Chapter 2; I never realized this was going to become so popular! As a thank you to all the avid readers out there, I present to you the second (and possibly final) chapter!

With Tony pressed so uncomfortably against the unforgiving cold wall, it was easy to see who was in control. Loki's hand, which was roughly working on the other man's excitement, would switch from being too rough, or teasingly light. Tony jerked backward, pleading with his body language, but this was not enough for the god of mischief. He wanted to hear the Great Tony Stark beg for release, so he stopped his motions altogether. Tony let out an undignified whine, then blushed, realizing how desperate he sounded.

"Why…why did you stop?" he questioned, his voice hoarse and low with an insatiable lust. He hated showing such weakness, but it was beyond his control now.

"No…" he moaned, pressing himself further toward the wall in an attempt to regain friction. He heard Loki's dark laugh behind him.

"Didn't you want me to?" Loki feigned innocence. "Or should I…continue?" He punctuated his words with feathery touches down the front of Tony's neck, tracing over the rising welts left behind from the merciless kisses. Tony groaned in response. "I only ask for one thing in return. That shouldn't be too terribly difficult, should it, Stark?"

The desperate man shivered as Loki whispered each word against his earlobe, teasing him to madness.

"What do you want?" Tony growled, getting so impossibly frustrated and aroused at the same time.

"I told you…beg." There was an amused seriousness to Loki's response, as though he was daring Tony to do as he said.

"I'm not your whore!" Tony spat, willing his body not to betray him.

"Is that so?" wondered Loki, calmly taking a few steps back from the other and pulling up his black pants. Casually, he turned away and began to walk toward the door, zipping his zipper as he did so. Tony's expression was an entertaining mix of horror and fury as he stared/glared at the god.

"But…I…" he stuttered, so horny it was painful, "Where are you going?"

"I gave you my conditions." reminded Loki as he slowly turned the doorknob. He knew how much power he currently held over the other, and he was relishing it.

"Wait!" Looking only at the ground, Tony knelt to the floor, his cheeks red with shame. "I…I need it."

"Prove it." Loki said simply, turning to face the submissive man.

"Please, master." Tony whispered, shaking under the force of his humiliation.


Stark raised his head to meet the green eyes of the god, who was now only about a foot away. "I am but your servant." Despite himself, Tony found that the position left him even more aroused, if that was possible. He fell into character quickly, pleading the god for his every touch.

"Finally," smirked Loki, "a mortal who knows his place." Even as he said this, he could feel his own face flush, as though the room had suddenly begun to heat up. He lifted the other easily with a force of magic, slamming him harshly against the wall he had earlier stood against. In an instant, both were undressed, warm bodies pressed hotly together.

Loki slid his hands down Tony's chest, circling the arc reactor and trailing lower still, his hand wrapping once again around the other man's length. Tony gasped, pushing backward. He could feel Loki's need against his back (the god was quite a bit taller than Tony) and it left him wanting more. He barely had the chance to beg a final 'please, master' before Loki pushed into him, not wasting time to prepare him. Tony couldn't help but make a pained little whimper, clutching on to the shoulders of the god behind him. His hands moved higher, tangling in that ink-black hair as he held on for dear life. Loki, being immortal, after all, seemed to keep a harder-than-human pace, which left the mortal man breathless. He was cruel to his 'servant' as he pounded into him, ripping a pleasured, tortured scream from the drunken billionaire.

Tony gave in first, releasing with a shudder into Loki's still-gloved hand, holding himself up against the wall. It wasn't more than a minute before Loki followed, filling Tony with his essence. Eventually, he pulled out and caught his breath, readjusting his clothes and pulling up his pants. He did the same for Tony, who was still in a state of shock. If he had been more conscious, Tony would have thought the gesture was…sweet, maybe.

Leaving a kiss on Tony's forehead and a swirl of shadows, the trickster was gone. Exhaustedly, Tony flopped down in his chair, contemplating the last hour. Had he really just done that? Was he really so submissive? And, more importantly, how much begging would it take to be 'ruled' again?

THE END! (Unless, of course, you guys feel like reading some more!) I don't know where I'm going with this, but if anyone wants me to start another, don't hesitate to leave me a request!

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