In this story Crash and most of the other characters are human. They are in highschool. This first chapter is simply a list of characters and their role in this story!

Crash Bandicoot: Crash is the most popular guy in school. He is well liked for the pranks he pulls on his teachers and peers. He is the student body president. He is in 12th grade. He is the quarterback of the 12th grade football game.

Coco Bandicoot: Coco is one of the most popular girls in the 10th grade. She is very intelligent. She is one of the 10th grade student body representitives. She is the fastest runner on the track team.

Crunch Bandicoot: Crunch is in 8th grade. Becuase he is not a high schooler he will only have a small role in this story.

Aku Aku: Crash, Coco, and Crunch's father.

Neo Cortex: The evil science teacher. He is a fail at life and live's in his father's basement with his daughter.

N. Gin: Neo Cortex's student teacher. He is constantly failing at the simple tasks Neo gives him.

Uka Uka: Neo's father.

Tiny Tiger: The gym teacher.

Dingodile: The school bully. 12th grade.

Polar: Crash's pet bear.

Pura: Coco's pet tiger.

Nina Cortex: Neo's daughter. She is really mean to everyone. 10th grade.

Ripper Roo: The school counselor.

Nitros Oxide: The math teacher.

Pinstripe Potoroo: The principal.

Tawna: Crash's girlfriend. The captain of the cheerleading team. 12th grade.

Evil Crash: Crash's rival. 12th grade.

Emperor Velo: The vice-principal.

Krunk: Dingodile's friend. 12th garde.

Nash: Dingodile's friend. 12th grade.

Norm: The biggest nerd in the school. 10th grade.

Geary: The computer teacher.

Zem: The janitor.

Zam: Zem's pet dog.

Pasadena O'Possum: Has a crush on Crash. On the cheerleading team. She is also friends with Coco. She is in 11th grade.

Carbon Crash: Crash's best friend.

Spyro: Coco's friend. He is in 10th grade.

I know Crunch isn't Crash and Coco's brother but in this story he is. And I know that Nina is REALLY Neo's niece, but in this story she is his daughter. And I decided to put Spyro in becuase he has appeared in a few Crash games.