Taken by a Killer



"Breaking news! Chief Swan was murdered last night in his own home. His fifteen year-old daughter, Isabella Swan, was pronounced missing or taken by the killer. We have a recording of a police call that has Isabella's last words to anyone. What you're about to hear might be shocking."


"911, what's your Emergency?"

"My name's Isabella 's in my house, please help me!"

"Okay sweetie, calm down, I have a police cruiser on the way. Can you hide yourself away?"

"Yes I'm under my bed! He-he killed my daddy!"

"It will be okay honey, help will be there shortly, just stay calm."

"Please hurry! I-he's in my room."

"Stay quiet sweetie, we're almost there."


"Honey? ISABELLA! Are you there! We're at your house..Hello?"


"Shh...Isabella, Eddie's here."

End of recording

"Witnesses say to have seen a Silver Volvo parked outside the Swan's house all day yesterday and had seen a man inside. The license plate is 176EC. Most Authorities say this was the work of none other than 19 year-old Edward Masen, the same guy who had killed Tanya Denali and Michael Newton, last month. Here's a picture now. If you have seen this man or car anywhere then you are to notify the police at once. Also, keep a look out for Isabella Swan, awards are up for whoever finds her and brings her back safely to her mother and step-father. This is Gracie Grey with CNN news. And remember -DO NOT confront Edward Masen for he is said to be highly dangerous."

The television switched off.

A low chuckle filled the dark apartment room.

A man was sitting on an old bed that looked to have seen better days, looking at the now blank TV. A creepy smile played across his lips as he looked down at the sleeping girl curled up to his side, her head lying on his lap. He reached down and moved a strand of brown hair from her face.

"My, my, Isabella, we have lots of things to do. Thank God we have forever to do it."

The sleeping girl mumbled in her sleep, turning away from the older man.