Hey guys! Remember me? I did a couple of oneshots for Zoey 101 back in 2008. Well about a month ago, I got a PM from osnapitzlilly asking about a story I was going to do but never really started. You may recall, I called it The Sisterhood of PCA., based loosely off of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I actually saw a trailer of Zoey 101 that went along with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, that's what inspired it). Well she offered to co-write with me! We have been working on it and I must be crazy because I decided 'Hey, what if we did four stories like the Sisterhood?' Well osnapitzlilly was all for it! We just need to plan this one first, lol. But we are on it and we are so excited about it! I hope you guys like it too!

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*Zoey's POV*

We called ourselves sisters. Our parents gave us the name The Sisterhood. We always thought nothing would change and we would be the best of friends forever. We even made a scrapbook of our lives together. When we got accepted to go to PCA, we made a pact and put in the scrapbook. But everything did change as soon as we got there. We promised we would always be there for each other and be sisters. Boy, did we not keep that promise.

*Third Person POV*

Zoey Brooks, Nicole Bristow, Quinn Pensky, and Lola Martinez have been best friends as long as they could remember. Their moms were in birthing class together and all were born in the month of May. Zoey was the oldest with her birthday on May 8th. Quinn was born on May 15th, and then Lola's birthday was May 22nd. Finally Nicole was the baby of the group born on May 29th. Every year, they had a joint party at the end of the month; it was the biggest party in their class. Now they were entering their second year of high school. Together they decided to attend Pacific Coast Academy in California where Zoey's little brother went. It was an all-boy's school until last year when they decided to accept girls. The girls were two weeks away from going off to California where they would be for the next three years.

Zoey laughed at the movie her and the girls were watching at their Friday night sleep-over. Nicole squealed as the movie ended.

"Aw, that was so sweet!" Nicole cried wiping her eyes. "I love sappy love stories."

Lola giggled and stood up on the bed. "Just wait, in five years you'll be crying over me!" She cried throwing her arms out. "I will be Lola Martinez, the youngest Oscar winner EVER!"



"Go Lola!"

The girls hollered at their best friend who took a bow then jumped back down.

"Okay guys, it's time to get serious," Zoey said standing up and walking to her bookshelf where she pulled out a purple scrapbook. The other girls went to sit down in the floor in a circle. Zoey completed the circle and laid the scrapbook in the middle. "In a couple of weeks we'll be off to California. I think we should make a pack and write it in our scrapbook to remind each other how much we love each other."

Nicole nodded excitedly. "Okay! Let's start saying we're sisters."

Quinn grabbed the scrapbook and opened it the front page. It had two pictures: one when they were babies and the other taken at their joint party in May. In the middle of the pictures was 'The Sisterhood' written in cursive. Quinn decided to write the pact underneath the pictures. "How about 'We are sisters no matter what. For every moment and the rest of our lives. Together and apart'?"

"Um…add something about through good times and bad," Lola offered.

"And how much we love each other," Nicole added.

Zoey and Quinn grabbed another piece of paper and worked their words together.

"Here we go," Zoey said. "'We are sisters through good times and bad. For every moment and for the rest of our lives, we will love each other. Together and Forever.'"

The girls smiled and put their right hands on the scrapbook and repeated the words together.

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