Taken by a Killer: Chapter Three

"Ouch!" Bella cried, flinching as Edward's hold on her tightened. They were walking into the motel lobby, Edward was holding onto her arm tightly, giving her a warning to not do anything stupid. Bella kept tripping over her feet trying to keep up with the fast paced killer. He was clutching his bag while pushing Bella to the front desk. They were almost there and he prayed no one would recognize them as they were leaving.

Bella glanced to the side, seeing an old television playing the news. She was about to look away when she saw her face appear on the flashing screen. The lobby manager had his eyes glued to the screen until he heard Bella and Edward appear at the front of the desk. Edward immediately stiffened at seeing Bella's face on the T.V screen. His hands started to become sweaty and he felt his stomach tighten.

"Hope your stay was good?" The man inquired, looking Edward up and down, and then looking down at Bella. His eyes suddenly widened when he saw her fear stricken eyes stare into his. The forty year old man with grayish hair immediately noticed that she looked exactly like the young girl on the news.

Edward's eyes hardened, reaching into his pocket to grab the keys. "It was ok, the cleaning lady was nice."

As Edward handed him the keys, he watched as the mood of the man changed dramatically. He knew that the warm brown eyed man had recognized Bella and he would soon cause trouble.

"Right, just let me put these away and I'm going to have to get you to sign one more thing to confirm your stay," the manager stammered, bending down to 'put' the keys away when in reality he was trying to find the hidden police alarm.

Edward growled lowly, knowing what exactly the man was doing. Before Bella knew it, she was being let go and Edward drew out his gun pointing it directly at the man's head. Without a second thought, Edward pulled the trigger and a loud BANG filled the lobby. Bella screamed, covering her face as the now dead man fell to the ground with a bloody hole in the back of his head.

Without faltering, Edward leaned over the desk and reached in the drawer to pull out any money the man had stashed there. After shoving a bunch of dollar bills into his pocket, Edward picked up his bag and grabbed the frozen Bella. He pushed them towards the door, hearing police alarms coming from the other side of the building.

"Shit, shit, shit, fuck!" Edward shouted in hushed tones, pulling Bella to his silver Volvo. He opened the car door quickly, throwing his bag in the back before shoving Bella in the passenger seat and buckling her up. Bella didn't fight; she was still shocked about the event that played out in front of her own eyes.

Edward was in his seat and pulling out of the parking lot without a second to spare.

"Here, count this for me," Edward demanded, reaching into his pocket to pull out the money he stole from the motel. He gave them to Bella who took it with shaking hands.

After looking at the money and mumbling a few things under her breath, she looked up and gave Edward an answer, "Thirteen dollars."

"Damn it," Edward blurted, accelerating to get into the left lane on the highway. "You hungry?"

Bella stared at him in disbelief, "Are you kidding? You just killed a man in front of me and now you're asking if I am hungry? Unbelievable."

Edward shook his head, "Sorry for being hungry, now let me ask again. Are you hungry?" He glared at the road in front of him, passing cars as he sped past them.

Bella wanted to tell him no, that she rather starve then share a meal with him. But the gnawing in her stomach became too painful to ignore; and without knowing it, Bella was nodding her head yes.

Edward smirked, "Alrighty, McDonald's it is!" Then he put his right blinker on and merged off the exit to pull up into a decent McDonalds. "Order off the Dollar Menu, as you can see we don't have much money to spend," he told her, pulling into the drive through. "And don't do anything funny, I seriously don't want to turn this into the McDonald's Massacre."

Bella shuddered, nodding while leaning back into the comfy seat. "I'll just have a cheeseburger."

"No fries? Or a drink?" Edward asked, looking at the menu. "Shit, fat foods can be so expensive nowadays."

Bella shook her head, looking out the window to watch nothing in particular.

Edward smiled; glad his angel wasn't a greedy eater.

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