This is my first "Baby Daddy" fic. Tonight's episode was sad. Poor Danny! Anyway, I don't own the show. So, have fun reading?

Riley unlocked her apartment door and walked inside. After putting her bag on the counter, she went to get ready for bed. As she changed, her mind reflected on the day's strange events. Pretending to marry a guy she had a crush on was definitely not how she wanted it to be, but at least she had Danny to support her. She knew he would always be there and she would be there for him.

Sliding under the covers, she tried to fall asleep. Tossing and turning, she finally decided to look at the clock. The lights gave off a bright light telling her it was about one in the morning. Groaning, she rolled back over. To her dismay, her brain decided to go back to thinking of Danny. No matter how hard she tried, she was still unable to get his "I'm in love with you" speech out of her head. She had even been thinking of it when she was having drinks with Jack earlier. For some reason, the way Danny looked at her when he said he loved her would not leave her mind. His actions almost seemed sincere.

Putting her lawyer skills to the test, she tried to think of all the possible reasons why a Wheeler boy would like her. Mulling over the reasons, she decided that she was smart, great with Emma, and caring. However, none of those were good enough reasons why Danny would like her. Danny Wheeler was a hockey player, obsessed with sports, and a womanizer. There would be no reason for him to like her. At least, not to her knowledge. She was pretty sure he saw her as only a friend. But, that look he gave her made her rethink it. Could it be possible that Danny Wheeler wanted more than getting hot girls' numbers using a baby stroller?

Dismissing the thought, Riley looked at the clock that told her it was now two in the morning. Sighing, the blonde rolled over to catch some much needed sleep.