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"Crash. Hey, Crash," Pasadena O'Possum yelled.

Crash looked up and saw her running up to him. He was sitting on the bleachers watching his girlfriend, Tawna, at cheer practice. "Hi, Pasadena," Crash said, smiling a little.

"Uhmm...well uh...how are you," Pasadena asked, sure that she had just made a fool of herself in front of the most popular guy in school.

Before the conversation could carry on further Tawna walked up to her boyfriend, giving Pasadena a dirty look on her way. "Crash, come on. You said you would take me to that fancy restaurant tonight."

"Uhh...what fancy restaurant," Crash asked, a confused expression appearing on his face.

"You know. The one you are always saying you'll take me to someday. You said you would take me today after practice," Tawna said.

Pasadena saw the still confused expression on Crash's face and looked doubtfully at Tawna. When Tawna viscously glared at her, Pasadena decided it was time to leave.

"Bye, Crash," she said skipping away towards the parking lot.

Crash waved at Pasadena, then turned back to Tawna. "What restaurant," he asked again.

"Oh, I was trying to get rid of that stupid wanna-be," Tawna, said smiling as she sat next to him on the bleachers. She cuddled into him, still smiling.

Crash scooted away slightly. "Why. She's a nice girl," Crash asked.

"She's a loser," Tawna said, pulling Crash closer to her.

Crash was getting a little uncomfortable. Sometimes he though Tawna was just going out with him for the popularity. He pulled out his phone, pretending to get a text. "I've got to...umm...go pick up my brother."

"Uhg, fine. I guess I'll see you later," Tawna said, kissing Crash and then walking back to the rest of the cheerleaders. They were all there, minus Pasadena.

Crash got up, walking to his car. In reality Crash's brother, Crunch, would already be home. His sister, Coco, would also be home cinsidering that she had not had track practice that day due to them winning a meet the day before.

Crash unlocked his car, an old beat up yellow pickup. His teammates often made fun of him for his car, but Crash loved the truck. He hopped in, started it, and took off.

On his way out of the parking lot, Crash saw Pasadena walking home. He pulled up next to here and asked, "Need a ride?"

Pasadena looked up at Crash, smiled, and nodded. "Thanks," she said, climbing into the passenger seat.

"Where to," Crash asked, smiling as Pasadena gave him her address.

On the way, Crash turned up the music. Crash and Pasadena had a mini dance party in the car, something Tawna would call childish and immature.

Crash dropped off Pasadena at her house, waving goodbye. He then drove home, thinking all the way. He had been considering dumping Tawna, He was, day by day, growing increasingly sure that she was just using him to make herself look good. Crash did not want to be used like that.

Crashed pulled into his driveway, pulled out the keys, and got out of his truck. He walked inside. Coco was on the couch doing her homework. Crunch was playing some first person shooter game. Aku Aku, Crash's father, was making dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs. Crash waved hi to everyone, then went upstairs to his room. He pulled out his homework and worked on it, skipping dinner. Afterwards, Crash got redy for bed and settled down for a good night's sleep.