Bags of Bones

Chapter 3/3

It had finally fucking happened. After a week of a carefully hidden relationship that made you two had that made you both so happy was at an end thanks to a nurse walking in on a make out session you both thought wouldn't be interrupted. Your name is Dirk Strider and you just got your cover busted and your relationship ruined. Jake just paled at the sight of the nurse and you could feel the shock as well. She shooed Jake out at once by dragging him back to his room with him protesting while you looked on with guilt. You held out your hand in vain. You tried to reach out to him. It was your fault since you asked for this beforehand.

The nurse comes back and frowns at you. "You know PDA is not allowed in this hospital. Especially if it's among patients. We don't want anything spread around." She says, but you know what it was really about. It was about two boys kissing in the hospital that wasn't tolerant of it. You could only imagine how hurt Jake was. He didn't even want to think if he was crying. You had another week before you'd leave, and it'd be the longest week of your life, you were sure of it. And it would be the loneliest too. Jake was the only one who kept you company more often than not.

It was, as predicted, a long week. You could hear Jake's loud protests, demanding to see you and it hurt to hear the nurses say no and make him go back to his room. You could hear the pain in his voice. All you wanted was to hug and kiss the pain away. You know he needed that. When you were discharged and Dave brought you home, you were marched past Jake's room where he looked at you with a sad look. As you walked away, you made a heart shape with both hands so he knew you still cared. And when you were home, you tried calling him. The hospital denied that request. You shouted that was denying your rights and they hung up. You never felt so alone.

When you were allowed to come back for volunteer work, you were given a new area of work. You were not allowed near Jake's room. You went through the day with your usual poker face, but the cracks in that mask were showing. Some of the older patients asked you if anything was wrong, but you told them otherwise. You were fine, even though you were dying inside. You decided that since you were near a broom closet on your break, you'd let yourself have a good cry. You haven't had one of those in a couple years. You slipped inside and quietly had tearful thoughts of Jake and how hurt he must be before slipping out as if nothing had happened. You were a master of hiding feelings sometimes.

One day, you were passing by Jake's room. Alone. Since you were alone, you slip in to visit him. You walk in to an awful sight. Jake was hooked up to a few monitors to keep track of his heart and brain activity. What could've happened? Your orange eyes widened as they looked at your beloved. You picked up the clipboard at the end of the bed to see what happened. He stopped eating for the most part which caused some issues in his brain and heart. You place the clipboard back and walked over to Jake's bedside. You take his hand and brush the hair out of his face. "I'm here, Jake. I want to stay with you forever, but I unfortunately can't. We'll be together soon, I know it." You say softly. You lean up and kiss his forehead, then his hand, before reluctantly letting go and getting up. You cursed this damn hospital for its injustice! You walk away, even though you want to stay at his side until he woke up.

Life is one cruel mistress.

You finally get the call you've been waiting awhile for. They found out about you sneaking into Jake's room and it turned out it helped a lot. They were going to allow you to visit once a day on supervision. It wasn't much, but you'd take it! You see him tomorrow. When you do, there is more color to his cheeks than before. You take his hand and start talking to him softly. The nurse is watching from the door. You only had ten minutes, but you make the most of that time. You tell him everything. You tell him what you've been through. You tell him how much you love him. How much you don't want to leave. When you are told your time is up, you squeeze his hand and kiss his cheek before going away. You would've kissed his lips, but that would've been a step too far here.

You leave wordlessly and continue on with your day, but with a much happier note of being able to see Jake. You were happy, even if you didn't allow it to show much. When you get home, Dave isn't home. He left a note that there was leftover pizza in the fridge. There was a message on the machine. It was a message from the hospital to say that you were allowed to visit more since Jake showed signs of improvement in your company. Maybe he'd wake up with you there! So, you visit as much as they'd allow you to. You talk about things as if he were up and talking back. In a way, he was. You always ended on the same three words when you left. "I love you." You could only hope one day he'd say it back.

That day would be one hell of a day. You could just imagine the grin on his face just before he says "I love you too!" He was a perfect human being and it was a shame he was here. It hurt to see him in this condition. You'd read that he'd also been having breathing troubles recently as well, so he had to be carefully monitored breathing-wise. You don't know why, but you felt something awful about this.

It was 4:13 AM on a hot July night in Texas. Your name is Dirk Strider and you woke up from a bad dream. You dreamed you were sleeping peacefully in a nice comfortable bed. Suddenly, you couldn't breathe! You tried getting up to tell someone, but you couldn't find the words. You woke up before the obvious ending. You were in a cold sweat and you hugged yourself as you calmed yourself down. You had the day free from volunteering, but the whole day for Jake. You were excited to see him again.

You go in the next day with some flowers picked from the side of the street. The way you felt Jake would enjoy the cheesy factor of it. You walk in to the room and look in confusion at his bed. The monitors were gone, but so was Jake. His bed was neatly placed back as it was. You see a passing nurse and asked "Where'd Jake go?" The nurse looks awful at the mention of Jake. She places a hand on your shoulder and begins to speak.

"Dirk, at 4:13 last night, Jake passed away from cardiac arrest. We just couldn't revive him. He's in the morgue right now to get cremated. I can pull some strings and see if you can spread the ashes since he has no family we can contact."

You couldn't believe this awful news. Jake was dead. A tear went down your face as you dropped the flowers in shock. "I'd like that. I know where to spread his ashes, he told me about this place a lot." You said shakily. She nodded and gave you a hug before going to finish her rounds. You were just a mess. You go home to just figure out how to handle this. You just lost your boyfriend; it wasn't going to be easy. When they called to say the ashes were ready, you were there in a flash. You carefully take the ashes and look at the urn in sadness before hugging the sealed container. "I got ya, Jake." You said softly.

You go into the woods and down to the old Silver Lake that was a ways away. You find it and open the urn. You spread the ashes into the water and wondered how happy he'd be to know he could stay here and swim in these waters forever. You wipe the tears away before you have this dream-like vision thing. You see Jake in front of you, grinning his usual grin as he stands in front of an elderly lady who you can only assume is his grandmother. "Thank you, Dirk. I love you so, so much!" he said happily. It's so real that you almost go to kiss him, but are stopped by being back in the middle of the woods. You wipe the tears from your face as you smile a bit. You knew he was home where he belonged. You knew he would be there waiting for you on the other side, because that was the kind of loyal guy he was. And for that, you'd love him till death and beyond.