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Magnus was already there when Simon got to the roof of the building across the street from Taki's. But he wasn't surprised, Magnus was always watching them these days. Simon rarely went but it had been a hard day and he found himself longing for a time that had long ago past.

"Why are you here?" Magnus asked as Simon went to sit beside him. Close enough to the edge to be able to see the street below but far enough so that no one would see them. "The same reason you are. I miss them. All of them, even Jace" Simon smiled to himself, there was a time he would never have believed he would ever say miss and Jace in the same sentence.

He looked down to see a black haired girl walk out of Taki's, stopping to lean against the wall. "Is that...?" "Yes." Magnus's voice cut Simon's question off and he wondered how long Magnus had been following her that night. "She looks just like him." Simon turned to look at Magnus. He wasn't wrong, the girl had black hair and deep blue eyes that he could pick out even from the roof and the way she moved reminded Simon of the shadow hunter so much that it sent a shiver down his spine. Simon knew that Magnus saw it too, that he thought that a part of him carried on in her.

"You have to stop torturing yourself Magnus. You don't need to protect them." Simon was worried for Magnus, he spent so much time watching over the young residents of the New York Institute that he had even started to refuse jobs no matter how much money he was offered.

"He's gone because I failed to protect him, because I wasn't there for him." Simon stood, they had had this argument too many times over the years and it never ended well. "It's not your fault. He knew and accepted the risks that came with his life. There was nothing you could have done." Magnus took his eyes off the street to look at Simon, his cat eye's glowing in the night, tears threatening to pour down his face. "I could have answered the phone."

An hour later Simon and Magnus made their way down to Taki's and sat in one of the booths in the corner away from prying eyes. When the fairy waitress came to take their orders Magnus turned his head away from her. "I'll take a mug of otter and he'll have a coffee, please." Simon had gotten so comfortable in his own vampire skin and thinking back he realized a lot of that was because of Isabelle. He took a moment to silently thank her.

"I don't pay for coffee." Magnus said with a scowl on his face. "Don't worry it's on me." Simon replied. "Great pity coffee" Simon smirked, Magnus hated the fact that Simon had inadvertently gotten to know him so well over the years. "I just would hate to see you ruin your reputation, I mean we can't have anyone see the great Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn paying for coffee. It would be the end!" Magnus smiled for a brief moment, which made Simon's face break out in an ear to ear grin. He had made a breakthrough and got Magnus out of his glum mood and in record time too.

The two just sat there and made idle chit chat with the odd joke or two while they waited for their drinks. After the waitress had brought them their drinks and was out of hearing range they both took a sip preparing them for the change in conversation. "So what is it this time, it's bad for my health, it's creepy, and I should get back to my business?" Magnus probed. Simon thought about the question, he had said it all before and it had never made a difference so he tried a different route.

"Do you remember after I turned and you told me that one day we would be the only ones left?" Magnus looked at Simon. The last time he had mentioned it was at Isabelle's funeral. She had outlived the others but even she was no match for time. "And now it is." Magnus replied repeating his words from that day. "And has been for a while, so maybe now it's time to move on and let go of the past and any mistakes you may think you have made."

"He was the only person who I ever considered giving up my immortality for and I left him, I will never be able to let go of that." Simon took a drink of his blood giving him a moment to think he didn't want to say the wrong thing. "Alec had a good and happy life Magnus, he fell in love, had kids." "He spent so much time worrying about aging while I didn't and in the end he didn't even get to grow old." Simon took a deep breath and ordered them both refills this was going to be a long night for both of them.

"He was a shadow hunter, dying young came with the territory." "I know, I just...miss him." Magnus looked down at his coffee and Simon at his blood. "I know" how had they gotten here Simon thought, from the daylighter and the High Warlock of Brooklyn to two depressed people sitting in a diner staring into their cups hoping to look up and see the people they had lost.

"Can we talk about something else now Smelton?" Magnus said hoping that the old joke would spark a new subject. "Yeah just promise me something first sparkles." Simon answered. "What?" Magnus was hesitant at the odd request. "Do something Warlock-y tomorrow and get paid, take a break from being Batman." Magnus couldn't help but smile he liked the idea of being compared to the caped-crusader.

"Fine, Boy-Wonder" Simon laughed although he and Magnus were far from being Batman and Robin, they had started to rely on each other over the years not for safety but for these conversations. They both needed someone to share the past with and neither of them was ready to give that up yet. They spent the rest of the night reminiscing and laughing and by the end Simon had bought Magnus close to fifty dollars worth of coffee. After all Magnus Bane never paid for coffee.