulate you on your plans." "What are you talking about?" Tony inquired warily, wobbling as he stood from his chair. The two bottles he had finished already clinked to the ground, sounding like wind chimes in the resounding silence.

"Isn't it true that your ragtag group has finally found a sort of solution they can agree on, you know, to kill me?"

"How did you-?"

"I have…sources." Loki replied, mischievous as always. He pushed his inky black hair from his eyes as he smirked. "However, Stark, I already had a plan. I'm afraid it may interfere a bit with yours."

In a matter of seconds, the lithe god had Tony forced back into his chair, and had gripped a gloved hand around his throat. Tony's eyes went wide. Pepper was right; it was all going to end like this, in the one moment he wasn't prepared. The hand not clutching his throat moved lower, to draw little circles over the surface of the arc reactor. Loki noticed as Tony flinched, trying to push him off, but failed miserably in his drunkenness.

"I take it this is important." he teased, twisting the glowing circle gently. The panicked amber eyes were shut tight in fear now, blocking out the sight, but not the pain.

"No-please! St-stop!" he begged, hating himself for showing this sort of weakness. Above him, in control, the god laughed a mirthless chuckle. It was obvious he was enjoying his position of power, and yet, something in the other's expression caught his interest.

"Very well. You are so easy to torture, do you realize? I shall have to think up something better." He emphasized the words by standing and pulling the drunk man to the floor. "As you should be, Stark. Kneeling before me." At first, the confused Tony assumed it was nothing more than a display of power, until he watched-in horror-as the other man slowly unzipped the front of his pants. He couldn't help but noticing a lack of underclothes beneath the black trousers, that were quickly shrugged to the floor. Tony tried in vain to back up, but his head hit the back of the chair, dizzying him further, if that was possible. A hand wound itself into his coarse brown hair, pulling him forward, as another hand held a grip on the arc reactor: a wordless threat that to disobey meant death. Tony had no choice, as he shamefully accepted the task before him. His mouth parted, tentatively taking the impressive length in between his lips. He wanted to gag, or bite down, or something, but the hand on his 'heart' left him with few options. He behaved as Loki wanted him to, as a slave. The concept was not new to the superhero, he thought, embarrassed. He was a man of pleasure, of life on the edge. Pushing the social norm was what he considered fun, though this was more of a torture. The man looming above him tightened his grip on Tony's hair, urging him to continue. Tony was actually quite skilled, although it wasn't he who possessed the nickname "the Silver Tongue".

After a few more seconds, the god grew bored and pushed Tony roughly off. Grabbing him by the shoulders, Loki spun him around, pushing him to the wall. He hadn't bothered to pull up his trousers, and instead, kicked them off casually.

The arc reactor clicked harshly against the wall as Loki pressed his slender body against Tony's, sliding down his jeans in a swift motion. Without thinking, Tony's body betrayed him as he groaned, his erection pressing against the unforgiving wall.

"Is this what you wanted, you sick bastard?" he managed, disgusted that his voice squeaked when he tried to speak.

"Not exactly." the god admitted, "But this will do." He grinned, grabbing hold of Tony's unblemished hips. His pale fingers would surely leave bruises by tomorrow. All part of the fun. As much as Tony wanted to fight, his body had more control than his mind at the moment. And it wasn't as if Loki was bad looking, by any stretch of the imagination. His drunken state made it easier to justify melding into the touches he was receiving from the other: first, light grazes with fingers along his thighs, then feathery kisses down his jaw line, as Loki left deviously visible red kiss-welts at his collarbone. Tony rolled his hips in desperation, seeking friction.

"Impatient, are we?" the mischievous one teased, moving his hand lower to grip the base of the other man's excitement. Tony's only answer was a low moan, which made Loki chuckle.

"All in good time, Stark." he smirked, "I want to see you beg. You were meant to be ruled, after all."

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