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Chapter 9:

"His name's Tobias by the way." Derek said playfully. They had parked their cars at the back of an old ice-cream shop. He was leaning on Bay car door, clearly enjoying his cherry flavoured ice-cream.

Bay was sitting with her legs stretched out in the back seat eating her own ice-cream.

"I can't believe you picked the quietest guy in the grade to be buddies with. Seriously, what's the deal?"

He gave her a puzzled look as if he couldn't comprehend, and she rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, you're not that kind of guy."

He raised his eye brows at the remark, but instead of getting offended he seemed amused.

"And what kind of guy do you think I am exactly?" He asked genuinely curious.

"Well…" murmured Bay slowly, staring hard at her ice-cream. "You're the charming kind and silent. Something about you is superior as well, like you're royalty or something but you're not obnoxious.. I can't really.. I mean.. you're different." She finished, a little flustered. She looked at him and her brown orbs met his intense blue ones.

He smiled and looked down.

Bay couldn't help feeling bad for him, he always seemed to smile despite something that he was obviously hurt about.

How could she get him to talk about it if she can't tell him anything either?

She sighed, deciding that she was going to tell him about the switch. She sneaked a peek at him again and he was blissfully enjoying his cherry ice-cream and looking beyond the junkyard just nearby.

"So what is this place anyway?" he asked.

Blinking her eyes, she looked around. She didn't realize she had taken him to the ice cream shop next to the junkyard which she hunted for her birth dad's car. Hunting with Emmett. Swallowing hard she mumbled "Nothing special.."

He raised his eyebrows at her. He seemed to know her well already.

"What?" she said defensively, her faces scrunching up unconsciously.

He sighed and turned to face her properly.

"Bay, this place clearly meant something to you. We passed around 5 ice cream shops. We could've gone to anyone of them."

She looked at the guy infront of him and said " Look, I'm surprised no one told you about it today. I mean everyone knows about it."

He stared at her for a second. "You mean the switch?"

"You KNOW about that?" her lips forming the words but her head spinning.

He simply nodded. "Tobias told me."

There was a brief silence between the two when suddenly Derek spoke up.

"That's not it, Bay."

She looked at him like he'd grown another head. "Excuse me?"

"I'm sorry, it's just.. it doesn't seem like you."

She watched him as he grew a bit fidgety and stared hard the ice-cream shop door. "You walk around like you're carrying something painful with you.. you know? I know what that's like-"

"Oh, do you now? So then what's the big secret Derek? I know something happened to you. I see what you see."

They both looked at each other. Both teenagers had stories but were too reluctant.

Derek was the one to reach out first.

He sat down on a pavement and gestured for her to take a seat next to him, and she obliged.

Softly, he began. "I liked a girl once. Her name was Sara. We went to school together and I've known her.. all my life I think." His eyes seemed distant and dazed and Bay began to feel a little worried.

What exactly happened?

"I knew her for around 3 years but she was the most funniest and craziest person I've ever met."

"Was?" she looked at him wondering what made her change.

"Yeah, she.. she passed away around 4 months ago." He said with a slight tremble.

"What.." Bay said. "I'm so sorry Derek. Oh my God. Oh my.. Oh my god." She repeat almost like a chant, not realizing she had unconsciously held on to his arm. He hadn't realized either, he was not in the present anymore.

Shaking him a little, she brought him back to reality and hugged him tightly. It was an awkward looking hug since he was so rigid and their positions didn't make it easy, but it was a hug nonetheless and for Derek it meant the world.

He held on to her and continued speaking, this time as if he needed to get it out.

"I saw her the day before, and she looked so.. so beautiful Bay." He wiped a tear before it the chance to roll down.

"I wish I knew how to help you out, Derek. I really really do."

He felt his pockets absent-mindedly till he found his wallet and dug out an old photograph of both of them. A blonde unfamiliar face was smiling like an idiot at the camera, with her arms dramtically around Derek. He was looking straight at her, completely unaware of the photo being take. He had the biggest smile she'd ever seen and despite how hollow she felt at that moment, she smiled. She felt like she was about to cry. She couldn't believe that he had something as tough as that in him.

Coming back to reality she asked rather dubiously,"Who did you talk to? About her.. after it happened?"

He looked at her again and laughed a dry, sarcastic laugh that made Bay feel uneasy again.

"Someone to talk to? No one spoke to me for days. Me and Sara were really serious, people thought we would.." he stopped and his scrunched up and he looked down. He started to shake violently but his head was covered. She knew he was crying.

She started crying too. His sobs became louder and more heartbreaking till he looked up and bellowed "we were going to be something."

His eyes were wet and a horrific shade of red. H kept bellowing "She was meant to be something, someone."

Bay hugged him tighter still, cursing herself furiously for not being able to say the right things.

Eventually his sobs became lighter and gentler, till it stopped altogether. They still held each other for a few minutes till they thought it best they leave.

Both looking thoroughly exhausted, they walked to their cars and shared a smile, but unlike all earlier, they smiled at eachother with relief. Relief and Comfort. They've finally found someone who can just be there, and that's all pretty much all they need; just someone they could trust.

"You're going to be alright, Derek. I'm sure of it." She muttered unsure if he heard it. Getting into her car, she drove away quickly back home.

When she reached back to her room, she checked her phone like she had the las four times while driving and finally there was a message.

Thnx for listening Bay. You know my story, now it's time to talk about yours. We could get through this together.

Walking straight to her art studio, she sat down and cried. She cried for Derek, a boy who she knew so little. She cried for Sara and she cried for the future they would never have. She cried for so many things that she couldn't explain but this time all her tears were not for herself.