Chapter 1: Awakening

Peter Hale. The masculine built man could not hide the power of an Alpha werewolf that radiated off him. He strolled away from sniveling Lydia and petrified Derek. He smiled, proud of his newly found accomplishment of coming back to the dead. For now, he would leave his nephew alone. He had other plans to put together.

He stepped into the moon's light for the first time in months. It felt good to be alive. He saw Lydia car parked in front, but he didn't need it. He wanted to run. Feel the wind through his brown hair and claw the dirt with his nails.

Wolfing out, he burst through the forest into town. Once he hit the street, he broke into a clothing boutique. With his claws, he snatched articles of clothing before running out of the store into a deserted alleyway.

Secluded underneath the shadows, Peter transformed into a naked man. He put his new clothes on and walked back into the beaming lights of Beacon Hills. Smirking, he strutted down the street, whistling cheerfully as he came upon a familiar house.

He waited underneath the big oak street, hiding amongst the brush and shadows. It wasn't too long before he spotted two young boys running into the house, their hearts quickening in fear.

The short-cut boy, Stiles he remembered, spoke quickly to the other. "You sure?"

"Yes! I saw him. Right there in front of me. When the police arrived."

"Matt? Matt is the master?"

"It would make sense! He can't swim. And, Jackson saved him."

"Fair points, but how is he connected to the 2006 swim team? Huh? How is that possible? Matt had to be like, what? Twelve?"

"I don't know!" growled the werewolf.

Scott McCall had grown in strength since Peter could remember. The boy, with no shaggy hair anymore, had developed well into his werewolf abilities. Peter smiled again. Scott has changed a lot since his time as a human.

Peter stepped out from the shadows, stalking forward to the front door. He wondered if Scott could sense his presence. Or, if Scott did, would he brush off as nonsense.

Seconds later, Peter found himself by the front door and kicked it opened.

Peter already stepped over the threshold when the two boys clattered down the stairs, stopping in their tracks when they saw him.

Scott's face paled considerably. "You?"

Peter Hale slammed the door behind him and straightened his jacket. "Yes," he said. "Me."

Stiles gaped at the newly revived Alpha werewolf, confounded by the revelation. "H-How are you alive? We burned you! Derek killed you!"

"Thank you for the reminder Stiles," said Peter. "But, I don't need a play-by-play. I was there."

Scott's jaw tightened and his eyes were becoming lighter in color. "How are you alive?"

"A little assistance," said Peter, "at the right time." Peter studied Scott and Stiles's puzzled faces. "What? You think once they're dead they can't come back?"

"Well that's how the life cycle works," said Stiles, but he became silent when the Alpha glared.

Scott, however, didn't back down. "Congratulations," he muttered. "So, now you're on a new revenge killing spree? Going to kill all the ones that participated in your supposed death?"

Peter chuckled darkly and strolled forward. "No. Not yet. I've got other things I have to do now. Other things that require my attention than killing rugrats."

Stiles and Scott glance at each other before looking back at the Alpha. "Then what are you doing here?"

Peter Hale stepped closer to the two boys. Stiles breathed in deep and Scott stood guard in front of Stiles, ready to fight off the resurrected Alpha.

Peter rolled his eyes. "You really think that I will kill you?"

"Didn't stop you last time," answered Scott.

Peter tilted his head. "Scott—I would never hurt you."

Scott blinked. Peter's statement sounded sincere. Truth. Yet, Scott's gut told him not to believe him. Also, he didn't mention not killing Stiles.

"Answer the question," spoke Stiles. "What are you doing here? What do you want?"

Peter picked up one of Scott's mother's picture frames. He stared at it for a long moment before setting it down. "I'm here to pick Scott up."

Scott was taken back. "What?"

"Something big is coming this way, Scott," said Peter. "It would be nice to have you on my side."

Scott's nose flared. "Like hell I will."

Peter curled his fist and uncurled them to reveal his long claws. "I thought I'd try going the nice route, but, apparently, I should just give up on that route."

Scott wolfed out and shoved Stiles out of the way. The push caused Stiles to trip over the stairs and fall down. He scurried backwards into the wall as Peter shoved Scott into the wall. Scott slumped down, gasping, but he stood up again and attacked. Peter immediately tossed him like a rag doll to the other side of the door.

Stiles, afraid for his best friend, crawled over to stop Peter from harming his friend. Peter Hale, however, kicked Stiles and he flew back to the stairs.

"Leave him alone!" cried Scott.

Scott charged at Peter and knocked him down. Peter flew down the hall, landing further away from the two boys. Scott looked over at Stiles and ordered him to run. Stiles ran to the door, but the front door swung open to reveal Derek.

Derek fanged out. Peter realized his disadvantaged and stared straight at Scott.

"Well, Scott, I must say, you are certainly growing into your powers," he said. "Your father must be proud."

Before Scott could question Peter's comment, Peter burst through the backdoor and ranaway.

Scott ran down the hallway and examined the broken door. He turned around back to Stiles and Derek.

"Why did he say about my Dad?" asked Scott.

Derek shrugged. "I don't know."

"Nevermind that," said Stiles. "How the hell did he come back from the grave?"

Derek, his jaw locked and looking frustrated with himself, spoke. "Lydia. She…followed did some sort of spell."

"Lydia?" gasped Stiles. "She—She's in cahoots with him?"

"No, I think she was forced to do it by him."

"Him?" said Scott. "How? He's—was—dead!"

"I think he did something to her when he bit her," explained Derek. "She didn't turn into a werewolf or die. Maybe he implanted some sort of memory or something in her."

"Or something?" said Stiles. "That's all you have?"

"Listen, Stiles, we can't dwell on the past at the moment," barked Derek, his eyes glowing. "He's back. There's nothing we can do about that now."

"Why because the big bad is coming?"

Derek paused. His reaction would be if Stiles smack a pillow into his face. Derek's face paled. "What do you know?"

Scott shrugged. "Peter said something about something coming and that he needed me on his side."

"That's all?"


The muscles in Derek's face relaxed. "Okay. Listen, just stay here. Don't go anywhere."

Derek headed out the door, but Scott followed him out. "Derek! Derek!" he cried. "What's going on? What's coming?"

"Nothing you need to worry about," answered Derek.

"Derek!" Scott ran ahead and blocked Derek's path. "Stop hiding things from me! I want to know the truth! What's coming?"

Derek growled frustratingly. "I-I can't tell you because I don't really know."

"Then what do you know?"

Stiles walked upon the porch, watching the two werewolves talk.

Derek shoved his hands into his leather jacket pocket's. "All I know is that someone is coming. Someone powerful enough that could kill us if we don't stay united as a pack."

"Someone? Like another werewolf?"

"I don't know," he said, half-heartedly. "I just know as a pack, we'll be stronger."

Derek jabbed his thumb back to the house. "Now, go back to your house and stay there. Don't go anywhere."

Derek moved around Scott, walking back onto the road. Scott turned around. "But I have school tomorrow."

Derek didn't answer. He walked away, but Stiles joined Scott on the lawn. The two stared where Derek last stepped, both feeling unsure.

"And I thought the Kanima was bad," said Stiles as he looked at his best friend. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know."

Stiles looked over his friend again. "You're not bothered by the big bad, are you?"

"I am," said Scott, bowing his head.

Stiles sighed. "Your dad?"

Scott nodded gravely. "What did he mean about my Dad being proud?"

Stiles seemed as lost as Scott on the subject. Then, they heard a wolf howl and the two boys jerked. They ran back inside the Scott's house, slamming the door closed.

"Things keep getting better and better, don't they?" said Stiles.