Intro - Character introduction

Name: Kayo Manami

Status: main character

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Age: 15

Weight: 98 lbs

Height: 5'2"

Year: 1

Karuta rank: C

Bio: Kayo is an only child, and currently lives with her mother in Tokyo. She doesn't remember much about her past, or her father due to the lack of interest her mother holds on the subject. However there is one memory that always seems to make her smile, that is, a memory of her riding on her daddy's shoulders on the way to Omi Jingu.

Family: Kayo is an only child and is living in a lonely apartment complex in Tokyo with her mother, Chieko Manami

Name: Cheiko Manami

Status: main characters mother

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( imagine her older)

Age: 38

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 4'11"

( pretty short huh? :3)

Bio: Cheiko is a very strict, and overprotective mother. She has high expectations for Kayo, and urges her to do her best. She always wants her daughter to give 110% and will support her in anything.

Family: Cheiko still has both her parents, although they now call her a disgrace due to her lack of work. She also has a deceased brother, whom Kayo looked up to. Cheiko is divorced with Kayo's father.

Name: Akio Manami

Status: main character's father

Pic: .

(imagine him with darker hair, and a more mature look)

Age: 40

Weight: 230 lbs

( he's not fat, he just has a lot of muscle :) lol)

Height: 6'0"

Bio: Being a master isn't easy, and Akio lost his position just as easily as he gained it, all because of losing the people he cherished the most. ( more information will be given later on in the story)

Name: Toshiko Ume

Status: main characters best friend

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Age: 16

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 5'4"

Bio: Toshiko, preferably Toshi, is Kayo's sensei and first friend at Mizusawa High School. She's really into music, and most likely became Kayo's friend because of her music interests.

Family: Toshi is taichis distant cousin, and they get along really well. However, Taichi's mother doesn't approve of her. Toshi's father is a retired musician, and her mother is the owner of Tokyo's most famous record label, and has access to almost every source of entertainment in Japan, including Karuta. She's obviously very popular and is used to it, but she never lets people in. All they want is fame and fortune anyway.