AN: This chapter is basically chapter one from Alarics POV once he wakes up. I wanted to try something different so I thought seeing things from Alaric's point of view would be an interesting change. I am not going to do all the chapters this way as it takes too long. Plus reading the same chapter twice can get quite annoying after a while. Although I may do some of the chapters like this later on depending on how well this chapter seems to be received.

He could feel himself waken slowly and knew his stasis had been deactivated. He opened his eyes slowly to find himself looking at a very young vampire.

'Why would such a young one be in a forbidden area?' Alaric thought with a slight frown. 'And why haven't the guards removed him and put me back into stasis?'

"What are you doing here child? Don't you know you should not be here?" He asked in a common dialect, as he had no idea where the young man was from.

The boy in front of him frowned slightly before speaking in a language he didn't understand but the basic message was clear. They simply did not understand each other's languages. Alaric swayed slightly and stumbled to lean against the wall.

'Afina is far too clever in her punishments. Starving me so I would remain weak and them putting me into stasis so when I woke I would still be weak. And now I am trapped with a child who doesn't even speak Common.' Alaric frowned and rubbed his eyes with a soft sigh and a shake of the head as he tried to come up with a plan to get out of his prison.

His head snapped up at the slight motion out of the corner of his eye and his eyes narrowed at the boy slowly moving towards him. He saw the young one hold up his hands, showing he meant no harm and once he was merely a foot away the boy offered his wrist. Alaric's eyes widened slightly at the unusual offer.

'Does he even know what he is doing offering me his blood? How foolish he is in allowing me access to his blood and memories?' However, Alaric knew that it was necessary if they wanted to understand one another so he grabbed the boys wrist and bit gently, taking only a few mouthfuls before pulling away to assimilate the thoughts and memories from the blood he had just taken.

"Thank you." Alaric said in a gentle tone so he wouldn't startle Nikola.

"Your welcome." Nikola said almost automatically. "Um…who are you anyway? I read the script on the door but it never mentioned a name."

"It has been quite a while since anyone has asked me my name." Alaric smiled softy as he slowly pulled himself up so he was standing though he was still leaning heavily on the wall. He desperately needed to get some blood in his system and soon or else he might end up feeding on the young vampire in front of him.

"My name is Alaric. And you would be Nikola?" He asked though he already knew the answer.

Nikola nodded in answer to his question and Alaric decided to continue his questioning. "What year is it?"

"2012." Nikola answered slowly. Alaric paused in thought at the answer.

'One thousand, seven hundred and eighty years I've been in stasis.' He looked over at Nikola who was waiting patiently yet cautiously. 'Well at least this one has some common sense left in him to be careful around me.'

"May I ask what you intend to do with me?" Alaric asked calmly once he cleared his head of his thoughts.

"What?" Nikola blinked at the question. Alaric just stared at him for a moment in mild surprise before speaking.

"You were not sure whether you should kill me or help me. I simply wished to know what you intended so I may prepare myself for whatever you choose." Alaric said simply. 'Not that I would be able to stop you if you wished to kill me considering how weak I am at the moment.'

"How did-" Alaric looked at Nikola as he shook his head in surprise and started to speak again. "How did you know what I was thinking?"

"I can not read minds if that is what you are asking. No, I simply glimpsed the thoughts from the memories in your blood." Alaric hid his amusement; the young ones were always so surprised and impressed at first by such simple skills.

"My blood…" Nikola said slowly and Alaric huffed in frustration.

"You do not know anything do you?" Alaric said scornfully. 'Who has been teaching him? He knows nothing of proper etiquette, language or such simple facts as blood memories.'

"Well forgive me for having been the only vampire in the world for a hundred and fifty years." Nikola snapped out in anger.

Alaric froze in shock and opened up his senses entirely to try and find any other but only succeeded in sensing the vampire in front of him and a mild feeling of two others though he couldn't be entirely sure those were even vampires as sometimes dormant vampire genes sent off a mild sensation. He put a hand to his chest as he felt the complete absence of his entire race rush upon him all at once and slowly slid down the wall.

"I can't sense them. Why can't I feel anything? Why didn't I feel this before? Why-" Alaric started breathing heavily, feeling panic as the emptiness, the complete absence of his entire race, fell upon him. He didn't even notice Nikola kneeling next to him, rubbing his back and murmuring softly in an attempt to calm him.

"They're all gone aren't they?" Alaric trembled slightly once he calmed himself and looked at Nikola with pained filled eyes. "All of our people are gone."

"I'm sorry." Nikola said softly. Alaric just trembled slightly and didn't even fight when Nikola seemed to instinctively pull him closer. He just allowed himself to sink into the other vampires embrace for a moment before everything seemed to catch up with him at once and he started to cry and scream in grief. The other vampire held him silently as he mourned his lost race, the vampire silent even when Alaric accidentally released his claws and pierced the others arms.

Alaric pulled away after some time in embarrassment and sheathed his claws as he did.

"I apologize for what happened just now. It was a shock to realize I am one of the only ones left." Alaric said as he pulled himself together and tried to take on a more formal tone.

"Its alright. I had the same reaction when my friends died." Nikola admitted in what must have been a rare moment of openness. Alaric nodded in appreciation for what Nikola did for him.

"Even so, I apologize." Alaric stood up shakily before steadying himself. "Now perhaps we should get out of this dreadful place." He said in a more business like tone as he glanced around the room for a moment before he saw what he was looking for and darted off into the darkness leaving Nikola alone for a few moments.

"What are you doing?" Nikola asked curiously. Alaric looked back at the man who was trying to peer into the darkness where he was standing but failed to do so.

'He must only be part vampire if he is unable to see properly in this darkness.' Alaric thought absently as he pulled open a panel and started messing with the controls.

"Give me one moment. I just need to…ah…there we go." The room was filled with light suddenly causing Alaric to flinch at the sudden brightness. Alaric moved back over to Nikola rubbing his eyes before shaking his head and looking at him. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. How did you…" Nikola started to speak but Alaric quickly interrupted.

"I helped build this place long ago. Do you think I wouldn't have a few tricks up my sleeve in case something like this happened to me?" Alaric smirked at Nikola who grinned in return.

"Always have a backup plan." Nikola said knowingly which caused Alaric to nod in approval.

'Maybe he isn't as hopeless as I thought.'

"Indeed." Alaric said pleasantly.

"I have a lot of questions for you. Maybe later you can answer a few me?" Nikola asked tentatively.

"Of course. You brought me out of stasis and have done nothing but help me thus far. I would be happy to answer whatever question I may have answers to." Alaric paused with a slightly reminiscent smile on his face. "It has been a long time since I have found someone so eager for knowledge. It reminds me of the days when I taught the young ones."

"You taught?" Nikola asked in curiosity. "What did you teach?"

Now this was something he could talk about. Learning and teaching had always been a passion of his, much preferred to combat or politics which tended to be one and the same.

"I taught many things. History, art, science, mind arts, special abilities and so on. After so many millennia you tend to gain knowledge of many different subjects." Alaric said before heading over to one of the walls and proceeded to release his claws and pull open a panel that was hidden on the wall. He noticed Nikola move over next to him to see what he was doing and so he could continue his questioning.

"What are mind arts?" Alaric hid a smile at the craving for knowledge this one had. He reminded him of how he was long ago, thirsty for knowledge, with an intense curiosity. He answered the boy using a tone he usually reserved for teaching the little ones, though he supposed that was exactly what he was doing now.

"Abilities such as telepathy, dreamwalking, hypnosis, reading blood memories and animal control are considered mind arts. My talents are mostly in dreamwalking, hypnosis, blood memories and animal control. Thankfully I have no telepathic ability. They were always quite rare. But those with telepathic abilities never survived very long anyway." Alaric said, offering a brief overview of mind arts. He knew it was a subject they would probably go into greater detail later so for the moment he kept things short and to the point.

"Why is that?" Nikola asked curiously.

"Because the royal family often used them to hunt for spies and traitors amongst them and the strain on their minds from constant use of their abilities would drive them mad. When they reached that point they were often destroyed because they became feral and uncontrollable." Alaric said in an almost deadened tone as he thought about his own sister who had been cursed with telepathy and stolen away by the royals only to be destroyed a few years later when she became completely feral. There had been nothing left of his sister when he saw her for she had become little more then a rabid animal that needed to be put down.

"So they just used them up and then killed them when they weren't useful anymore?" Nikola looked disgusted at what he had heard.

"Unfortunately yes." Alaric struggled not to snarl or allow his vampire features out at the memories that plagued him. But he pushed them away and took a breath before continuing his work.

"Why did you rebel and try to kill her?" Alaric stopped what he was doing and turned to Nikola, pausing for a moment as he tried to decide what to tell him.

'Because the woman is a demonic harpy from hell?' Was Alaric's first thought. But he kept those thoughts to himself and answered with something fairly general and only half the truth of the matter.

"She wanted to destroy humanity and start anew. I was against it because humans are amazing creatures, so full of contradictions. They can be strong as stone yet more fragile then a desert bloom. They are capable of creating such wonderful things and at the same time capable of such destruction. They are creative and resourceful whereas vampires are scavengers. We took technology from the Praxians and made it our own. We used it to try and destroy the Praxians, to enslave humanity. Vampires always thought of themselves as better then their enemies and their prey but the truth is we were always the weak ones. Vampires could never see beyond their own desires. I was always able to see the potential in humans and for trying to tell that to others I was ostracized. I tried to kill Afina because she cared for nothing but power and I knew it would eventually lead to the downfall of our people. It seems I was right." Alaric turned back to the panel for a moment then turned away as the door started to open once more.

"We should go. The door will not stay open forever." Alaric said and started walking out. He didn't turn around but heard Nikola follow slowly after a moment. He stopped when he reached the outside and saw the starry sky for the first time in over a thousand years. He felt Nikola bump into him and smiled slightly before speaking.

"It's been a thousand years since I saw the stars. The skies may change but the beauty of the stars always remains the same." Alaric said in a soft tone, still looking at the twinkling lights above.

"I never really noticed before." Nikola said as he looked up at the stars above. "I tend to be so busy with other things that I don't even think about such things."

"Perhaps you should. There is so much beauty in this world, we simply have to take the time to see it." 'For we never know which moment will be our last.' Alaric thought.

"What are you going to do now you're out of there?" Alaric looked at Nikola for a moment.

"I have no where to go. I know no one except you and I an unfamiliar with this time period. If it is acceptable, I would stay with you until I am better acquainted with this new world I am in. I would teach you all I know of vampires if you wish to learn." Alaric said the last sentence in a quiet tone to try and entice the boy into agreeing.

He had a feeling that the thirst for knowledge would win out though he would stay with Nikola despite what he would say. The boy was far too young to be on his own and he didn't even know how to act as a proper vampire should. No, he would be staying with the youngling to keep him safe and to teach him the ways of his race. They may be the only ones left but he would not allow Nikola going around without proper training. He would end up getting himself or someone else killed doing so.

So Alaric waited patiently for Nikola to come out of his thoughts, which were quite obviously conflicting. He really had his work cut out for him with this one. It was rather obvious to see he had spent far too much time around humans and would be stuck in that mindset. He would have to try and work around that but that was fine. He had spent several thousand years teaching and it was simply a matter of finding what method would work best and tweaking it to fit his student.

"Ok." Nikola's voice pierced his thoughts and he turned his attention to the child in front of him. "You can come with me."

"Thank you again for everything." Alaric said politely with a hint of amusement, as Nikola seemed to think he was doing Alaric a favor by allowing him to go with him. Honestly the boy was a bit naïve to think he wouldn't be well enough on his own but he just shook his head and followed his young student with a smile.